Bryony Reynolds

Need someone to read with you without pressure or judgement for as many takes as you like?

I have been working as a professional actor for over 8 years, and know what it's like to need someone reliable to read-in last minute. I also know how important it is to have someone read who knows what they're doing, to have energy to be able to bounce off, to be actively listening, and to take off any unnecessary pressure so you can perform at your very best. I am so grateful for all those who've helped me throughout the years, so I'm hoping to pay it forward by helping you if ever you need someone to read with.

I have a natural English home counties/RP accent, and am also skilled in heightened RP, Southern Irish, West Country English (Devon, Dorset, Bristol), Yorkshire, Australian, or General American accents. I am happy to teach you these accents if you need one for any role/audition. I also specialise in Shakespeare and am happy to coach you in Shakespearean and classical performance techniques if you are doing any classical or period roles.

So grab a cuppa, pull up a chair, and hopefully we can work on your script together until your happy you've got the best take.

I am a highly reviewed performer, specialising in Shakespeare and period dramas and skilled in archery, singing, puppetry, mask, stage and screen. Most recently I have performed the title role of Macbeth in Bard City’s Macbeth directed by Owen Horsley. Other theatre highlights include working with National Theatre's Simon Godwin, Lily McLeish (AD to Katie Mitchell), as well as performing in the award-winning puppetry adaptation 'Macbeth the Musical' (White Bear Theatre), 'Macbeth' (YSC National tour), 'Theatre Without Sight or Sound' (Old Red Lion), and 'Twelfth Night' (Exeter Northcott Theatre). Screen work includes working with the award-winning production company Parkville Pictures in 'The Bris Of Michael Moshe Solomon'.

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59 Reader Reviews

" Bryony is a brilliant reader!Great fun and really helpful with my scene!Thank you!X "
" Great reader... Loved working with Bryony! "
" Brony is a fantastic, attentive, and supportive reader! "
" A++ reader, fantastic! Thanks so much "
" Fun, polished, down to Earth reader, who patiently put up with technical difficulties to help me get through the audition. Thank you! "
" Easy to work with "
" Supportive and gave great notes. "
" Bryony's an excellent reader, very relaxed and patient! "
" Excellent reader, kind, generous and experienced. "
" Awesome! "
" Really patient and great ! Thank you! "
" I had an audition that required an Irish accent, which isn't something I'd say I'm super confident in. Bryony not only gave me some helpful tips, but she's a great reader and very patient. Highly recommend, especially for accent help. She's great "
" Bryony really embodied the character in a way that helped me play off her ! Thank you "
" Bryony was FANTASTIC!!!! She made me feel at ease and was a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much!!! "
" Great reader "
" She was lovely to work with. A responsive and helpful reader. "
" Loved working with Bryony! "
" She's fantastic to work with! "
" She's a pro! "
" Excellent. Very helpful. Great tips. Full of knowledge. "
" Excellent reader. Bryony is very knowledgeable, gives great advice and has a range of accents. I recommend her. "
" So sweet, wonderful reader! Thank you for all the patience with the technical difficulties! "
" Really enjoyed working with Bryony, will definitely seek her out again ! "
" Bryony is a great scene partner, patient, encouraging & a joy to work with. "
" She is brilliant at drilling the lines! Excellent and patient reader! "
" Bryony's lovely!!! she drilled the lines with me over and over and over. thank you SO MUCH!!!!!! "
" Perfect! Helped me tape two scenes, and took my notes/adjusted to what I needed with ease! Thank you!! "
" Byrony was an AWESOME reader! :) Picked up the material super fast and was patient! "
" So kind and gave great feedback!! "
" Amazing-thank you "
" Brilliant reader! "
" Always such a PRO!!! Thank you for helping me today! "
" SO patient and helpful! Thank you for your help!! "
" Sweetest reader. Bryony, thank you for being so patient and supportive and giving me exactly what I needed for my scene! You're wonderful. "
" She was absolutely amazing and patient. "
" Fantastic reader. Great actress and super helpfull! "
" Bryony was so great and lovely and gave me incredible notes and direction for my scene. Highly, highly recommend. She's kind, patient and also gives you the perfect amount of emotion to work with in a reader :) "
" Great reader! Super sweet and offered some great exercises to try "
" Super sweet and proffesional!!! "
" First time working with Bryony in some time and she is just as helpful and awesome as ever, maybe even better! Thank you so much! "
" WOW! I appreciate Bryony so much. She is a PRO! My scene came to life because I was able to react off of her so much. I can’t wait for our next session later on today :) "
" Great reader. Really on it and flexible! "
" Just brilliant, helpful, we did several versions, excellent,thank you Bryony "
" Bryony is a great reader. So nice to meet you. Thank you for you time. "
" Byrony is lovely! Always enjoy working with her! "
" A true delight. An actor's actor. "
" So helpful, honest and sincere! 5 star reader! "
" Bryony was absolutely fantastic. She helps you out alot, I will be using her alot me "
" Fantastic very helpful "
" Second time even better than the first. So great to work with and such a nice person. She helps a lot getting the scene together and lets the work happen while keeping it comfortable and collaborative. "
" So kind. So helpful with the RP accent. I feel so much better about my audition after using her. I highly recommend! "
" Bryony picks up text & gives you exactly what you need so well & so quickly. Thank you so much. "
" She is an excellent reader, straight into the work while being personable and professional. Would absolutely recommend working with Bryony. Thank you. "
" Amazinnngggg! We broke down my character even more and had so much fun play time. Thank you sooo much! "
" Lovely reader. Lovely person. "
" Awesome reader ad actress! "
" Bryony was amazingly helpful. So flexible and was exactly what I needed! I highly recommend her!! "
" Bryony was lovely. Super helpful and supportive with strong acting instincts. "
" Bryony is great. She has such a lovely energy & enthusiasm as a reader. A pleasure to work with & play with the text & characters. Thank you. "

Credits Include

2022 [added]
It Can Happen (Musical)
2022 [added]
Off the Block (Theatre)
2021 [added]
GIFTS (Short Film)
2021 [added]
Antigone (Theatre)
2020 [added]
Richard II (Online Theatre) Dir. Owen Horsley
John of Gaunt
2020 [added]
Locked (Short Film)
2019 [added]
Macbeth the Musical (White Bear Theatre)
Puppeteer (Rose)
2019 [added]
Macbeth (Theatre) Dir. Owen Horsley
2019 [added]
Theatre Without Sight or Sound (Old Red Lion Theat
2018 [added]
The Hunting of the Snark (Outdoor Promenade)
Captain Isabella
2018 [added]
Twelfth Night (Mission Theatre, Bath)
2018 [added]
The Bris (Short Film)
2017 [added]
Unsanctioned (Short Film)
Lindsay Tanner
2017 [added]
Death in Paris (Short Film)
Alice Collaway
2017 [added]
One Beer (Short Film)
2017 [added]
Company of Wolves (Outdoor 5km Running Promenade)
Wolf Alice
2017 [added]
Unlocked (Site-specific) Dir. Lily McLeish
2016 [added]
Macbeth (National Tour) Young Shakespeare Company
2016 [added]
Shields of Justice (Feature Film)
Queen Divan
2016 [added]
Tess of the d'Urbervilles (Bread & Roses Theatre)
2015 [added]
Twelfth Night (Exeter Northcott Theatre)
2014 [added]
Shakespeare in Hell (Exeter Northcott Theatre)
2013 [added]
Twelfth Night (RSC Dell Stage)
Toby Belch