Jennifer Bradley

Based in the UK - don't let my British accent throw you off though, I'm really patient and will give you anything you want in a scene to help you out. I'm never rushed and would hate to rush you. Also, I've worked a lot using my Standard American accent, West Coast American accent, and Canadian.

Worked in the industry for over 10 years and am really easy to work with. I have a natural British/Modern RP/Estuary accent but the bulk of my work has been in various American accents. Anything voiceover-related I can help a lot, having worked with brands like Dove, Philips, Google, Hive.. to name a few. As well as video games and animations.

If anyone needs help with any British Sign Language for a role they are going for, I can also help. Additionally, I have a keen ear for accents and I'd be honest and constructive in my feedback to help you get where you need to be.

If you ever wanted to see if I was around and not online, feel free to message me through Twitter (JenCBradley), Instagram (jenniferbradleyactress) or email me at

Easy ways to describe me:
- Natural Redhead
- British Sign Language Skills (Level 3 CSW Level)
- Great at accents
- Used to be involved in and perform Stand Up Comedy... who knows, maybe I'll start back up again when this craziness is over with?
- Dual National
- Bit of a geek - sci fi, board games, fantasy, video games - I love it all!

Originally born and bred in Kent, UK. Lived in North America for 8 years which is where I got into acting and basically have a split personality for accents!

I've been involved on-camera for MOW's on Hallmark Channel, documentaries on Discovery Channel, Films, Series, Commercials and on stage.

When it comes to voice over I've worked with some heavy hitters being their brand voice (to name a few):
- Dove
- Philips
- St Ives
- Hive

I've also been part of video games, animations, commercials, explainers and meditation recordings.

I love being able to do what I do.

Anagram Talent - Film/TV representation (UK) Damn Good Voices - Voiceover Rep (UK) Alaeria Artists - Film/TV/Voice Rep (Canada) Contact me specifically on 07534287229 or via email: jen@jennifercb

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" Lovely, encouraging reader. Will reach out again. "
" Jennifer was great! My poor wifi ruined it all, but she's fantastic! "
" Excellent, great colleague thank you for your help. "
" Jennifer was great. Just read with me, which is all I needed today. Was super easy going and helpful. Recommend! "
" So nice!! "
" Fantastic, will use Jennifer again! "
" Great energy. Thanks! "
" Jennifer is a wonderful reader! She inhabited the role immediately and helped me rehearse a scene I'm working on for class. "
" Thank you so much! "
" Absolutely love this woman. Book her IMMEDIATELY "
" Outstanding!! Such an encouraging, supportive reader. Extremely helpful feedback and creative ideas for the scene too. Fantastic reader! "
" Jennifer is SUCH AN AMAZING READER. Genuinely offered so many incredible tips & knowledge on the scene we were doing and is so super friendly and makes you feel so comfortable. Thank you, Jennifer! Highly recommended for ANY scene, but especially period dramas! "
" Great American accent! Thanks for your help, Jennifer ◡̈ "
" Jennifer is an absolute dream boat with perfect timing & a fabulous voice. Will read with her again :) "
" Lovely person, a great reader, and a pleasure to work with. "
" Jennifer is AMAZING, very sweet and supportive! "
" Very lovely reader. Highly reccomend. "
" So lovely and supportive. "
" Easy, nice, and a great reader. 10/10!!! "
" Lovely, supportive ((patient!)) reader! Will definitely use again! "
" Great reader! Thank you Jennifer :) "

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