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Hey! I am Caleb Lowery. I am based in Atlanta, Georgia, I'm 21 years young. Some of my favorite things to do in my free time are play video games, exercise, and watch television! I have always had a love for the art, growing up I was always in plays, then I branched off to the Film/Tv side of the industry and I absolutely LOVE IT! I've been pursuing Film/Tv for about 2 years and have been blessed to have booked three projects in the year of 2021. They consisted of a lead role in a SCAD student film which projected me to book a role for Magic Johnson's "Aspire Tv" HIStory which airs on Cable Television, then from that, I booked my first ever feature film as a Co-lead role which will stream on Amazon Prime in 2024 release date (TBD). The feeling of not just booking but doing your best work in every audition is what I strive for because booking is great but being able to believe that you have fulfilled a role in your audition is an even better feeling.

I can give you constructive criticism and be the best reader that you need during our taping session, and we won't stop doing takes until you feel that you believe the intention in the character that you ARE! Acting is BEING not DOING.

See you in session!

If we ever get disconnected for any reason please email me at

IMDB Link:
Actors Access Link:
Agency: 2020 Talent and Lit
Agent: Lisandra Pinuelas
Agency: Underground Management
Agent: Chris Reid

Previous Projects:
Independent Feature Film ~The Lambs~ (LEAD) Prod: PeachJamPictures -In Production-
Independent Feature Film ~An Angry Boy~ (LEAD) Streaming on Amazon Prime
Damn Write Originals Short Film ~HIStory~ (LEAD) Cable Tv on Aspire Tv NetWork
Georgia Power Commercial (LEAD)
Scad Short Film ~Spirited Winds~ (SUPPORTING)

Training: Catapult Studios

Height: 5”9
Body type: Fit
African American Male
Age range: 15-20

Actors Access Link:
Agency: 2020 Talent and Lit
Agent: Lisandra Pinuelas

Previous Projects: Spirited Winds (SCAD) Co- Lead
Georgia Power Commercial (Bark Bark Prod.) Boy

Training: Catapult Studios

Signed with Lisandra Pinuelas at 2020 Talent and Lit Caleb contact Info: Email: Phone: (678) 599-5279 Lisandra Contact info: Email: Phone


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" Caleb was great but we got disconnected midway through and couldn't get back to the room. Caleb was a great reader tho! "
" Needed a young voice, and he delivered from the first to last take!!! "
" Caleb was so fun! Really appreciate his fun energy and playfulness. "
" Love working with Caleb! He always has a great energy & I can always count on him to give me a great read & help me dive in! "
" Thank you Caleb! "
" So goood! "
" Love working with Caleb! One of my go tos! "
" First time working with Caleb, dude is awesome! I didn't know the lines that well, He was patient while I worked through them and really supportive. Will definitely work with bro again. "
" Great! Always appreciate a reader who gets in character too! "
" Great job! "
" Always a pleasure "
" I truly enjoyed having Caleb read for me! He was patient, well-spoken, attentive, and has great energy! I will definitely use him again in the future. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Caleb is AMAZING! So good, love working with him, recommend!! "
" Caleb is great to work with! He always has a great energy & is ALWAYS prepared to jump right into the scene & play! Truly enjoy working with him! "
" So sweet "
" So good, so warm, so helpful!! "
" Caleb is AMAZING!! Such a good reader, such good notes, AWESOME, BOOK HIM!! "
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" Fun to wok with "
" Caleb is amazing! 100% recommend to book! 🫶🏽 "
" Awesome reader "
" Excellent energy! Will definitely look for Caleb again in the future! "
" Awesome Caleb! Thank you for holding space for me and for your support! "
" Best Reader ever and great heart and soul to go with it! "
" Excellent Reader! Great Feedbacks! "
" Sooooooooo good! thanks for your help "
" Caleb is so collaborative and honest. Great reader! "
" Very helpful "
" Incredible guy!! very comfortable to work with and really gives his all "
" WHAT AN INCREDIBLE GUY!!! Went above and beyond to give me what was necessary. Very patient and the hype man of the year :) "
" Always awesome to work with. Thank you! "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Thank you! "
" A true professional. "
" Excellent reader! "
" Caleb is such a great reader!! Great notes and super patient !!! Will be booking more in the future! "
" Caleb is FAB "
" G.O.A.T!! "
" He was awesome and really got into it!! thank you "
" Caleb was so wonderful! Great energy and a great reader! "
" Excellent for sure!! "
" He was excellent and a true professional. "
" Amazing AMAZING work. We got it done in ONE TAKE!!! "
" Sooooooo good!! Great reader! He IMMEDIATELY dropped right into character! "
" Caleb is awesome! Fantastic energy. Fantastic reader! "
" Great! "
" Always a go-to on here. "
" So sweet and great read "
" Caleb is amazing! He has such a great energy about him & really is a great actor. He gives so much. love working with him! "
" Great energy! Fantastic scene partner! "
" Awesome reader! So sweet! and Kind "
" He had amazing chemistry and really gave me a great cold read performance. Can't thank him enough. "
" SO GREAT!!!!! Definitely working with Caleb again!!! "
" Very helpful! "
" Amazing! Caleb is a rock star! A great reader! lovely energy! kind! and patient. "
" Patient and was able to provide a natural sense of ease to the work. Would book again. "
" Caleb is so playful and so much fun to read with! Couldn't recommend him more! "
" MVP this man. Great reader! "
" Great as always. "
" As always Caleb is the best! "
" Caleb was the best! Gave so many good notes, was an amazing reader (needed that american accent for my audition!) and was just in general a great scene partner. Thank you so much! Will definitely pester you again!! "
" Great reader, great energy! "
" Caleb is a great reader! "
" Amazing reader! Great cold reader and very connected as a scene partner "
" Caleb was amazing!! Such a great reader and awesome energy! "
" Amazing reader! will definitely book again! "
" Super great! great reader. Easy to work with "
" Caleb is AMAZING!! Great reader + very patient & kind. I will definitely be booking him again. "
" Excellent Reader! "
" Caleb was awesome! Knocked my audition out in the first take (with a second for safety, of course! ) Highly recommended! "
" I love having Caleb as a reader! So supportive & helpful. "
" Awesome scene partner, always look forward to working with Caleb "
" Great reader!!! Loved his energy "
" Caleb is AMAZING!!! He got me so ready and then did a great read for my tape! "
" I booked Caleb very first time using WeAudition and he made it seamless. He was patient with my learning curve, and is a consummate professional. 10/10 would book again. "
" Booked Caleb again and will rebook for sure. He's committed to excellence! "
" Great reader, awesome personality, and talented actor!!! I recommend!! "
" Caleb jumped right in and gave me what I needed. Great cold read skills! Book him! "
" Caleb was OUTSTANDING!!!! "
" OMG!!! I can't say enough about Caleb!!! He is an amazing reader!!! He is so patient, and kind, and wonderful. He helped me SO MUCH! Book him now! (he specialises in helping middle aged white ladies prep for big auditions :) ) "
" So Patient. So Kind. Excellent reader. Gave great notes! Thank you! "
" Awesome reader! Very patient and has great characterisation skills! Would definitely recommend "
" So great and helpful, needed someone strong in improv and he was awesome! had so much to add to the scene. "
" Very comfortable reader "
" An awesome young actor with wonderful instincts. Caleb really helped me level up my audition. "
" Such a gem! "
" Great read! Love his confidence and energy "
" Really great reader, picked up on the script extremely fast and made it fun "
" A delight! "
" Just great energy! "
" So great, read the part perfectly. Is super talented, nice, and friendly. Would use again for sure! "
" Caleb is an exceptional reader! Understood the assignment immediately and gave really insightful notes. I’ll definitely be reading with him again! "
" A real pleasure to work with! Great notes "
" Fantastic reader! One of my favorites "
" Caleb is full of life and enthusiasm. He really helped me bring out certain colors in my scene! "
" Dope reader!! Caleb gave great feedback and energy and I would most definitely book him again!! Thank you for your patience and time and for giving me so much to work with!! "
" Super supportive, easy to work with, takes direction well! "
" Excellent reader, great energy, elevated my work! "
" Love working on scenes with Caleb! Always helpful & encouraging :) "
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" This dude was so cool! Thanks so much! "
" Lovely. Easy to work with and gives great feedback. "
" Excellent reader.. Excellent energy.. And excellent ideas! Read with Caleb! "
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" Professional, chill and ready to go. "
" Great reader, very supportive with great suggestions. Highly recommended. "
" Caleb is a GEM! So Glad I worked with him. :) He's easily my GO TO on WeAudition now! Great energy and patience. Book him "
" Caleb was a great reader! He was super grounded and offered great suggestions and made sure I felt confident in my take "
" Thank you so much Caleb! Awesome feedback. I had so much fun riffing ideas. Truly hope we get to work together someday :) "
" So Talented and Kind! Work with Caleb!!! They're AMAZING! "
" Caleb is AMAZING!!! I loved his tips and he was super patient! I highly recommend! "
" Great reader! "
" Caleb was such an incredible reader who offered great suggestions and feedback. "
" Stellar reader and performer! "
" Great! And really nice advice!! "
" Great energy, great notes. It was a joy working with Caleb. Highly recommended. Thanks, Caleb! "
" He knows what he's doing, authentic, humble. And a good person to read with "

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