Sam Russell

Hello! I'm a British actress working in TV, Film and Corporate and would love to help others rehearse or get their self-tape down, just like I've been helped by other readers on this platform.

Happy to do whatever you need me to do - just read, support, give suggestions etc. It's your session! I'm usually time-rich so don't worry too much about the timer, it's important you get the take you need!

If it helps I speak Spanish and Portuguese fluently and a little French, and can do US/Oz accents in case that's important for any reason.

If I'm not appearing as online, drop me a message to either of the following places to get my attention or to pre-book a session.
Twitter: SatineCM
Insta: samr_warksfit

Whilst I don't charge a fee for reading, a review is always very much appreciated, thank you!

Sam is a British actress working in TV, Film and Corporate. Full details are available on Spotlight including show reel and agent details at:


48 Reader Reviews

" Sam is so wonderful, giving, and has great ideas. I love taping with her, "
" Sam helped me book CALL THE MIDWIFE! She spent so much time and energy helping me elevate my performance across two sessions, helping me secure my first ever Netflix and PBS guest lead. I am so eternally grateful for the part she's played in my journey and I'm sure she can help you similarly. A great human and a great artist. Thank you so much Sam! "
" Excellent reader. Very adaptable. "
" A wonderful, kind, professional reader! "
" Great working with Sam as always, encouraging, awesome & full of greta ideas. "
" Amazing reader ! "
" Absolutely brilliant reader, gave me space to do my own thing and had some really good ideas on how to lift my performance "
" Sam was so nice and very helpful, with great ideas and feedback. I will definitely ask her to read with me again and would very much recommend her as a reader. "
" Twice in a row!! Amazing! soooo much help! "
" Sam is a delightful reader - Wonderful energy :) "
" Really great notes! So helpful! Brilliant! "
" Superb reader "
" Sam is the absolute best! My go-to reader. Really gave me some great ideas today that opened up the scene in a way I hadn’t seen it before. "
" Sam is honestly such a wonderful, wonderful talented reader. She’s so patient, does all the characters justice, and has great insights. Given me great tips for some quite challenging scenes... I’m so grateful, self taping feels so much less lonely and of a challenge with her on my side! "
" Sam is a legend - super helpful, patient and loads of great ideas. Thank you Sam :) "
" Pro reader "
" Sam is the best!!! She is extremely kind and helpful. Gave wonderful notes. USE HER!!!! Utter brilliance! "
" Absolutely amazing. Worked with me and gave great feedback, really helped to get my best performance "
" Working with Sam is always a privilege. In seconds she was able to do an English and American accent, helping me hugely with eye lines and she gets straight down to business as always. Thank you Sam! Can't wait to read with you again soon. "
" Sam is such a wonderful reader. Second day in a row we’ve worked together... I come back as she always helps me elevate my performance! Do yourself a favour and book her! "
" Sam is an absolute legend. She was so patient and generous with her time while I prepped and filmed a hefty 4-part tape. Gave a great read (I knew she would) and useful pointers to get me thinking about the scene in new ways. Will definitely be booking her again! "
" Easy to work with and a great reader! "
" What a lovely lady and so good to read with. It was my first time using this system and she was very helpful, also suggesting some good ideas to take the scene a different way. Thanks so much! "
" Sam is AMAZING! A great reader, flexible, personable and supportive. I really appreciate your giving of your time, energy and talent. Thank you!!! "
" Wow. I really loved working with Sam. She's a really good, generous actor and was so easy to act off of. Such a joy. Very present and supportive. "
" Working with Sam is one of my favourite things to do. She understands scene analysis, cold reading and acting in the moment. So pleased she exists on this platform. An all round wonderful human! Thank you Sam! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome working with Sam again! Very grateful for her time and commitment to the scene. "
" Great reader and helpful! Thank you "
" This is the perfect partner for any of your scenes! The most patient, thoughtful and talented reader, I would use Sam again in a heartbeat! What a legend! "
" Sam is great! Highly recommend. "
" Sam was incredibly helpful! Very experienced and kind and has great ideas! Thank you :) "
" Sam is a great reader! Thank you for helping me get these auditions on their feet. "
" Sam is so great at really getting into the scene & giving you loads to work off of. Thank you. "
" Pleasant to work with. "
" Pleasant and helpful. "
" Excellent, Patient. Great reader!!! "
" Absolutely brilliant!Sam was a great reader, full of great ideas and a fantastic energy. Thank you!Xx "
" Very friendly, great feedback. "
" I loved working with Sam! "
" Sam is great, so much fun to play a scene with, full of great ideas & super supportive. Thank you. "
" Awesome reader thank you so much! "
" Great reader and chilled energy "
" Sam was an excellent reader. Would highly recommend and would definitely work with her again! "
" Such a great reader! Loved her energy! Thank you Sam "
" Sam was so awesome and so patient, the best reader who bailed me out of a pinch. Thank you SAM! "
" Sam is great and friendly! "

Credits Include

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Wonder Woman 1984
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Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga
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I May Destroy You
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White House Farm
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2018 [IMDB]
Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators
TV Series
2018 [IMDB]
Johnny English Strikes Again
Swedish Prime M
2017 [IMDB]
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2016 [IMDB]
Doctor Strange
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2016 [IMDB]
Nurses Who Kill
TV Series docu
2007 [IMDB]
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