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Hi there,
I’m an UK actress in London with bases in Lanarkshire -Scotland,
Belfast -Northern Ireland, Carlingford - Ireland and on the Isle of Wight.

I have loved and embraced a wonderful career in musical theatre, working around the world and in the London's Westend. The past couple of years I have thrown myself in the world of screen, both in front and behind the camera!

I love reading, discovering, collaborating and meeting new creative minds …
Happy to read for auditions and self-tapes, to offer my thoughts or helpful encouragement in the moment.... if that's what you need. :)

I have chosen to read for tips to help and be accessible to all. On occasion between jobs, paying lots for a reader can be an added stress or distraction from the audition, we could do without.
So drop me a request, I'd love to meet you and help you smash that audition or line memorising.
If you can, then please do pay something for my time.

Many Thanks and See you Soon

If you would like to set up a certain time to rehearse, drop a message or an email with 'WeAudition' in the subject.
Twitter: @CarolynMaitland
Instagram: CarolynMaitland

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Hi there,
I’m a UK actress based in London with bases in Lanarkshire, Scotland, Belfast, Northern Ireland and Carlingford, Ireland.

My CV shows predominantly lead roles in theatre. But most importantly that I am a keen storyteller!

I love collaboration and meeting new creatives…
I’m always up for readings of new plays, screenplays and musicals… I act and also sing :)

I’m ready to take on more screen work, shorts, features and dramas as my career momentum has
kept me busy on the stage for some time now.
There is so much great writing out there I’m dying to get stuck into.

So connect with me and let’s tell those stories.

Global Artists - Agent: Peter Bliss

133 Reader Reviews

" This was a really tough scene, and I knew I could depend on Carolyn to help me address it in a very safe way, and yet encourage me and help me get the best performance. She did not disappoint! "
" Can’t get enough! "
" She’s so good she always encourages me (ever so gently) to get the best out of me and I’m very grateful for it... she suggested we do one more take and we found the gold as a result. It’s really important to have friends like this you help you do your best, know you inside out, and hold you accountable to your talent. I’m so grateful! "
" The best! She’s so dedicated she got up at seven in the morning for me. I’m very grateful. "
" I hate to be repetitive, but Carolyn is just an amazing reader! I trust her completely! Thank you "
" Always love having Carolyn as my reader! She is great, smart and a great coach! Thank you! "
" Carolyn was lovely! Really helped with trying some different options. "
" She’s gonna have to start paying me to stop requesting her. "
" Carolyn is fantastic. Great notes which elevated the performance. THANK YOU! "
" Actions speak louder than words. Just look how often I come back! "
" Wonderful! So helpful and great energy to work off "
" If you couldn’t tell by all my previous reviews I’m a fan! Just can’t get enough of taping with Carolyn! "
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" She is the absolute best! Cannot recommend her enough. Definitely book her!!! "
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" Always love love love Carolyn! She's one of my favorites on here because of her great feedback, excellent reading skills and bubbly personality! BOOK HER "
" I love how she pushed me to go the extra mile. Great scene partner "
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" Carolyn helped me breathe life into my tape!! The scene was fun but she helped me freshen it up and bring some play into it. I absolutely loved having her read with me - will definitely hit her up again! "
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" Love Carolyn, She's one of my favourite readers. always super engaged and super kind! Can only recommend her to everyone! "
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" Carolyn!!!! You're the best. You truly listened to my struggles with the scene and gave such sound redirections & gave me loads to play off of. Thank you so much :) "
" An absolute joy to work with. Super friendly, talented and helpful ideas. Thank you so much. "
" Wonderful reader, helpful, versatile, and brilliant. Top level. "
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" Carolyn is amazing. Supportive, thoughtful & a brilliant reader. I am so grateful everytime we work together. Thank you. "
" Carolyn is so helpful & has great instincts. Really puts you at ease & makes you feel comfortable... "
" I Wanted some help with my singing, I'm a total novice (full disclosure)! I had a fantastic time with Carolyn. she gave me some exercises to work on to help me to re-find the higher notes and also keep exercising my low notes. I am thoroughly looking forward to working with her again! "
" Always just brilliant!!! "
" Carolyn is lovely! So helpful and efficient "
" Carolyn was so friendly, professional and an excellent reader. I need to be off book and it was a success. Thank you Carolyn! "
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" Carolyn has such a great eye for directing, even over zoom. I was impressed at how quickly she got the sense of my script and character and was able to offer incredibly helpful notes and ideas. I'd love the opportunity to work with her again. "
" Fantastic!! Was a great help hearing my accent and correcting my lines!! "
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" Such a great and caring reader. Really helps me nail my tape! thank you! "
" I can 100% recommend Carolyn for your audition. Not only will she bring characterisation to bounce off but also she will offer valuable audition feedback (made even better by the fact that it is a self-tape of which you can do multiple takes) Thank you, Carolyn! "
" AWESOME. So generous and kind and super supportive. "
" Carolyn was awesome. She gave me exactly what I needed to work on my scene for class. By giving some helpful pointers, I was able to bring some new dimensions into the scene and create even better choices. A+! "
" Excellent reader! Very patient, helpful, and great energy "
" Thank you so much, Carolyn!! You're amazing!! "
" Again, easy work with, spot on notes. "
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" Carolyn is so generous & great for bouncing ideas off in order to work a scene. Thanks so much. "
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" Great fun! "
" Excellent reader!! Great person to bounce back ideas with. Thank you. "
" Always great! Thanks "
" Another great session with Carolyn, thank you! Nailed it :) "
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" Carolyn is wonderful! She's so generous with her time and her insight. We worked on a couple of scenes and she helped me get the best out of them. Highly recommended! "
" Great and Fun Reading! Thank you "

Credits Include

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Then, Now & Next | New British Musical showcase
Alex Shaw (LEAD)
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IMBAS | Short
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Outsider | Short
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The Son of Spies and Whispers | Short
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Forever Entirely Yours | Short | Post Production
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Anniversary - Proof of Concept Short
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The Version Of Me | Feature (In Production)
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RAGS the Musical
Rebecca Hershkowitz
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Annie the Musical
Grace Farrell
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GHOST the Musical
Molly Jensen
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Sally Bowles
2015 [IMDB]
Straight Up
2015 [added]
Ellen Scott
Forever Entirely Yours