Kayo Terrell

upto 15 mins : $ 5.00
upto 30 mins : $ 10.00
upto 60 mins : $ 20.00

Atlanta based actor, can currently be seen in episode 104 of Issa Rae's "Rap Sh!t". More shows to be released later this year and early 2023!!!

Looking to help actors anyway I can, Self-tapes/rehearsals/networking. I want to help you get the best tape possible, don't worry about the time.... I HAVE ALL DAY :)

Feel free DM on instagram for a quick response.

• There is no up charge if we go over time….. I just ask that you be honest and respectful and choose the correct amount of time you may need!

I can't receive payment through PayPal!!
Venmo: @kayoterrell
Cash App: $kayoterrell

Instagram: @kayoterrell
Agent: Anna Singleton @ Houghton Talent
Manager: Erika Finn @ CSP Management

Atlanta based actor, can currently be seen in episode 104 of Issa Rae's "Rap Sh!t". More shows to be released later this year and early 2023!!!

Instagram: @kayoterrell
Agent: Bethany Singleton @ Houghton Talent
Manager: Erika Finn @ CSP Management

Looking to help actors anyway I can, Self-tapes/rehearsals/networking.
Feel free DM on instagram for a quick response. Thank you!!!


83 Reader Reviews

" Very patient. Gave me what I needed to bring long sides to life. "
" So awesome! Great suggestions! "
" Kayo was a greater! Great suggestions! "
" Great reader! "
" Excellent actor. Really a pleasure to work with. "
" Thank you for your work and helping to find the right balance for the scene. "
" Patient, professional and easy to work with! "
" Nice reader! "
" Kayo was great. Looking forward to the next one! "
" Kayo is a wonderful reader to work...He is about your reading and is a selfless professional! I had technical difficulties, and he still stayed available for me to work with him as I got it sorted out. "
" Kayo is a patient person and I am looking to work with him soon! "
" Dove right in and totally got it! Thank you. "
" Great reader! "
" Kayo is the best! Very patient and professional. He makes very good use if your time. "
" Amazing voice with impeccable comedic timing "
" Great reader! Very helpful, encouraging, pleasant and professional! Thanks, Kayo.-) "
" Kayo is down for anything. So helpful with this wacky commercial audition. "
" Great reader! super efficient and easy to work with! "
" Good job "
" Amazing Reader!!! So helpful and kind, had great feedback, got multiple great takes from our session. Highly recommend, thank you Kayo! :) "
" Fun to read with "
" Thank you "
" Kayo made it so easy for me! Great to work with "
" Great reader! Thanks Kayo! "
" Best reader i've ever had, adaptable and easy to work with! "
" Thanks for your help! good read! "
" Great reader, thanks so much! "
" Kayo is great! Looking forward to working with him again. "
" Awesome "
" Got it in one take! Thank you so much, Kayo! "
" Great Reader!!! "
" Kayo helped me bring out myself to the character! "
" Great reader! "
" Easy and efficient great reader. "
" Easy to work with and very friendly. "
" Great committed reader. Very flexible. "
" So patient and helpful! "
" Great reader! "
" Kayo is amazing! He was so dedicated and stuck with me for as long I needed. Such a great reader! Thank you so much :) "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Great reader "
" Very helpful and talented. I would love to work with Kayo again! "
" Kayo is an awesome reader. He is also fun to play off of. "
" Mayo is an encouraging, patient and great reader. Thank you so much Kaye! "
" KAYO is amazing! Love working with him! "
" So amazing!! Took the time to help me get a tape that I was really happy with, highly recommend to anyone who needs a supportive, generous reader :) "
" Kayo is a great reader! My 2nd time working with him & he's a gem! Def. will be working with him more often! "
" Kayo was gracious with his time, patient with my process, and caught onto the tone of the scene so fast. He's a generous reader and I had lots to work off of, so definitely will be hitting him up again as a reader! Thanks!!! "
" Kayo is a great listener, easy going, friendly, he was able to provide great feedback and suggestions with my character. "
" Excellent reader/actor… very kind and accommodating - he moved so we could have better sound and he gave very very helpful feedback. Highly recommend. "
" Kayo was amazing! Absolutely loved working with him! He was a great reader and even pushed me throughout the rehearsal into taping! Very appreciative , I was low energy & brought me up! I will be working with him again! Great person! Thank you! "
" I just wanted to say that Kayo, helped me out a lot with my two monologues. I was nervous for my upcoming audition, but practicing my monologues with him, helped me get know that, I am ready for my audition. If you guys are looking for a reader, I recommend Kayo because he will help you out a lot. I just wanted to say thank you for your help Kayo. "
" Kayo was outstanding. He is very patient and supportive. I enjoyed working with Kayo and I will definitely work with him again! "
" Amazing and so patient! Love him! "
" Kayo was a great reader. He was professional and allowed me to take my time before jumping into the scene. Highly recommend. "
" Thank you so much Kayo!!! Super quick response time and a great reader! 10/10 would recommend "
" Kayo was so wonderful and caring he wanted to make sure I had the best audition I could possible have. He was there when I needed him and I couldn't have done it without him. I will definitely call Kayo again. "
" He was amazing! "
" Great reader! super helpful "
" So nice and friendly. A great reader! "
" Great help and reader!! Awesome!! "
" Kayo was a really fun and enthusiastic reader, and he hypes you up! If you have to tape a comedy, he's your guy! "
" Thank you!! "
" Great vibes! Will book again in future ! "
" Great reader & great attitude! "
" Kayo was awesome! Good feedback. Would definitely request him again. "
" Awesome Reader! He was very patient with me and made my scene authentic and real... He rocks! "
" Very kind and helpful!!! "
" Thank you! "
" Good Reader. Hung in with me through the tehcnical issues and very supportive! "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader "
" Nicely done! "
" Great work "
" Kayo was great! Nailed the cold read for me right away. Thank you, Sir! "
" Kayo is a great reader and understands well!!!! "
" Lovely reader gave me exactly what I needed "
" Great reader! Loved working with Kayo "
" Friendly, good-natured. I felt very at-ease. Great spirit. "
" Very helpful and accomodating! Helped me out with a last minute self tape. "
" Great reader, gave me a lot of helpful tips for the show and helped me work lines. thanks so much Kayo! "
" Kayo makes a great and generous reader. "
" Kayo is awesome, kind, and a great reader! Easy to feel comfortable with & I highly recommend! "

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2022 [IMDB]
Just Say That
2022 [IMDB]
Rap Sh!t
TV Series
2021 [IMDB]
Chocolate Thunder
2020 [IMDB]
Bad Practice
TV Mini Series
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2019 [IMDB]
Lady Luck