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Hey! I'm Lizzie

I’ve been a professional acting coach and teacher since 2013, and love what I do so much! I have a friendly approach and will always encourage actors to go deeper in their work, with previous clients booking feature films, TV series, and getting acceptances to drama schools.

I’ve taught at:

Acting for Screen - Acting for Stage - Self Taping - Emotional Connection to Character - Improvisation for character development - Improvisation for writing and collaboration - Working with challenging scripts - Text Analysis - Altered States - Creating Backstory - The spiritual approach to acting - How to direct actors for directors - Set Etiquette - and more!

My training:

Brown University - BA Theatre Arts and Performance Studies - 4 year degree
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama - MA Acting for Screen - 1 year degree
Larry Moss Intensives
Bob Krakower
Miriam Lucia (Acting coach for House of Dragon, Industry etc)
Mel Churcher (British celebrity coach - message me if you want an intro!)

Where you come in...

Let's smash your audition! Or you can book me for general coaching as well, which I LOVE, and I have plenty of scripts on hand to play with. My areas of specialism are acting for screen, self-taping, text analysis, emotional connection to character, and character development. If there's something specific you want to work on though we can come up with a plan or tailored syllabus, as that’s what I'm always doing for the masterclasses I teach in drama schools. Let me help you keep your acting muscles flexing and grow!

Get in touch...

To set up appointments please either email (this is also my paypal email) or whatsapp message +447473121412! I have good availability on weekdays in particular. I’m looking forward to meeting you and doing some great work.

Love, Lizzie x

p.s. Here's my showreel

I'm a twice-trained British actress with a BA in Theatre Arts from Ivy League Brown University, and an MA in Acting for Screen at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Recent TV includes Call The Midwife (Netflix, BBC, PBS), and Doctors (BBC).
Latest features include Book of Monsters (Sky, Amazon and iTunes), The Good Neighbour (Amazon), and Faith - which is due for release in 2022.

I have two Best Actress awards, and plenty of experience on stage as well as what you see above. I've played some great roles such as Nora Helmer in Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House, Eliza Doolittle in Shaw's Pygmalion, Katisha in The Mikado, the titular role in Lulu by Frank Wedekind, and most recently Leona Dawson in Tennessee Williams's Confessional at The Southwark Playhouse. Press and reviews can be found at;

Thanks for reading!

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324 Reader Reviews

" Brilliant, great reader, fun and really good notes. Definitely recommend. "
" Thank you my g "
" Lizzie was amazing and so helpful. Thanks for a really enjoyable session x "
" Brilliant as always "
" My go-to. An incredible eye, wonderful storyteller, great coach and amazing reader. Highly, highly recommend!! "
" Great experience. Lizzie dealt superbly with all of my self-tape negative chatter and helped me to get both the best physical self-tape setup and also the best performance. Worth every penny. "
" Lizzie, you were SO patient with me. Wow. I needed a lot of help with that scene and you delivered in spades. I can't thank you enough. Anyone out there looking for an amazing coach and scene partner, definitely need to try working with Lizzie :) "
" Patient, flexible, terrific! "
" This is your sign to book Lizzie. "
" Amazing!!! "
" Fantastic reader with a lot of really unique suggestions for trying out new takes on the character! Really a pleasure to work with!! "
" Fantastic ine very way "
" Lizzie is wonderful....very helpful to actors!! "
" That was fun! amazing directorial notes as always, much love x "
" I always come back to Lizzie as she's a great reader, full of great notes & te patience of a saint. Appreciate her every damn time. "
" Always come back to Lizzie for incredible coaching! And just the joy of playing with a gorgeous, talented human! Book her! "
" Lizzie's notes are PRO. She has clearly, clearly done this many times before and she knows how to suggest things to try in subsequent takes, in order to get varied and believable performances. You should work with Lizzie. "
" SO great at script analysis and at giving clear, specific , actable notes! Highly Recommend!! "
" Just joyful working with this one! Always offers great notes and so much fun to play with ! "
" One of my favorite readers here :) "
" Working with Lizzie is always a blast. "
" SO SO helpful! Very supportive and a great coach! Highly recommend! "
" What a great coach! gave insightful notes, was amazing working with her "
" It's always a blast working with Lizzie. Do yourself a favour and book her. "
" Professional & grounded. Thank you. "
" Wow! Lizzie is absolutely fabulous! I needed some outside eyes to help me craft a scene and she blew me away with her creativity and knowledge. 10/10! "
" Great reader, gave such valuable feedback! "
" Really great coaching and feedback. "
" Absolutely wonderful. Total Pro! "
" Da best "
" Amazing reader!!! "
" Amazing! Super helpful and pushed me to take risks! "
" Thank you Lizzie! amazing reader and patient. "
" Always leave our sessions confident "
" She corrected my eyeline which changed everything. A pro. "
" Great reader! "
" Thanks for your help! Really useful tips and insights :) "
" Fun and knowing "
" Lovely! Wonderful insight. Deepend the work. Will use Lizzie again for sure!!! "
" So helpful and so precise with her notes. "
" Great reader. Great Insight. "
" Lizzie was amazing!! I really felt like she brought out the best in me and was a delight to work with "
" Lizzie was amazing! A comfortable pro. Great idea for the scene as well. "
" Lizzie is wonderful! "
" Quick, great eye, and efficient. Exactly what I needed in the moment "
" Wowzers she is very talented reader and coach, high fives "
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" Lizzie is FANTASTIC!!! "
" Great reader and easy to work with! "
" Amazing Reader "
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" Absolutely fantastic reader! Gave me great notes and had a clear POV. Would highly recommend "
" Lizzie is absolutely AMAZING! Highly recommended! "
" Lizzie was a great partner and I love the input she gave to mix things up. Great energy too when I first met her. "
" Great reader! "
" Lizzie was absolutely fantastic! She was really helpful in her read as well as her detailed feedback! Thanks Lizzie! "
" Awesome thank you! The pause was perfect!!!! "
" Wonderful Analysis!!!! Helps break down the script so well! "
" AMAZING EXPERIENCE with this reader! Encouraged play and allowed me to make discoveries that really added to my tape. Will definitely be looking for Lizzie again! "
" So helpful and gave excellent notes! "
" Always great! "
" Excellent! Knows her craft. If you're stuck, Lizzie can help you. Definitely recommend! "
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" A+ !!! So so so helpful w/ script analysis w/ a super abstract scene. "
" Superb! I definitely recommend Lizzie "
" A+++++ "
" Two words... THE BEST!!! :) Thanks Lizzie x "
" 💯 "
" Lizzie is the absolute best. I had a huge job ahead of me: understudy, three roles, English accents, lots of physicality. Lizzie had encouragement, ideas, smart notes and patience. Can't wait to work with her again! "
" SUCH incredible coaching & reading work!!! Would love to work with her again~ "
" Super helpful, extremely patient and an amazing reader! I will definitely work with her again! "
" Lizzie is the best, had a recall for our last tape so it made sense to come back to the master. "
" Always a blast working with Lizzie :) "
" The absolute BEST! "
" Brilliant, in-depth perspective to make the scene come alive. "
" My best kept secret. The most open, honest, and talented coach I’ve found on WeAudition. I’ve booked multiple things while working with her. "
" Best of the best. Worth every penny. So many tips, ways to unlock the scene. Makes you feel properly prepared. "
" Lizzie is such a great scene partner & knows exactly how to bring out your goodie-ness. Book her = Book the job (we hope). "
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" Everything I needed and more! Highly recommend "
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" Lizzie, is FANTASTIC. a bright would and a delight to have worked with. Always great seeing a fellow Larry Moss workshop member. "
" 10/10 "
" Generous Reader, thank you! "
" Thank you "
" Always find new depths in my sessions with Lizzie. Fantastic, specific notes. Excellent reader. Highly recommend! "
" Awesome reader and coach! "
" AMAZING!!! "
" The best "
" AMAZING!!! She's incredbile "
" Very impressive on multiple levels and really excellent, thoughtful notes and ideas. "
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" Amazing !!! so knowledgable and patient and great notes "
" AMAZING!!! "
" Great notes, super smart and kind, with a wealth of knowledge "
" Great! My new go to. Such good notes and offers so many ways into the work. "
" Sooo helpful! Lizzie is great to work with. "
" Oh i felt stuck and that was super helpful, thank you! "
" AWESOME coach. As far as notes and direction, the best I have found on the site. Also a fantastic reader. She is offering top notch coaching on here, she knows her shit. Hire her! "
" Excellent Reader! Highly Recommend! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Love her! "
" Lizzie had some very creative ideas to make this scene very nuanced. Really enjoyed working with her. Thank you. "
" Great reader with a wealth of knowledge! "
" Lizzie is a gift from up high. Thank you for your exercises and prompts to get me 'there.' "
" Lizzie is my go-to person. A very relaxed and gifted coach. I've grown a lot from our work together. "
" Great. As always! "
" Really really lovely reader. Grounded. Picked up the material immediately. Could take my notes and also had great suggestions of her own. Would absolutely use her again! "
" 😍 "
" So kind and helpful. Great ideas for working character! Thanks Lizzie!!! "
" Lizzie rules :) "
" Lizzie is beyond incredible!!!! I prayed to log on and connect with an artist who loves what we do. BOOM!!! There she was. THANK YOU for keeping me grounded and connected:-) "
" One of my favs!! Lizzie always has such great notes!! Thank you :) "
" Always great! "
" Thanks, Lizzie! "
" Absolutely wonderful! Very kind, open hearted and she knows her stuff! I had a great session. Thank you. "
" Awesome and Fabulous in every way! "
" Sublime as ever "
" Really ... REALLY ... good reader and great insights into my scenes. Totally got me out of my comfort zone in a way that led me to be more creative and better in the scenes than I ever would have done doing it in my usual way. Thank you Lizzie! "
" The best "
" It’s always a pleasure working with Lizzie. So full of knowledge and grace. "
" Seriously amazing. I've booked roles from our work together. Highly recommend. "
" Great notes, great read "
" What fab advice! Thank you Lizzie x "
" Lizzie's amazing! Not only a great reader, but she really helped coach me during an emotional scene as that's her specialty. Definitely recommend her! "
" Thank you, Lizzie! It was a pleasure reading with you. Lizzie was personable, kind, and'll enjoy reading with Lizzie! "
" Thank you so much Lizzie!! Appreciate you going over time for me so graciously :) "
" Thank you! "
" I worked with Lizzie on a self tape. She helped me get to a natural performance and was a tremendous help with the accent also. "
" Emmy winning reader "
" Absolutely fantastic. helped me flesh out images and beats and total pro with script analysis. thank you!! "
" Lizzie is a very natural reader. She understood the relationship, pace and tone of my text right away. She gave notes that were helpful, and she was super respectful to ask if I even wanted notes. I highly recommend working with Lizzie and I will definitely book with her again. "
" Great reader! On point so experienced! She pushed me to do better ! "
" Very professional. Really generous. Her feedback was so helpful and on point. It was pleasure working with her. "
" Absolutely Amazing, as always. "
" Thanks! "
" Great reader! "
" Nice kind professional! "
" GREAT COACH! She’s my new secret weapon "
" Amazing as always!! "
" I Love working With Lizzie, she always offers me a challenge when we work together and is always pushing me to find the connections I need to meet with the characters and scripts. Check her out for coaching! "
" The best! "
" Sooooo patient! Always happier with my work after playing with her. Book her!! "
" Excellent as always!!! "
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" Well, I just found my person. Lizzie is brill......wait for it....iant. BRILLIANT! "
" I honestly can't find the words. An actor's actor, a kind director/coach, a curious and playful partner in discovery, and such a cool human. Feeling so grateful to have connected and HAPPY with the work we've done together. Book her. BOOK.HER. She'll elevate your work and spirit. Thanks Lizzie. You're on speed dial (jk) "
" Such an empathetic, present, patient and generous coach and reader. Was really struggling with a self-tape and Lizzie helped me work my way through it with great acting and life notes. Will work with her again. Soon, I hope! "
" She’s great at everything! Comedy or drama — she’ll help you nail it. "
" 10/10 "
" 10/10 "
" Excellent reader. She always gives me what I need! "
" So, so wonderful! "
" Lizzie is one of the best coaches on this platform. Want to knock your audition out of the ballpark? Try her! "
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" The BEST Shakespeare Coaching I have ever experienced on WeAudition - A DELIGHT. "
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" 88 "
" Simply the best! Her energy, her notes, her patience. 10/10 "
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" LOVE working with Lizzie. She’s one of the best coaches I’ve encountered on Weaudition. Try her! "
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" Lizzie is AMAZING! Great coach and reader. Her notes really helped me nail the scene. "
" Lizzie is an amazing reading! Fantastic session! "
" Rock star! "
" I absolutely love working with Lizzie. A year ago I wasn't all that confident in my performances in general. and I feel I've progressed so much with her guidance. to the point where I am performing in a variety of accents. if you haven't already worked with Lizzie I whole heartedly recommend that you do! "
" Fantastic. New to the forum and enormously helpful. And excellent reader, and a terrific actress to boot. Thanks "
" Great, patient help. Thank you ! "
" Always great working with Lizzie, fun and productive. "
" Amazing as always "
" The BEST! Gives such great advice :) "
" Very helpful and insightful when it comes to finding fun moments in the scene :) "
" Love x "
" Awesome, as always! "
" One of the best readers I've had and was instrumental in helping me with my audition! Love her!!!! "
" Amazing coach!! Her ability to work on intense and sensitive material with such specificity and powerful notes made me so happy with my tape! Can't wait to work with her again soon, thanks so much Lizzie!! "
" Once again, amazing and helpful!! "
" She's awesome! Great energy and kindness! "
" Working with Lizzie was helpful and fun!! Highly recommend :) "
" A+ reader! Supportive and gives great suggestions. :) "
" Amazing as always! "
" Wonderful! Incredibly helpful and insightful! "
" Awesome! I immediately felt comfortable and able to play. She gave me specific insight, things that were working and things that weren't (plus suggestions on how to fix them) and helped me navigate the scene. Can't wait to work with her, again! "
" Lizzie is the coach/reader you want on this platform!! Kindness, patience, excellent notes! Highly recommend! "
" AMAZING! Incredibly insightful, clear and GREAT energy. A true pro, thank you! "
" Lizzie is Fantastic!! Loads of teaching experience and a great eye. Her notes helped to add nuance and layers to my audition - thanks Lizzie! "
" Lizzie was a huge help! She's lovely, attentive and has great insights! "
" Wonderful reader! so sweet and kind. made me feel super comfortable. "
" So lovely and friendly!!! Thank you so much for this! Book her! "
" As always Lizzie is a fantastic Coach. I feel I have come a long way working with her regularly! I cannot recommend working with her enough! "
" 👌🏼 "
" ♥️ "
" Always amazing "
" 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 "
" Lizzie is wonderful to work with. She's a teacher and her knowledge shows. She's going to make a great director one day! "
" The best! "
" Thumbs up infinity "
" Endless waterfalls of praise "
" She is a great reader! Thank you! "
" The best "
" The One "
" Great reader/coach who helped me break down the scenes into beats and discussed the character breakdown, so my actor tendencies weren't shining through where the character's thoughts needed to be. Thank you!! "
" Lovely as always! "
" Where do I start! Lizzie is absolutely AMAZING, I've trained with some amazing coaches and she could honestly go toe to toe with any of them. As you all know, auditioning is a skill of its own and she is so knowledgeable of it. 100000% satisfied- BOOK HER! "
" Lizzie is the BEST! I highly recommend working with her, she's always got the right pointers to help me improve my takes on scripts and to help me to connect to characters! Check her out! "
" Thank you!! "
" Lizzie is a genuinely talented, generous and astute director, actress and writer. Her observations for my tape were super helpful and she will be my first port of call for future opportunities and auditions. Highly recommend. "
" Lizzie is excellent! I was so nervous about self taping, but she really put me at ease and helped me bring out my best performance. Very friendly and easy to work with. Her advice and feedback were greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with her again. "
" Lizzie is always great to work with. She has such a good understanding of text and detail. She's also just a lovely supportive person! "
" Its a pleasure to work with Lizzie! She works with me on a range of scripts and has helped me to significantly improve my ability and tune my skills with working on different characters! "
" A++++ "
" Really helpful as always! xx "
" So helpful! Thank you so much Lizzie will definitely use again. Best DG "
" Lizzie is a fantastic coach, she always has a Great attitude, and it really feels like she's working WITH you rather than just directing, which I think is the sign of a great teacher! "
" Thank u!!!!! awesome! "
" A++++++ Incredible feedback. Amazing coach. Great reader! "
" Really great reader!!! "
" Always great working with Lizzie, great energy, great notes 110% every time. Highly recommended. "
" Lizzie brought so much experience to the scene. I wanted some coaching and she delivered with some great emotional prep. Lizzie is highly trained and knows her stuff. Highly recommend her! "
" Great reader and AMAZING feedback! She helped my dissect and analyze my sides to create a whole backstory so that I could better understand my character. "
" AH-MAAAAAZING coach and reader. Literally. Work with her. "
" Lizzie is amazing! Great notes, so helpful, great reader! Book her! "
" Loved this session so so much :) Thank you Lizzie! We are homies now haha :) "
" Gave my scene LIFE. So sweet and has great ideas, THANK YOU! "
" Lizzie was wonderful for my scene rehearsal. She had lots of creative suggestions for rehearsing the scene and was a pleasure to work with. "
" Working with lizzie is always a highlight of my week! "
" I Always look forward to working with Lizzie! I feel like I've progressed a lot in the time I've spent with her! Highly recommend as always! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Love working with Lizzie and she was super helpful in this tricky scene! "
" Great to work with Lizzie. Great suggestions that played well with the scene! Would love to work with her again. "
" Lovely to work with :) Its about time I got to read with Lizzie! "
" Lizzie is awesome as always! Great reader, Great notes! Thank you soo much! "
" I always look forward to working with Lizzie, Her coaching has helped me to improve vastly in my abilities and confidence! "
" Loved working with Lizzie! She is so kind and helpful! We worked through an audition and went over some lines for another project of mine. Lizzie had great insight and made me feel so comfortable and capable. She's a great sounding board for ideas too! "
" Lizzie is awesome as always, full of so many thoughtful notes & ideas to get to the heart of the text & characters. "
" Thanks for another great session "
" Lizzie is a great reader - incredibly generous and supportive, with helpful notes. Thanks. "
" Lizzie is my go to scene partner! She is the queen of script analysis! Highly recommend her for anyone! "
" Wow. Spectacular reader! Breakdowns are on key! "
" FANTASTIC! Lizzie is a great reader. She gave me value-added specific notes that made a difference! "
" I can always trust in Lizzie to bring my tapes to the next level! She is amazing! Please do yourself a favour and book her! you won't regret it! "
" So great and helpful!! "
" Working with Lizzie on a regular basis is a treat, I always look forward to the next lesson! I cannot recommend her enough. Lizzie always brings a brilliant energy to her sessions. An absolute pleasure as always. "
" Fabulous as always!! She's a fantastic coach. I love all the detailed feedback she gives. Thank you so much for all your help xxx "
" Great! "
" Lizzie was amazing as always, She saved my life helping me with this urgent self tape! Thank you soo much! She is so insightful and gives amazing suggestions! You can always count on her to make your tape the best it can be! "
" Always a pleasure, great fun today :) Thank you! "
" Once again thank you Lizzie! "
" So helpful and such a great energy! Thank you Lizzie!! I'll come back! "
" Great notes! "
" Lizzie is awesome, can always rely on her to give me her energy, enthusiasm & encouragement. "
" Lizzie is so thoughtful and an excellent coach. I loved working with her! "
" Lizzie is an amazing reader, she grasps the essence of the scene instantly and help elevate it to a higher realm! Thank you soo much! "
" Lizzie is so great to play a scene with, she is so givining & full of great ideas. Thank you , thank you. "
" Working with Lizzie is honestly so wonderful, she is so generous, thoughtful, intuitive & full of great ideas. "
" Lizzie is so great, se puts you at ease, is full of great ideas & gives life to the scene as a reader. "
" Wonderful session! she had so many great suggestions! "
" Thanks again Lizzie for a great read! "
" Lizzie was really friendly, gave good notes and was a great reader! "
" Lizzie was truly an amazing reader. She was able to deliver the lines effectively while also providing super helpful, positive tips for getting enveloped in the scene. Would absolutely read with her again any time! "
" Lizzie is incredible! Really helps you break down the scene and find specific moments. Thank you :) "
" Amazing reader "
" Absolutely Phenomenal!! Thank you!! "
" Fabulous as always!! Thank you so much for all your help xxx "
" Lizzie gives such helpful notes and is very easy and fun to work with! "
" Always a pleasure to learn from Lizzie, Shes a fantastic coach, and shes always got a positive attitude! "
" Excellent!!!!!! "
" Wow! Her breakdowns are incredible. A lovely person to read with! "
" Love Lizzie. Great notes and ideas! Thank you very much for your time. "
" So happy I requested Lizzie for a rehearsal today! She works so in-depth and precise! Giving notes to help create a nuanced performance and sharing useful acting exercises to create that character! Totally recommend her for rehearsing any material! Thank you Lizzie! "
" Super helpful "
" She is absolutely fantastic! "
" LOVE working with Lizzie! She has such great insight and ideas to apply. Highly recommended! "
" Great stuff, as always "
" Great. Lizzie was very helpful. "
" No rehearsal as reader's video was unable to load. "
" Great coaching tips from Lizzie. I had asked for a bit of help, and she came through in spades! "
" Lizzie is a rock star! Definitely knows what she's doing- has an incredible natural ability and when it comes to script analysis she knows how to apply it quickly and efficiently! Highly recommended! "
" Lizzie was extremely helpful and provided many great insights. I'd never used WeAudition for assistance with script/character analysis before, but I'm glad I did. I'm even more happy that I choose Lizzie, and will certainly do so again. "
" Always a pleasure to work with Lizzie, I absolutely recommend arranging to read with her if you are searching to better yourself and your abilities. "
" She is a great reader and coach. She really knows her stuff. "
" Lizzie is an incredible coach!! Helped me find and tweak moments in the scene. Thank you :) "
" Lizzie is fantastic :) "
" Lizzie is a fantastic coach, she has provided me with invaluable incites into how to read more information from lines as well as taking directions. Her instructions and suggestions are clear and really helpful, she is friendly and kind and a pleasure to work with, I look forward to working with her again. "
" It was lovely working with Lizzie. We had a fun reading and she is very open with her approach and makes you look at different perspectives of the scene. I would definitely read again with her! "
" Lizzie was great to work with! She was very supportive and helpful. It was great to hear her suggestions and direction on aspects of the script I hadn't considered. Would highly recommend and look forward to working with her again! "
" Totally painless. Great reader. "
" So sweet and fabulous notes!! She also recommended some great resources. Will definitely use you again! "
" Amazing reader and acting coach! Excellent! Really lovely to work with and gave me lots of useful tips! We covered both contemporary and Shakespeare monologues. I’ve learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the session. Looking forward to working with Lizzzie again in the future x "

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