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You need a reader? I want to help you shine. I enjoy reading and I'm happy to read with you and provide you with feedback if that's what you desire.

Hi! I'm Quinceé. The second syllable sounds like the third syllable in Beyoncé. So, that's pronounced KWIN-SAY; If you were curious.

I like to think of myself as a "Woman of the world". I studied performing in Los Angeles and recently returned to Great Britain to continue this magical journey! I'm prepared to read with you in an American or British Accent; though I wasn't born in either of these places. I'm originally from a group of islands known as Bermuda. [No, not the triangle. As far as I know that's a myth.] So if ever that accent is required, I've got that accent on deck too!

I've been creating and performing since I was a little girl, but did my first community theatre performance at 13 years old. Since then, I haven't stopped pursuing this beautiful dream that we share.

Are you ready? Let's go! I'm excited to meet you and watch you succeed.


Also, you are more than welcome to send me a message on Instagram to request time in advance. IG - @quinykdill

Quinceé Kaya Dill is a Bermuda born British actress, writer, voiceover artist, and producer. She has just returned from Bermuda where she worked on a short film. Most recently, Quinceé introduced acting to primary aged children in a new summer youth programme, called Centre Stage, provided by Bermuda's Department of Youth, Sport, and Recreation.

Quinceé is currently unrepresented and can be contacted by email at quinykdill@gmail.com

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" So kind and such a helpful reader! "
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" Had to make unique animal noises that the script called for and did a fantastic job at it. :) "
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" Patient and there for you! "
" Lovely reader "
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" I enjoyed my experience! appreciated her patience and her instruction. "
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" Quincee was amazing! She took on a long tape very patiently and with super helpful observation that truly made my takes better. Thank you Quincee! "
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" Quincee is a great reader and very helpful! "
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" A great reading partner! Amazing energy to bounce off. "
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