John Honey

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upto 60 mins : $ 15.00

Hi, everyone, I'm an actor based in northwest Arkansas. I've been cast in dozens of commercials, industrials, plays, and films over the past fifteen years, and trained at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York.

I'd love to be your scene partner! I can help in finding the layers for a great scene arc, if you'd like, or just be your scene partner to bring out your best. I love the process, finding the color to bring out that will help you nail your best take.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

John Honey is an actor based in northwest Arkansas. He recently completed the summer conservatory at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City. John is SAG-Eligible and has acted in dozens of commercials, plays, industrials, and films.

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56 Reader Reviews

" Amazing! John was enthusiastic and so helpful with his suggestions for the scene. Had a fun session! "
" John was really helpful and patient! Great energy !! Will definitely use again ! "
" John helped me run lines and get off book! He was great! "
" Really helpful :) "
" Thanks for the help John! "
" Warm and enthusiastic reader. Offered a tip that really helped end the scene. Thanks, John! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Wow! What a great time -- and John helped add some much needed nuance to my performance. Thanks! "
" Wonderful energy, so kind, and really has fantastic instincts. Helped me play around with different ideas and made sure I hit all of my beats in the scene. Thank you! "
" Great reader! "
" John is a joy to work with. He is very encouraging and supportive, with valuable insights. I look forward to working with him again! "
" Thanks John! Infectiously enthusiastic reader! "
" John is always a great scene partner! It's great to catch up with someone in my region as well. Thank you John! "
" Great reader! John genuinely helped me tape a better audition! "
" Never worked with John! Any friend of Barry Clifton is a friend of mine. John's advice and suggestions were terrific. He came ready to play. Book him!! Thanks, John! "
" He's great! "
" Great! "
" John was excellent as usual. Always a pleasure to read with a fellow Arkansan!!! "
" So much fun working with John! Really brought out some extra layers in my scene. "
" Good reader with good suggestions. "
" John was great to read with. Wonderful actor and great presence. "
" John was awesome he really assisted me in choosing the right emotions to really bring out the realness in my character. would definitely recommend him! "
" John was great! Appreciated the suggestions and direction. "
" Great reader. Great at developing scene arcs. "
" Very nice and patient. Great feedback too "
" John is great as always!! "
" John was so energetic and helpful, as usual!!!!! "
" He has a great natural Arkansas or southern accent. He is full of joy and willing to support you. "
" John was awesome! Such a nice guy, with strong insights into the scene I was working on. Highly recommend. "
" Brought the character to life that I was reading with! Great insight! "
" Great notes and general direction "
" John was great to work with. Very comfortable room right off the top. Had some great suggestive adjustments that worked really well with the scene. Will definitely work with John again! "
" John was amazing!! 11/10 recommend "
" Versatile and so easy to work with! "
" Wonderful reader and offers excellent suggestions "
" Excellent "
" Wonderful reader! "
" John was amazing!!! So helpful and really invested in the scene "
" So kind, awesome notes, great reader! "
" John was very friendly and so easy to read with! "
" John was super to work with. That subtle Arkansas accent is absolutely the best! "
" Such a great reader, and provided great direction for various different takes! "
" Really helps you break down sides! "
" John was so nice and a perfect reader! Highly recommend him if you need help with your tapes. "
" Great reader! Extremely Helpful! Supportive and great to work with! "
" Great reader! Will book again! "
" Great reader. Good at script analysis. "
" John was wonderful to read with, had some great feedback which helped me nail the last take. Great listener too! "
" Super helpful, encouraging, nice, and great to work with! "
" Fun reader, very positive and great energy, even late at night! "
" John was great! Helped me with lighting and had good ideas for direction too. "
" Awesome and nice. "
" Fab actor really helpful and gave me really great suggestions. "
" So much fun! John is great! Thank you! "
" Very helpful during my technical difficulties!! "
" John was great! Thank you! "

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