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I am a first-generation Nigerian-American bi-costal ( Ny & LA) actress, writer and VO artist. I graduated from University of California San Diego with an MFA in Acting where I taught Intro to Acting at UCSD for 2 years. I can offer coaching too if you would like it, just let me know :)

*Accents are available upon request

I am a first-generation Nigerian-American bi-costal ( Ny & LA) actress. I graduated from University of California San Diego with an MFA in Acting where I taught Intro to Acting at UCSD for 2 years. I can offer coaching too if you would like it, just let me know :)

*Accents are available upon request


453 Reader Reviews

" Fabulous as always! "
" Dopest of the ropest "
" Omalolu is a GEM. SUCH an amazing reader, gives great feedback, keeps you at ease, and helps you discover the scene through play. Can't recommend her highly enough! "
" The goat on weaudition. "
" Rockstar! so helpful and intelligent!!!! "
" A++++++++ "
" Omalolu is my #1!!! Excellent as always. Present, great at breaking down the scene and collaborating, focused, and all the other thingsssss xoxo "
" Wow, what an incredible talent for script analysis and getting to the true heart of the scene and writers intentions. Couldn't have made this audition even half as magical without her. Thank you Omalolu! The best. "
" Super nice and helpful! "
" Awesome! Spends time to really get into the character with you, and so generous with her time, will def use again! "
" She is an actors friend, advocate, and champion. "
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" The bees knees! "
" The best!!!! "
" Always the best! ALWAYS! "
" GREAT coaching & honest feedback!! Def recommend "
" Omalolu was phenomenal to work with! A real pro at coaching, giving adjustments and more importantly making you feel and believe in the scene. Especially love how she thinks that a tape should work when you play it back without audio, it made a huge difference to what I taped! "
" Great reader! "
" Oh, so delight! Always a great time! Always feel safe with her and she gives great feedback. Book her!! "
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" OMG! Omalolu helped me with my audition and she made the process so much fun and relaxing. Her notes are GOLD! "
" I'm a repeat customer because she takes the time to not just read..but also understand the dynamics of the character and gives great direction as a result. "
" Incredible as always, I always feel like I get my best auditions when I coach with Omalolu! "
" Excellence as always. If you haven't worked with Omalolu yet what you waiting for?! "
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" Ayeee thank u "
" As always Omalolu elevates the text and nuance with crystal clear thoughts. Highly recommend "
" Omalolu is so amazing!!! I was working on a couple of monologues and she was super helpful helping me break them down and find so many nuances within each piece. I feel so much better! Couldn't recommend enough! "
" So fun to play with and great suggestions! "
" Great feedback and direction and always on point to get me my best audition!! "
" Seriously one of the best readers. Great notes as well! "
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" Always so lovely to work with! "
" As always working with Oma is as if you have a coach on set. She adds nuance, specificity and elevates the work each time I work with her. "
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" So kind and a terrific reader! "
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" Omalolu is going to be a STAR!! and she is so generous to help others on their journeys as well!! "
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" Generous. Her notes are so precise. She can quickly shift you in another direction and a new discovery shakes up the scene. Awesome reader. Wonderful energy and presence. "
" Omalolu is an incredibly generous and intuitive reader. Will also give amazing feedback! "
" Great reader! Listens and gives helpful feedback. She’s awwwome! "
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" She's just phenomenal. Even consulted me on wardrobe. LOVE HER!!!! "
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" Wow -- can't wait to read with her again. Warm and supportive. Just what I needed. "
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" A++++++ "
" Absolutely amazing every time!!! "
" Great positive vibes "
" Gave wonderful notes and coaching! A true Virgo lol. "
" Omalolu is generous and awesome! Had some industry related questions for her and she was super helpful! "
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" I can't speak more highly on Omalolu as a reader and a coach! Stop looking at her reviews and just book her already! "
" Amazing reader! Incredible feedback, and ideas while looking at the script, super talented, and made me feel free to do really good, present work - which is never easy in self tape land! A pro! "
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" Excellent, EXCELLENT. Great reader, great energy. Really loved my session with Janet. The care, the detail.. Highly recommend "
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" Turn down for what!? She's the BEST! "
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" A+++!! Great to work with :) "
" She understands, absurd comedy, subtle comedy, timing...all the things! "
" Always an Absolute pleasure! "
" Great feedback! "
" Omalolu is amazing ! Really committed, great reader . "
" She can quickly, understand and break down scripts! SO trained! Excellent actress! "
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" Always the best best best! Cannot give a more outstanding review! Supportive, professional, patient, intelligent--the list goes on! "
" Woooooo knocked it out again! "
" Good work. Thank you so much. <3 "
" Omalolu has helped me up my audition game! She is awesome at feedback and direction and really pushes you to get where you need to be in a scene. "
" She is awesome "
" Great reader -- understood the material right away and gave me a variety of ways to react. Would choose Omalolu again! "
" Absolutely amazing reader & coach. If you can, work with Omalolu. So insightful, so supportive - I am extremely grateful for the time we got together to work on my callback, I feel so prepared and capable. Thank you!! "
" Omalolu is wonderful and has a gorgeous speaking voice! I look forward to working with her again soon "
" Amazing as always! Always a pleasure working with Omalolu "
" Great read, very professional "
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" It was a true pleasure to read with Omalolu she was very professional and very helpful with my audition. She is amazing "
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" Omalolu is fantastic, she really wants you to do your best wrk. I'm always happy when I get to work with her. She's great with script analysis and has great suggestions that make that scene com alive!! "
" Such a joy! So down to work. Great coaching and a great eye for both the technical and craft aspects. Highly recommend! "
" Comedic timing in on POINT! "
" Insightful and very aware of the subtleties of the text. Excellent! "
" Omalolu is a wonderful reader and an artist! Book her!!! "
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" *chef kiss😊 "
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" Lovely reader!!! "
" Comedy, drama, satire and everything in between- she gets it! "
" Omalolu was SO helpful. She had fantastic ideas and gave great direction all while being super supportive. She definitely takes the time to understand you, the scene and the characters as well as the type of show to make sure you get the best takes. I will definitely be booking with her agaiN! "
" AMAZING!! Super helpful, as a first time user she showed me the ropes and was very patient through technical difficulties. 10/10 will come back and tape with her! "
" Such great energy and wonderful tips! She really thinks out of the box and makes you work differently. Loved working with her! "
" Love working with Omalolu. I always check to see if she is available when I log on. She's a favorite! "
" Omalolu is to actors what Oprah is to the world. "
" She is an amazing reader and person. Lovely. "
" Always terrific with wonderful suggestions & feedback "
" Best reader experience ever! Such an amazing level of professionalism. Omalolu has such a great perspective on what works and what does not during a self-tape. Not only gives a great read but also shares expertise on how to improve a performance. Could not have asked for a better experience with a reader. AND we were on a time crunch! "
" Omalolu is an absolute gem. I love that she is invested in making sure you nail your best take. She is laser focused and great with script analysis. I received great notes from casting after working with her. She has amazing suggestions that will make the scene be dynamic and multi-layered. Thank you so much!! "
" SIMPLY THE BEST <3 <3 <3 "
" Omalolu is so amazing. I love that she really is invested in helping you get your best take. I really appreciate that about her and she is extremely patient. She has a great eye for knowing what works on camera and she is great with script analysis. Definitely work with her.!! "
" Omalolu is the absolute best. An actor's coach with detailed notes and such a supportive spirit. JUST AMAZING!! My go-to!! "
" Fantastic! Amazing insight. Perfect redirects. You must have her as your reader, she’ll help to book you the job for sure. "
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" Oma is always so wonderful and lovely to work with. She is a very generous actor and always love to read with her! "
" WOW again! She is a veteran to this acting game! "
" Omalolu was GOD sent!! Wowsa! The way we just worked on these sides really fed my actor soul! Thank you so much! I'll see ya again, REAL SOON!! "
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" Always present, always positive, always a productive time! "
" Omalolu is such a gift! So kind and down to earth. Most helpful at keeping you on task. BOOK HER! "
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" Terrific reader, excellent feedback & audio "
" Fabulous notes as always!! "
" Thank you! "
" Amazing seriously so supportive "
" So warm, comforting and a true joy to work with. Very honest, patient and present. Really appreciate her. Highly recommend! "
" I was in a bind with a super fast turn around and she was amazing! "
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" Absolutely AMAZEBALLS!!! She needs to be a series regular on somebody show! "
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" THE G.O.A.T.! "
" Omalolu is amazing! I felt so much more confident after our session and am proud of my self-tape. she was really patient. Highly recommend. "
" Always wonderful to work with💕💕 "
" Omalolu gives GREAT notes, awesome feedback and overall is a WONDERFUL reader. Book her, you won't regret it! "
" Awesome!! Omalolu is a super positive reader and coach. She was so helpful in getting me off book and working and providing notes. "
" Omalolu was fabulous! So attentive, kind, patient, and everything you'd want in a reader. If she's online, she's my go-to. "
" My go-to!! Always amazing!! Thank you again! "
" My go to!! "
" Omalolu is phenomenal! I had a really emotional scene to tape and truly needed someone I felt safe connecting with and I knew she could be that person...she absolutely was! Truly and amazing actress, coach, reader, and human. Beautiful spirit! Thank you thank you thank you!! Until next time <3 "
" Consistently CONSISTENT! and fabulous! "
" AMAZING ! Omalolu gave so many wonderful notes, and was so patient and kind. Definitely going to one of my go to readers now. "
" Amazing to work with and full of great ideas to play with! She has such a great eye and is just a wonderful person! "
" SO GOOD! "
" As always, Omalolu was phenomenal! We went beat-by-beat and found new things to play with in the scene and I am so appreciative of her notes/feedback and her as a reader & coach! "
" I had a wonderful experience with Omalolu. She gave amazing insight and advice. She was a HUGE help! Highly recommend! "
" Best! "
" A M A Z I N g!! Omalolu is off the hook! She stayed up late between two polar opposite timezoznes and technical hiccups just to make sure I got the right take. Patient, Insightful and intuitive notes to drop you straight into the scene where you need to be. LEGEND! Book her! "
" Excellent Reader. "
" Amazing reader, amazing coach, wonderful feedback and so truly giving. Thank you!! "
" Amazing! Such a great reader and gave such helpful and precise notes when I asked! "
" The fun that was had. thank you so very much! "
" Such an incredible reader! She gave such great notes! I would definitely recommend her and work with her again. "
" Incredibly preceptive and sharp, truly truly a gem! The real fucking deal. "
" DJ Khalid- "Another One" "
" She helped me book my first gig of the year!! Highly recommend. "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Absolutely fantastic! I had 4 scenes and she was patient throughout the whole process. She gave stellar adjustments throughout that truly helped me. Book with her!! "
" Consistently consistent and great! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Thank you!! "
" Sooooooo lovely to work with, super talented reader and actress A+++++ "
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" Great reader and coaches you really well through your takes! Gives amazing notes! "
" Omalolu was excellent! So smart and supportive. Book her! "
" An absolute gem. She takes her time, listens and really provides nuanced tips that help to shape the scene. Thank you Omalolu, it was a pleasure working with you. "
" Absolutely wonderful! Great energy. Great notes. 10/10 "
" Great! Thank you! "
" Always a treat! "
" Always a pleasure to work with Omalolu! "
" Where in the world would I be without Omalolu?!?! The answer is nowhere!! Omalolu is a PHENOMENAL reader & coach!! My goodness, her notes, her energy, her spirit, her talent!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! "
" Oma was great. We worked through a difficult scene and found something that worked together. Can’t wait to work with her again! "
" So sweet, patient, and knowledgable about this craft. I am so, so happy Omalolu was my first reader on here! She didn't feel like a stranger and offered great advice for my scene. Definitely first choice reader! "
" Y'all, Omalolu guided me into the light! - What a great session - Thank you, Omalolu "
" Great. "
" Truly wonderful to work with!! "
" I would hire her as my permanent reader!!! "
" Omalolu is so easy to work with, has the best ideas, and I always have so much fun playing with her! "
" She is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No other words necessary! "
" Can't say more than what has already been said. She gives GREAT direction. Such a joy. "
" Lovely! Great direction!! "
" Book her, coach with her, love her! "
" Excellent! "
" Omalolu is incredible!! So present as a reader and she really helped me find choices to play with. "
" So lovely working with her!! Great advice, direction and encouragement!! "
" Such great advice..every time I work with her. "
" Honestly, truly, book her. "
" Wonderful and giving and thoughtful and patient and really good ! "
" The very best as always ! "
" Excellent reader & actor "
" Always fantastic "
" Grrrreeat !!! "
" Great as always!! "
" Oma is PHENOMENAL!!! She is SO TALENTED, such a skilled, creative actor/artist, she will help you SO MUCH, her knowledge of the craft is INCREDIBLE!!! Book her, she will will help you make your self-tapes AMAZING!!! "
" Such a generous reader, gorgeous actor, great eye and she's so KIND. Book her!! "
" I wish I could give 6 stars! Great notes, warm personality and a great feel for material. I will definitely add her to my favorites! "
" OMG So great to work with! Makes a movie out of a small scene- book her! "
" Amazing "
" You'll find no other!!! BOok her!! "
" The best. Amazing energy, patient and will bring out the best from you. "
" Da best ! "
" Amazing as always! The best definitely book with Omalolu!! "
" Omalolu is super patient and a gracious scene partner that will help you get that take your super proud of! Book her!! "
" Love her! "
" Really great, excellent insights and adjustments. Thanks ! "
" Super great as always!! "
" Beautiful to exchange and read and BE and do. Thank you :-) "
" Soooo amazing and patient and really helped me breakdown the scene! "
" SHE IS HONESTLY THE BEST!!! Supportive, excellent actress, grounded, and gives good feedback! "
" Helpful as always! "
" Oma was so amazing! She gave such great input and really helped me find the character. "
" Omalolu was so nice and had great feedback! So awesome to work with! "
" Such great notes..super patient…She is the best…5 Stars "
" Great reader!!! "
" Simply the best. Dedicated and a wonderful coach! thank u "
" Honestly, wonderful. She was just wonderful. I felt so comfortable to act with her. You can tell she's really talented. She has great instincts when it comes to reading new scenes. Will definitely be using her again. "
" Amazing as always! "
" Fantastic. So grounded & helpful. "
" My go to. Shes awesome! Highly recommend "
" Omalolu was bonafide hands down amazing to work with. I felt supported! and Had fun. great reader. thanks for everything. "
" Always so supportive and has excellent feedback! So grateful. Thank you "
" Lovely Lovely Reader! "
" So sorry we got cut off, my computer restarted abruptly! Thank you so much for your excellent insights. "
" Soo so fun to read with!! "
" Thanks for the great read! "
" So great working with Omalolu! Had so many great notes/insights. "
" Lovely and great reader. "
" Awesome! Very professional, friendly, helpful, and experienced! She is a lifesaver.... I highly recommend!!! She ROCKS! "
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" A superb actress, and amazing energy! BOOk HER! "
" Amazing reader with great tips! "
" SO wonderful. Thank You Star! "
" Kind and professional. Thanks, Omalolu. "
" Great reader! Friendly, and professional. "
" Once again, Omalolu hits it out of the park! "
" Lovely reader and great notes!! :) thank you. "
" A beautiful soul. Great insights with sides. "
" Amazing! Super nice, great feedback, intuitive to the script! "
" Omalolu was such a joy to work with. Immediately jumped into the scenes with ease and adopted each character beautifully. Would definitely tape with again. "
" Great reader! very kind and thoughtful. Omalolu gives great insight on character and script analysis - will def book with her again! "
" Lovely, patient, kind and a go-to for me! Book her! "
" Super helpful! Thanks! "
" Great reader and gave helpful feedback! "
" Excellent Reader!!! "
" Wonderful wonderful reader! Great listener and gives good feedback and suggestions to help you get the best take. Very nice personality, too. "
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" Omalolu is the absolute best!!! Would highly recommend her. "
" Really great input and fun to work with "
" Omololu was a pleasure to read with. Helped steer me in the right direction. I appreciated because we all know that we miss things when we are the ones in the thick of it, but she was sure that i saw and did what i needed to. Thanks girl x "
" Awesome encouragement! "
" Awesome feedback! Great to work with! "
" WOW! IS ALL I CAN SAY! SO GENEROUS, with her energy, her feedback, her acting, and spirit! "
" Good spirit - good energy - good reader! "
" Super talented! Great cold reader! "
" My fav! Great reader, great nuanced ideas! Thank you. "
" Great notes, great presence. Phenomenal reader! Highly recommended! "
" Omalolu is great, and really loves to dive into the scene and find what works. Super happy with my audition! "
" Lovely reader. Lovely energy. Will book again! "
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" A terrific reader with a great ear and super helpful feedback "
" Omalolu is such a lovely and wonderful reader. Kind and attentive. Very much appreciate her spirit. Totally recommend! "
" Amazing reader "
" SOOO GENEROUS, patient, and has great feedback!! "
" Such a terrific reader- one of my faves "
" Y'all... SHE IS IT!!! She was so amazing, gave great advice, and really helped me color the scene in a different way. And her insight was much appreciated. "
" Wow. Omalolu was the perfect reader. She took her time with me, gave very insightful notes, and made the reading fun. You have to get her as your reader! "
" So great! love this reader. BOOK HER! "
" Super nice and great suggestions "
" Wow! this is my first time working with Omalolu and I am speechless. She is now my go to! Shes incredible. I highly recommend her. "
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" Omalolu has such a great energy and came up with fun suggestions to play within the world. Thank you! "
" So lovely to read with. Super present and offers great depth to the read. "
" Supreme! "
" Omalolu was so great to read with. She brought the perfect energy to a really fun scene. "
" Omalolu was so great, so specific, and a lovely reader "
" AMAZING! She is SO generous, and is an incredible actor! "
" She was super helpful with running lines, and scene work! BOOK HER! "
" Excellent, helpful and easygoing reader! "
" Omalolu was absolutely amazing!! She really understands the craft which makes her such a great reader! "
" Patient and friendly and adapts! "
" Wonderful!!!!!!! "
" AMAZING! Insightful.. Patient.. Knowledgeable.. the list goes on and on... "
" Omalolu is joy to work with, I HIGHLY recommend! "
" Phenomenal! Guided me into a balanced physical performance. I came to Omalolu, asked for guidance as I was feeling a bit performative in my preparation, in the end we created perfection. Many thanks! "
" Man, I hit the jackpot with Omalolu. We had a proper work session. She is BRILLIANT. So grateful. Thank you!! "
" So helpful, laid back very professional and very helpful! "
" SOO SWEET! Amazing cold reader, and human being! book her! "
" Loved working with Omalolu!!! Dope reader!! "
" Great reader with useful tips and ideas to play with! Thank you Omalolu "
" Amazing as always, I appreciate you so much! "
" Omalolu is an amazing reader! Love working with her. "
" Love love loved her patience!! "
" Great reader and helped me with very specific choices. Thank you for your time. "
" Amazing! Lovely! Perfection! "
" She was great. So patient with me. I thought that I was prepared but er..umm...I wasn"t really :) She gave great notes. Will add her to my favorites. "
" Really wonderful helpful reader- Highly recommend "
" Just lovely, insightful, and patient! "
" Super fun to work with her! Great energy! Will select again. "
" Great help!!! thank you! "
" Omalolu is a gem. Really great instincts to catch moments that I may have missed. Patient and wonderful to work with. Thank you so much! "
" Omalolu was a pleasure to work with. She's a great reader and provides valuable insight, book her! "
" Omalolu is the BEST! Seriously. I just hired her 3 times today for 3 different auditions. "
" So wonderful and easy to work with! Great reader, great actor, great notes. Amazeeeee! "
" Again so good! Such a great reader. I almost want to say don't book her because I want her always to be free so I CAN BOOK HER! haha She's great! "
" Omalolu is very patient and can easily break down a script! "
" Soooo great! One of my favorite readers! Would definitely book again! "
" Very sweet and gave me a note that completely changed my performance for the better! "
" AMAZING!!! Such a patient, kind, and thoughtful person throughout the whole experience. Really appreciate your notes and amazing feedback and helping me through every step of the scene. "
" Such a lovely and calming energy to have for my first tape on this platform. "
" So helpful! Gets into the scene really quickly and offers great energy. "
" Such a great experience! This is my first time using WeAudition and I'm happy I worked with Omalolu! "
" Excellent! Highly recommend! "
" Omalolu is fantastic! A total pro! Knowledgeable, creative, helpful and supportive. <3 "
" Great reader!!! "
" She is amazing. Work with her. Do it. Now. "
" Rock Star! Good reader and good energy. Very patient, which is a plus during these self tape times. "
" Omalolu is absolutely amazing! Such a generous reader, gave super helpful feedback, and also has such a warm presence! "
" What can I say... she's the BEST! Whenever I see her online it's not even a question :) I just click! "
" She is lovely, thank you so much Omalulu! You're in good hands here. "
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