Nanayaa P.

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Hi - let's get you booked!

My name is Nanayaa - (Nuh-Nai-Yuh), I am an Atlanta actress. I love being a big kid, & motivating others. I can give feedback, or not! Let's play!

Email: with subject "WEAUDITION READING" if you'd like me to come online and read with you at a certain time! :)

**I can help you with the Ghanaian Accent!

**Sorry if I missed you - please try again :-)**

Nanayaa Prempeh is an actress, known for Float, ATL Homicide (2018) and No Wahala-Movie (2018).

Aligned Stars Agency - Atlanta, GA

174 Reader Reviews

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" Great read with Nanayaa!! And she is very sweet! "
" Amazing reader! Great energy! "
" Great reader! "
" Such a sweet, supportive energy! Loved having her as a my reader "
" Yo she is in the scene with you. she really feels it. not just a reader but a true PARTNER!!! "
" Nanayaa is Fantastic! A great Reader and an absolute joy to work with!! "
" Awesome! So easy to work with and encouraging! "
" So patient and willing to work till it's right. "
" Thank you! "
" Thank you Nanayaa! So sweet! Great reader! "
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" Nanayaa was a great scene partner! Very supportive, patient and helpful. A+ "
" Great reader!! Thanks Nanayaa "
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" Nanayaa is a fantastic reader. She gives great pace, great stuff to work off of. A blessing! "
" Nanayaa is amazing! Great reader. Highly recommend her! "
" Fantastic! Very patient through the technical issues. She read with passion. I can't wait to reader with her again. "
" So fun and sweet! She also had really good insight and a different perspective on how I could play the scene! Work with her!!! "
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" Appreciate her! She really held it down :) "
" Helpful, patient, great notes, Nanayaa!!! "
" She is the secret sauce to auditioning yall! "
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" The best!! "
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" Amazing!! Thank you so much!! "
" Amazing reader with so much energy!! "
" Fantastic and supportive reader , thanks so much! "
" Excellent actress and a wonderful reader to work off of. Nanayaa had a couple of great suggestions for my detective character that helped me ground the scene. She has great energy, a calming smile and was PERFECT as the college student in my scene. I will use her anytime I can!!! "
" She's amazing! Great read, great ideas. Helped me get exactly the take I needed. "
" Great, grounded and honest reader and Nanayaa made me feel so comfortable and relaxed during my selftape! "
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" Great Reader! Super patient and fun to work with! I'll be back for sure "
" Super helpful, thank you!! "
" 3rd time with her and more to come! Thanks. "
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" 5 stars! So patient and kind! A great reader! "
" Nanayaa is a great reader! Super helpful and easy to work with. "
" Nanayaa is great. She gets right to work. She's good about getting straight to work and running the script as many times as we can in the allotted time. I hope to work with her again. "
" She was super friendly and a great fit for the voice I needed! Definitely hope to work with her again in the future! Thanks girl! "
" Nanayaa is a real pro guys! Great enthusiastic reader. Thank you for your help1 "

Credits Include

2019 [IMDB]
Fatal Attraction
TV Series docu
2019 [IMDB]
ATL Homicide
TV Series
2018 [IMDB]
No Wahala-Movie
On the Come Up