Chad Morgan

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I have been working in film and television as an actor for the last 27 years. There is nothing I love more than working with other actors to experience and uncover the beauty of human relationships.
I was trained in Meisner but have adapted my approach to my own personal recipe over the years, finding "the sweet spot" for authenticity and subtlety.

My aim is to help you find the heart within a character's description and dialogue so that you can bring them to life with an essence only you contain- that's the magic!

Please reach out if you need to schedule a session ahead of time or don't see me logged in to WeAudition on Instagram @girlchad

Look forward to helping you out ~

Headshot by Peter Konerko

Chad Morgan is an actress, known for The Purge: Anarchy (2014), Pearl Harbor (2001) and Robot Chicken (2005).

Mavrick Artists Agency 323.931.5555 Imperium 7 (VoiceOver) 323.931.9099

619 Reader Reviews

" Great reader with great notes. "
" We worked on a very vulnerable and connected scene and Chad was so generous and present. Very grateful to have gotten to tape these scenes together! "
" Excellent!One of the best.Thank you! X "
" Thank you once again Chad! "
" There is only one Chad Morgan. And you should hire her. "
" Super Good as always "
" Kind, helpful "
" Chad was fantastic, as always. A skilled cold reader with wonderful insights. Thanks! "
" Chad is the best! Always love working with her!! "
" The best "
" Chad puts me at ease. She is a wonderful scene partner! Thank you "
" A Blessing! Everything and more that you need from a fellow actress :) book her "
" Chad is a dream to work with.So attentive, full of ideas and a brilliant energy.Big Thank You! "
" Absolutely love Chad! In lieu of writing an essay, I'll just say book her! You won't regret it. "
" Incredibly helpful. i can't thank her enough for her insights!!! "
" Awesome "
" Great reader! Gave fantastic feedback! "
" Chad is a gem!! So great to work with, so present and always has great suggestions! "
" Chad is so lovely to work with - made me feel comfortable to go to really difficult places within the scene. I highly recommend working with her! "
" Just what I needed "
" Chad is superb! She had great ideas for my difficult one line co star. Love working with her!! "
" I loved working with Chad!!! So supportive and kind!! "
" Totally solid as. Rock---star! "
" Thank you "
" Chad is amazing as ALWAYS!! Thank you for everything, "
" Patient, kind and knows her stuff! "
" Thanks Chad! I really appreciated your notes and patience in getting this scene today. Look forward to reading together again soon. "
" Loved working with her ! "
" Excellent scene partner with great feedback! "
" Chad is always the best. Gives me everything I could ever need in a reader. A reliable safe space, a talented actress and a lovely person. "
" Wonderful reader. So helpful, great notes and adjustments. "
" Chad's the best, love working with her ! "
" Great reader, very present and easy to connect with!! "
" Chad is so thoughtful and insightful. Thanks again!! "
" So great, and easy reading. Chad gives good subtle it. "
" So wonderful to work with. Patient, supportive, good timing, easy to connect with, and gave great ideas to help my audition. Thank you! "
" Always a pleasure!! truly the best. "
" Chad is amazing. The best. Perfect reader. Great notes. "
" Awesome "
" Chad is amazing! Fantastic reader and amazing human! So glad I got to work with her again. "
" Love working with Chad, she's really great ! Thanks so much !! "
" One of my go-to's!! "
" So great thanks so much !!! "
" Truly the best always grateful when i get to work with chad! "
" Lovely. Very helpful with the read and for offering a different take for a second option. "
" WHERE TO BEGIN?! What a lovely first experience with Chad! Super down to earth, nice to talk to, and most importantly a FABULOUS actor with GREAT instincts. They gave an excellent read from the get go, and offered a suggestion that totally helped elevate the tape to the next level! BOOK THEM!!! "
" Working with Chad is always such a pleasure! She' s fantastic. Highly recommend. "
" So easy to work with. "
" Chad is Wonderful! Great reader, jumps right in and listens. I would definitely recommend her. "
" My new go-to. Made a chaotic experience so calming and grounded. Xx "
" Chad is a blessing. First of all, just an amazing human being that allows you to bring your authentic self, but also an incredible artist, actor and full of nuance, ideas and insight that will add the special touch to your work. Do not miss out on her. "
" As always Chad is soo thoughtful and such a delightful reader. "
" Shes great! "
" The absolute best! Makes you feel so comfortable and gives great notes to enhance performance. "
" LOVE CHAD!!! Amazing coach and wonderful advice. "
" Chad is the best! She's got calm energy and great insight into how you can bring yourself to a scene. Highly recommend you read with her :) "
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" So helpful! "
" Super professional and a great reader - will definitely use her again!! "
" Breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw Chad was online. Had some really heavy material to get through and there's nobody I trust more to comfortably sit with me in the rough moments than Chad. "
" Really amazing reader and actress!!! "
" Chad is awesome, as always. "
" Chad is GREAT! Today I started out tired and she snapped me out of it and into a good take in less than 20 minutes! Highly reccomend! "
" Amazing!!!!! Such great feedback and patience ! "
" Always helpful and kind! Gave me some good ideas. "
" Oh man, as always, Chad is just the best! Such a grounded person, with a wonderful, real vibe about her. A true pro in the industry too, to help you get the best realistic take. "
" Great! "
" Chad is SO SWEET. She's an angel to work with. She's so supportive and does a great job at reading as she doesn't overpower your voice when being a reader. I highly recommend her. "
" Chad is amazing! so patient and great to feed off of. 10/10! "
" THE BEST!!!!!!! Honestly such a pro and gem of a human. Will always use Chad when I can!! "
" Fun. Insightful. Generous. "
" Chad is a great reader!! "
" Wow Chad is a really fantastic reader and sharp and tasteful with ideas, looking forward to working with her again ! "
" Very helpful "
" Awesome always "
" Oh my word. You just have to work with Chad to understand how thrilling and fulfilling it can be when you're rehearsing with someone who just gets it. An bottomless pool of wisdom and spontaneity. "
" I'm always left speechless after I've done a session with Chad. You just can't ask for a better scene partner. She makes you feel good, not just because who she is, but she always can make you gain another level of understanding with your scene. Stupendous. "
" Wonderful reader, actor and coach! Thanks Chad! "
" Chad is beyond great! Love to work with her. "
" Chad is so much fun to work with. Plus she's great at what she does. "
" Great reader! Sorry I was having connectivity issues! "
" Lovely, fun, patient, helpful direction and a LEGIT actor. A+! "
" Chad is GREAT!! She knows what she's talking about and she always brings a calm energy which I really appreciate! "
" Chad is an amazing artist. So fun and interesting to work with! "
" There is no one like Chad! Such a great reader, actor and coach! "
" I've booked with my girl Chad! My go-to!!!! "
" Chad is so amazing! "
" Chad is the best, best, BEST! "
" Chad is GREAT! "
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" Chad is always a superstar "
" Outstanding reader and coach! Great centered energy and insightful thoughts about the text. "
" Very professional reader "
" Amazing job, as always! "
" Present and kind reader! Really fun to work with. "
" Chad is always amazing! "
" Awesome tips, awesome reader. I'll be back ! "
" Wonderful! Helped me at the last minute and she was fantastic. "
" Working with Chad is always a great experience! "
" Chad is always amazing! Thanks so much! "
" I'm a big fan of Chad! "
" Cha always does a great job! "
" Chad is an awesome reader!! "
" Thank you thank you thank you! The reviews are correct. Best ever. "
" Always a pleasure. Always perfectly grounded. Which always makes me better. Thank you! "
" Great read and tips! "
" Always a pleasure to work with Chad! "
" Chad was very helpful, supportive and insightful!! "
" So Fun to work with. Super kind, generous and great feedback! "
" Awesome as always. "
" Chad is a fantastic reader! "
" Always a blessing to work with this tremendous artist. It's so reassuring to have someone you can totally trust to bring the best in you with love, respect and support. Thank you, Chad! "
" A professional through and through! Astute and gentle feedback! I'll be seeing you again, Chad. Thanks, Loren "
" Chad is an incredible reader! She's very attentive to what I need to give my best performance and she's got the best insight. Plus she's always got great energy! "
" Super helpful! "
" Ahhh, just who I needed for this intense scene I had to lean into :) "
" The best reader on this website by far! "
" Had fun! Really strong feedback / suggestions that made me even better! Thank you. "
" Great working with Chad again. Very helpful and supportive. "
" Awesome, like always! "
" The best! "
" Amazing reader!!! "
" LOVE CHAD. LOVE CHAD. Hi, I love Chad. "
" SOOO easy to work with and so helpful and patient. Definitely coming back to Chad. "
" Chad is not only a great reader but a great actress and coach too! I'm so grateful at having met her and worked with her. "
" Chad is the best! Working with her is always a great experience. "
" Chad is always so kind and amazing and helpful. And she's a fabulous actor "
" Awesome reader, great tips and feedback "
" Wonderful "
" I really enjoyed working with Chad, and would work with her again. She was so helpful and a great reader! "
" OH MY GOD!!! I love you CHAD!!! Please do yourselves and massive favor and work with this exceptional artist/beautiful human!! "
" Absolutely wonderful. Provided really great feedback! "
" The best! "
" Absolutely a joy to work with. Grounded, great notes, supportive. Definitely book Chad if you have the chance. "
" Very helpful!!! "
" Chad is a gracious reader! She was very supportive and helped me find stronger choices that supported what I could bring to the character. "
" Chad is one of my faves! She is consistently SPOT ON in her readings and always brings light to the process. Thank you CHAD!! "
" Incredible experience! "
" Always amazing! "
" Chad is always such a joy to work with - she makes me feel immediately comfortable. Highly highly recommend. "
" Chad is just SO LOVELY. And a wonderful actor. I really enjoy working with her! So much!!! "
" Chad's read and notes made the scene work. Thank you, Chad "
" Chad is always my go to! nothing but amazing tapes with her "
" The best! Provides great suggestions! "
" Very strong reader! "
" She gives you exactly what you need and more. Tremendously grateful to have her. "
" Chad = awesome! "
" A gem! "
" Such a comforting presence and AWESOME reader. A++++ "
" Always awesome "
" Great reader, Solid, friendly, patient, and good feedback and coaching. "
" Chad is a fantastic reader! Such helpful and insightful suggestions with a lovely and supportive demeanor. Thanks so much, Chad! "
" Thank you Chad!! "
" <3 "
" CHAD IS THE BOMB!!! Great Actor with Heart and presence... will definitely use her and this service as well!!! Thank You, Thank You!!! "
" AWESOME! Super professional, friendly and helped get the job done! :) "
" Thank you so much! Look forward to working with you again! "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Chad was AMAZING! Great feedback and suggestions. I felt so relaxed and comfortable. The scene was tough and she helped a lot with bringing out the honesty of the character. I'll definitely request her assistance again with an audition! "
" As always, Chad is super sweet and effective. Her skills will rub off on you! "
" Chad is amazing!! She's so thoughtful and helpful. She really dove into the script analysis with me and gave me some great direction to make the scene pop!! I am so fortunate to have worked with her on this scene!!! Thank you so much!! "
" Done "
" Thank you! "
" BOOKED the last thing I worked on with CHAD. So duhhhhh. I'm back. She's special y'all!! Check her out!! Thank you Chad! "
" Kind, supportive, and professional reader with fantastic feedback! Thank you! "
" Chad is the best reader! "
" Great as always! Gave me ideas, insights, and boosted my confidence. Yes! "
" Loved Chad...she was super patient, very insightful and a great reading partner. "
" As always, Chad is such a pleasure to read with! She really naturally helps you relax and find your best self so to speak to bring. She really invests in the scene with you. Feels very real. You should book her! "
" Great!! "
" Amazing reader "
" Absolute treasure. Chad and I went through an hour-long journey together where we, dove, DEEP. We found all the nuances, clues and emotional thread from a scene that's barely a page, and more. I couldn't dream of a better scene partner / coach. If you do all the work, she'll find a way to enrich it more. A blessing to have her. "
" Chad's the best thing about WeAudition. For this audition I needed someone I knew could be emotionally present/available with me and whose feedback I could trust and she's the first person I thought of! She never disappoints. "
" Always a pleasure :) "
" Fantastic! "
" I LOVE YOU!!! OMG, we just made it through the PRODUCER'S SESSION. Thank you for holding my hand and holding the space with me. Sharing your light!! Thank you. "
" Always Amazing "
" OMG, Chad really helped me out with this 9 PAGE audition!! She is so calming, and helped me through each scene with ease. We had a bunch of laughs, and got GREAT takes!! I can’t wait to book with her in the future. This is my first time booking a reader through WeAudition and I’m so glad I did! "
" Chad is awesome!! So quick and easy when we work together. "
" Chad is GREAT as ALWAYS!!! Just the energy I needed to run these lines. "
" Wonderful reader. So patient and kind and gives great notes. "
" Chad is a great coach; patient, insightful, and willing to delve deeply into the material. 5 stars. "
" Always amazing! "
" Her redirects might be the best. Please work with her. You won't regret it. "
" LOVE Chad! If you need a present and grounded reader, book her! So much ease and freedom. "
" Chad is absolutely excellent, very calm, and perceptive. Really great at working to elevate a scene with you. Great reader. "
" Chad is great! "
" Chad is always amazing and gives great ideas. cant wait to work with her again "
" Chad is the best! Really natural reader and good energy! "
" Excellent! Gave great suggestions for blocking as well as being very patient. "
" Woah-- what a treat it was to work with Chad. She's an incredible coach and so supportive. I hope to book some time with her in future. Thanks again Chad! "
" Chad is the best reader you have "
" Chad is a dream come true as a reader and a coach (if you desire for her to be a coach) The Best you have "
" Chad has a great eye and gives with relevant, helpful notes to shape your best take. Thank you, Chad. "
" Great feedback! Easy to work with! "
" Fantabulous reader "
" One of my GO-TO'S!! She's absolutely amazing and helps find your authenticity in the scene. "
" Oh em geeeeee, Chad is phenomenal. Possibly the most kind, patient, experienced, and resourceful reader I’ve worked with on WeAudition. She helped me to stage a tricky scene effectively on camera, and she encouraged me to be my own authentic self because the camera sees everything. Thank you so much for your time tonight, Chad!! "
" Very easy to work with! "
" Always amazing. "
" Chad was absolutely amazing! She was so great to work my self tapes with and helped me discover my true authentic self. Such a joy to work with!! "
" Amazing reader! Made it easy for me "
" Always such a joy. A wise, insightful reader and gem of a human being. Thank you, Chad!! "
" Phenomenal reader. Lovely human. Very in the moment and gave thoughtful feedback. Highly recommend! "
" So amazing to work with "
" Wonderful working with Chad :) "
" Wonderful to work with! Really helped bring the scene alive "
" Amazing "
" Always amazing! "
" Absolutely fantastic! "
" She. Was. Awesome. Highly highly recommend! "
" Soooo great working with Chad shes truly the best! "
" Chad is always good and help me with my auditions, she can do also many accents perfectly! "
" My first time working with Chad. The reviews are true. She's awesome. So grounded and warm. Great read. Great ideas about character. Thank you! "
" I cannot say enough about her reading and direction. You must work with her! "
" Love Chad. When I see her, I click on her IMMEDIATELY. She has such great character insights. Is so thoughtful when talking character and story. One of my regular go-tos. "
" I love reading with Chad - she has great ideas, she's very giving and she's really talented! I highly recommend her. "
" SUCH an awesome reader, always :) "
" Chad has the best energy and offers great options. She really is so professional and good at what she does. Thanks Chad!! "
" So talented and helpful!!!! "
" Chad was so patient when I had some connection issues.....wonderful reader...gave great review of my work....I recommend her! "
" Chad is AMAZING!!! And I can always rely on her. She helps me BOOK!! So BOOK HER!! "
" Amazing Audition. Thank You Chad! "
" Chad is always amazing. I'm so privileged to know her and work with her. A ++++++++ "
" So kind, supportive and extremely helpful. Great reader and excellent advice. "
" Awesome reader and fantastic feedback/coaching, too! "
" Cannot say enough good things about chad! seriously boooookkkk "
" 10/10. Will definitely be booking with Chad again! She helped me with different viewpoints regarding the material and they were all helpful to the scene. Thank you "
" Super sweet and very helpful! "
" Chad was such a pro and a joy to work with! Great feedback! Thanks Chad! "
" MVP "
" MVP and she deserves it, thanks Chad! "
" As always, Chad is so brilliant and so helpful! "
" Perfect coach! Can help you book the role…. "
" Chad is SO GOOD, like as an actor, she's amazing. And she's also kind and grounded and lovely! "
" Really lovely--very funny, accommodating, and generous! "
" Wonderful with great feedback and professional reading. Thank you! "
" Great reading with Chad. Great tips and notes. Looking forward to reading with her again. "
" Absolutely lovely - thoughtful with terrific notes! Very supportive. "
" As always Chad is great, MVP! "
" Chad is the best! So helpful and has such an intelligent POV when it comes to script analysis. "
" She's such a wonderful reader! Has such helpful feedback as well "
" SO helpful, kind, and wonderful!! Thanks again Chad! "
" Super helpful and just all around a great scene partner! Thank you so much 100% reccommend! "
" The best "
" Amazing reader. "
" Thanks Chad!! "
" Always great! "
" Man oh man, Chad truly is amazing! We really spent time living these moments, and she is so gracious and grounded and real to make that happen so naturally. Just a calming presence and wonderful person. You should book her! "
" Always a great time working with Chad :) "
" One of my favorite people on here. "
" Always an incredible reader. "
" Can't beat the joy and pleasure of working with someone with such knowledge and gentle guidance. Thanks! "
" Chad always cares about how to deliver the lines and really be in the moment. Thanks again Chad. "
" The best reader! Has amazing notes and is a fantastic reader. "
" Chad was SUPER SOLID!!!! I love a reader who knows timing and breathing and when and how to step in to help or let you do your thing. I'll be booking with her again! "
" Chad is AMAZING!! Excellent reader and wonderful with feedback.. I highly recommend her :) "
" Spot on & gives great feedback! Thank you!! "
" She is amazing! she has a very good personality that you can work with, she can help also in scene analysis, thanks Chad! "
" Chad's great! Very fun, super helpful and patient "
" This was my second time working with Chad! She's a great reader and gave a really helpful suggestion to make my take pop! "
" As always, Chad is phenomenal. A real pro who brings a ton of experience and advice to the scene and the craft. Really helped to ground me and make the take pop. Book her! "
" Kind and thoughtful! "
" Always so great! What a pleasure. Thank you chad !! "
" Awesome! Super helpful with breaking down the scene! Highly recommend "
" So patient so kind great feedback!!! "
" Amazing reader, patient, kind and so instrumental in my read! "
" Great advice!! "
" Chad was great and gave me the exact read I needed for my take, Thank you! "
" <3 "
" Chad was so sweet! Helped me with bringing myself to the character. "
" She gave me great feedback and helped me to be present in the scene. "
" Chad was such a kind and patient reader and gave helpful and tactical notes! She helped me work through a really strange audition cut and put together an awesome tape. "
" Excellent! "
" THANK GOD FOR CHAD MORGAN! Seriously the real deal 🙌 "
" AMAZING!! helped me so much in unfamiliar territory– doing drama and getting in touch with the vulnerability! AMAZING READER FOR DRAMATIC SCENES! thank you so much, Chad! "
" Excellent cant wait to work with her again "
" Fantastic. Put me right at ease and offered great suggestions. "
" A++++++ Chad is the best!!! "
" Absolutely AMAZING!!! She is so present and so incredibly easy to work off of especially off of the internet! Will definitely seek her out again <3 "
" Always breathe a sigh of relief when I see that Chad's online, knowing I'll be in the best of hands. "
" Very friendly and great reader. She had some good ideas that helped with some experimenting! "
" Chad is excellent! Super smart, calming, patient. Big fan. "
" Fantastic feedback and a wonderful grounding energy; thanks again, Chad! "
" EXCELLENT!! Picked up on what I had missed. Thank you for you xoxo "
" Great reader! Great energy! "
" Fantastic warmth and light. Really grounding. Had a great time working and talking with Chad! "
" Thank you so much for your feedback & patience!! I’m so grateful you’re on weaudition "
" Terrific. Very insightful "
" Really excellent! "
" Wonderful & grounded, thank you! "
" So wonderful and patient and really helped me get out of my head! "
" Just had a great read with Chad and I'd be happy to work with her again! "
" Worked with Chad before and it's always great! "
" Chad is fabulous "
" Great Reader! "
" Thank you!! Awesome reader!! "
" Amazing reader, helped me with some tough scenes & was super helpful, grounding and gave great notes to push me further. thank you so much! "
" Great working with Chad. Very supportive and patient. Gave just the right feedback. "
" So helpful! Thank you! "
" Super sweet and professional! "
" She was so helpful and present! Great reader "
" Wonderful!!!! "
" Amazing notes.MVP "
" Wonderful. Insightful. Kind. Brilliant reader with fantastic instincts. So grateful for her help. "
" Soothing presence and voice; great reader! Thank you Chad :) "
" Chad is fabulous "
" Chad is amazing and supportive and kind and her energy definitely elevated the quality of my tape! "
" If you need a reader/self tape coach/teacher Chad is your actor. She's on point with feedback, suggestions, generosity and a track record of experience in front of the camera that will make your work better. "
" She's great. listens. gives great notes and is spot on. "
" Very Kind and nice to work with! Thank you! "
" Super sweet "
" She is one of your best readers "
" Such a calming, wonderful presence who gives such amazing insight into the text. An absolute favourite on this platform! "
" Incredible reader. The best. "
" Chad's presence is instantly calming and she is brilliant in her craft! Great reader and actress! "
" I'm so thrilled when Chad is online. She is an incredible actress and reader. I love rehearsing with her!! Thanks again, Chad!! "
" So great! kind sweet and Intelligent. great actor, I felt super comfortable shooting 2 scenes for a half-hour comedy pilot. Definitely try her again next time! "
" Such a warm, patient, and kind spirit. Amazing reader. Really present and genuine. :) "
" A+ reader! Love working with Chad. Such a natural. :) "
" One of the best reads I've ever had. Gained a lifelong nugget of wisdom from Chad in the 15 minute session. All because she was so present with me. "
" Really awesome. great feedback. "
" Fantastic work! "
" Excellent as always "
" Great reader! "
" Chad is top notch and knows her stuff. Very helpful, insightful and a great reader. "
" Really super great again! thanks chad!!! "
" I love reading with Chad! She is such a talent and so intuitive about the sides she receives! "
" Still wonderful! "
" You are absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for your help! "
" Awesome, thank you Chad! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Amazing! So insightful and a fantastic reader. "
" Chad was amazing. Great energy and great read!!! "
" Always the best. Amazing reader and great vibe! "
" Always phenomenal ! "
" My go to girl, thank you! "
" Great reader and great insight "
" Everything you want from a reader: patient, intuitive, and thoughtful. Thank you very much, Chad! "
" Loveeeee chad so much "
" I had the BEST experience working with Chad. She is such a giving reader, so insightful, she elevated my work beyond anything I could have done on my own. HIGHLY recommend. "
" Chad is simply the best. She's a fantastic actress and reader. Incredibly open, curious, and playful. I always feel so comfortable doing my best work with Chad. So grateful every time I get the chance to work with her!! "
" Chad is a great reader who gives incredible feedback and guidance. "
" Love her so much "
" Absolutely amazing reader. Highly recommend. "
" Best reader I've ever had! Chad's feedback is amazing. "
" SO kind, present, fun, generous. Great to read with. "
" Shes great!!!!! Gave me such great suggestions and feedback!!!!! "
" Chad is a great reader and has wonderful tips and insight into the scenes. Always enjoy working with her! "
" Wow, I really enjoyed working with Chad. She was so helpful with feedback and thoughts about the scene. I really appreciated her investment in the work and making it the best it can be. I will definitely try to work with her again! "
" So great with awesome notes! "
" Awesome!! "
" Chad is so fun to work with. She is such a great collaborator. "
" Fantastic! Chad was wonderful to work with and incredibly helpful in getting a complicated scene where it needed to go. Would work with her again any time! "
" Awesome as always! "
" The best! Absolutely excellent.Thank you Chad!Xxxx "
" Great reader. Gave helpful notes. "
" Great "
" The super most awesomest eva! Generous reader, she knows her stuff! "
" Amazing Reader! "
" Just fabulous!! "
" From the moment I met her, her energy was warm and inviting. She helped me feel very comfortable with my material and helped me dissect it in an amazing way. Book her! "
" Great reader! "
" Chad was very very very helpful. she gave great ideas that I didn't see in the script! "
" Chad was rad!! Book her!! "
" Chad is my go to reader, so amazing! "
" Great reader, so encouraging and lovely "
" Wonderful! "
" Chad is a superb reader who gave great notes and advice. I will most definitely seek her out again for future tapes! Thank you so much. "
" Chad is wonderful! Great energy and knows her stuff. "
" Chad is all sorts of awesome, do your selves a favor and book her. "
" She’s great, I was lucky to have found her. "
" Fantastic reader! Relaxed and at ease, and with great insight and suggestions! "
" Chad is my safe space, love reading with her! "
" She's just incredible. Smart actor, talented actor. I love, love working with Chad! "
" So amazing! Would certainly work with her again "
" She was SUCH a calming presence and great reader, thank you "
" Just fantastic. Always. Thank you, Chad! "
" Very helpful and an excellent rehearsal buddy "
" Always a great reader! She definitely pays attention to detail! "
" Thank you Chad! So helpful. "
" Chad was amazing! Thank you so much! "
" 100% great "
" Great reader! "
" I love working with Chad. She really allows you to find your read of the scene as opposed to imposing her thoughts and ideas on it. She's incredibly grounded and wonderfully supportive. So grateful to work with Chad!! "
" CHAD IS AMAZING! Such a calming presence with incredible notes and words of encouragement. Thank you again!! "
" Wonderful reader and teacher. Chad had a very calming aura and enabled me to explore vulnerable character. Highly recommend. "
" AMAZING!!! I had such a long pair of scripts I needed help with, Chad had the patience and the most wonderful advice to help me create the best work I could've! Will 100% be back! "
" Knowledgeable and great to work with! "
" Great reader! Great suggestions! "
" A+++ One of the best I've worked with on the site hands down. A seasoned pro who gives excellent direction. "
" So encouraging and supportive! Very easy-going and great ideas. Will definitely be requesting Chad again! "
" Chad was so lovely to work with. Patient and kind :) "
" So lovely to work with! Caught on to the story quickly - excellent reader. "
" Always the best. "
" Wonderful - so easy to work with, and such a natural reader w/ great presence. "
" Stellar reader! Thank you chad! "
" Great reader. Very kind and great reader. The small added notes were really on point! "
" Chad was awesome! This was my first time using WeAudition and she made me feel at easy and was the perfect reader. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Chad is straight up one of my favorite human beings on this planet "
" Great reader! natural actress "
" Great specific notes! Very helpful! "
" Thank youuuu! great reader, awesome input! "
" Really helpful and a great reader!! "
" Awesome as always! "
" AMAZING! Chad is so much fun to work with. Great pointers on how to make the scene real. Such a good coach and reader. THANK YOU "
" CHAD CHAD CHAD CHAD CHAD. She's marvelous and generous and perspicacious and great. "
" Thank you so much Chad. Great advice and so personable! "
" Great as always! Thanks for the advice and good vibes! "
" Awesome as always "
" Fantastic actor & such a great energy "
" First time working with her was amazing, but second time was even better. so thank you. "
" She was lovely thank you! "
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" Chad was great!! Great spirit, great essence, nice detective work. I liked playing with her :) "
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" AMAZING! I loved Chad and her ability to be so thorough with material. She gave so many pointers, was an amazing and reliable reader, and most importantly, instilled confidence in my decisions. Again, thank you so much Chad! "
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" So Sweet!!! Loved reading with her and getting to know her! "
" Brilliant reader, fabulous notes and such a lovely person! "
" So supportive and full of ideas!! Truly the best!! Thanks, Chad!! "
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" OMG. Chad has seriously the best energy. So calming and comforting. Anytime I need a female reader, she will be my GO TO <3 "
" Chad is SO GREAT! Cannot recommend more highly! "
" Chad was very professional! Her experience came in handy, and she gave me the perfect note that nailed it. Thank you Chad, and I hope this my out of town trip is worth being cancelled :(.....;) "
" Chad is simply THE BEST. She puts you at ease and encourages you without telling you how she thinks it should be done. BRILLIANT ALWAYS!! Thank you!! "
" Chad! I couldn't have gotten through this evening/morning without you. Thank you! "
" Very convincing as a patient! LOL Thank you so much for your help. See you next time! :) "
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" Sought out Chad for her expertise and she delivered! Thank you so much for your insights! Will book again! "
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" SO lovely always "
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" Chad is amazing! She completely understand the work that needs to be done and has endless patience. Thank you. "
" Chad is a phenomenal actor and has great observations and feedback that really helped me get the best takes for my audition. Thank you as always Chad!! "
" Awesome.!!Such a great reader. Great directions and super helpful. Highly Recommend!! "
" Chad is awesome! really helped me get into the emotions of the scene. hope to tape again with her soon "
" She was very helpful and professional! :) "
" THE BEST! So helpful!! "
" Soooo wonderful!!!! "
" Simply The Best!!! Chad is amazing, great reader ,great notes and great energy.Just amazing, thank you!!X "
" Helped me bring life into a monologue. Gave me a lot of actionable exercises to ground myself and get myself out of some of the patterns I'd worked myself into. "
" I LOVE working with Chad. Here presence always brings out my magic! Thank you Chad!! "
" <3 "
" Chad is the best!! Such a wonderful and grounding presence "
" Awesome!!! So great and patient and great to work with "
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" Chad is AMAZING! Love working with her. Warm and comfortable room and has great advice. "
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" So good! Makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable, so the scene really feels natural and grounded in reality. You need to book her! "
" Always great with Chad! Great instincts! "
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" The. Best. Always my fave reader on here. "
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" Chad is a wonderful actor and so fun to bring a scene to life with! I can always rely on supportive feedback and helpful notes! "
" Chad made herself available... Having trouble with the wifi on my end but home to re-convene soon "
" Thank you so much for reading with me! so calm and reassuring - great actress - confident and experienced "
" So helpful and complimentary! I'll be back again. :) "
" Chad is amazing and very smart and knows her stuff!!! "
" The best. "
" The best so far. Her breakdown and the way she fully immerses herself in the character brings out the best in you. Highly recommended! "
" Thank you so much! "
" Great reader, quickly adapted to what I needed! "
" An excellent reader who's thoughtful suggestions helped unlock the material "
" Lovely giving reader! "
" Awesome to work with! Love her voice. "
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" Chad was so helpful, kind, and really has a good eye when it comes to what a scene needs. Highly recommend! "
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" Chad was wonderful to work with! Great suggestions to make the scene work better! "
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" Awesome reader! Very fun doing a Sex and the City scene "
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" Thank you so much for helping me crank out an awesome audition!! "
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" She's awesome as always! So compassionate and an amazing cheerleader. She is so patient and will make sure you take your time and do whatever you need to do! love reading with her! "
" Wow ! she really helped me with a audition it was great ! fingers crossed for the call back ! "
" Great session. Chad is a great reader. She is a talented actress who knows what is required for Network TV auditions. She is a great acting coach and helped me analyze the script, break it down. she reenforced my good work. She gives very good notes. She is a comfortable person to work with and easy to talk to. I highly recommend Chad as a reader and as a coach. "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Great! Calm & informative. Thanks for your help! "
" Chad is always great to read with and most all, collaborate with. Has great insight and ideas and down to earth "
" It always feels right to read with her. Mature and kwoledgeable! Thank you so much!! "
" Chad was a great reader and offered great suggestions as well. Super helpful and patient! I will definitely book her again! "
" Chad was wonderful to work with. She is so present and connected and truthful that it makes it easy to drop into character. Her notes and direction were excellent and I will definitely work with her again. "
" Chad is an amazing reader and a glorious human. Very easy to work with. Would definitely work with again. NOT the Australian country singer Chad Morgan :) "
" Helped me really thread my scene together and give me a clear perspective on my scene! Made it easier and more freeing "
" She is so great!!!!! "
" Great reader very professional and skilled "
" Chad was great! Great suggestions to change up the scene a bit and get a different look. "
" Chad thank you so much for joining me in the space of theses scenes. I really appreciate you. Also, thank you for my new theme song!! I love it!! See ya next time. "
" Amazing!What a fantastic reader!really helpful' great ideas and wonderful energy.thank you chad!Xxxx "
" Chad was so lovely and an amazing reader.Great energy and great to discuss ideas and direction with.Thank you!!!XXX "
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" Amazing human and amazing reader!!! I am now officially a fan of We Audition after one session with Chad! "
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" Perfect! Really natural. Clearly a talented actor and picked up the sides immediately. And also just a lovely person. "
" Worked with a scene over 3 days. great advice and super chill. "
" Always a pleasure "
" Great to work with her. Pure relaxed and ready to help when you ask. Definitely work with her "
" She's wonderful, insightful, and generous! "
" Excellent reader! So encouraging and kind. "
" One of the best readers I’ve had! Very helpful and patient! "
" Wonderful actress, greta instincts and really helpful notes!! "
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" Great session, thanks for your help Chad :) "
" Wonderful actress . Smart. creative.supportive.Loving!! "
" Thank you Chad! Excellent reader helped me knock out a self-tape quickly with just a couple of takes. Certainly recommend and hope to read with her again. "
" Picked up the script and the character so fast and easily! She definitely knows her stuff, and was very sweet and supportive throughout. You won't regret reading with her! "
" So fun to work with and really helpful! Truly enjoyed our session! "
" Great!! "
" Great time and reading with Chad. She's lovely and insightful! Thank you "

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