Lea DiMarchi

NYC-based actor. BFA Acting Carnegie Mellon University. Acting coach for MTCA. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii.
I won't give notes/feedback unless asked! Here for you, however you need.


NYC-based actor. BFA Acting Carnegie Mellon University. Acting coach for MTCA. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii.


Agency: HCKR (NYC): 212-977-8502 Management: Namoff and Co (NYC): 646-705-0051

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" Lea is so great! The perfect actor to get together with and explore the scene. She's great at finding what's REALLY going on for the characters. Can't wait to book her again! "
" Lea is amazing! "
" Wow, what a lovely ready! really fantastic "
" Lea is fantastic! Book her! "
" Great patient reader!! Will book again! "
" Lea is incredible, she really helped me with a tricky monologue and helped me bring it to life! Thanks :) "
" The best!! Found ways to make my scene pop!! Thanks Lea :) "
" Thanks so much!! Lea really helps you get into the scene and find specific moments!! "
" Excellent reader! Super patient and kind and gives great notes. "
" Amazing to work with! Highly recommend! "
" Lea is a great reader and so great to work with. Thank you! "
" Lea is awesome! She helped me break down a scene and get off book for a CD workshop. "
" Lea is incredible! Picks up the scene right away. Warm and friendly. Thanks Lea! :) "
" Lea is wonderful!! Always committed to the scene. Thank you :) "
" Really helped me drill that American accent!! Thank you :) "
" Always a pleasure, jumps right in the scene with you. Thanks Lea :) "
" Honestly, one of the best Weaudition has! A very generous reader, supportive and guides you on the right direction. Thanks Lea :) "
" She's dope! Gives you great energy to help tackle your scene. Super patient. Really enjoyed working with her and am I looking forward to the next time. "
" The best!! So supportive and helpful. Thank you :) "
" My go to!! Thanks Lea, always got great input! "
" Lea is so great to work with, fanastic cold reader, great energy & such a thoughtful reader. An absolute pleasure. Thank you. "
" Lea is a wonderful reader! She was engaged and had great feedback. "
" The best!! Always so helpful and patient :) Thanks Lea!! "
" My go to for self tapes!! Really brings out the best work in you and gives great acting tips!! Thank you :) "
" The best on here!! Really knows how to bring a scene to life! "
" The best!! So kind and helpful :) "
" Fantastic once again! Thank you :) "
" The best! Really knows what the scene needs to make it come to life. Thanks lea!! "
" Lea always has great notes to give :) Thank you! "
" Lea is amazing, really helps shape the scene and pin points accent notes for me. Thank you! "
" One of the best, thanks Lea! "
" Super great and helpful "
" Lea is amazing, stuck with me for a long self tape session and her input is very valuable! Thank you :) "
" Lea is fantastic, very helpful and jumps into the story right away. Thank you! "
" Thank you so much Lea! Amazing reader and wonderful to work with. "
" Amazing as always!! Thank you :) "
" Lea is so helpful, great reader and helps tune in little moments. Thank you :) "
" Lea is fantastic, very helpful!! Thank you :) "
" Lea was such a great help and so courteous! Got me to where I needed to be for my self tape. I'm very appreciative. "
" Amazing reader, thanks so much!!! "
" Lea is so lovely and makes you feel very comfortable "
" Excellent reader! I was looking for someone to help read, bounce ideas off and play casting director. Lea was able to do it all! Great! "
" Super nice and helpful! "
" So sweet and patient! "
" Amazing session! Such a wonderful person. She was so helpful working on my American accent. Went through every sentence/word with me. Thank you! "
" WOW !!! Awesome reader. Great energy! Thank you so much. "
" Lisa is super great! "
" Lea might be the single best acting coach I have ever used! Her analysis of story helped me figure out the tone of the scene and the angle I should play, and it was greatly appreciated in the room! She is so funny, kind, and playful - 10/10, would recommend!!! "
" Lea is a lovely, warm & helpful reader. Pleasure to work with you! "
" Thanks Lea! Super fun reader, generous and available! "
" Very helpful! Good movement suggestions and constructive feedback. Thank you Lea! "
" Awesome reader, so kind and helpful and able to break down a scene well! Thank you! "
" Lea is the best, very helpful, knows her way around a script. Thank you!! "
" AMAZING!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! Talk Soon! Leydi "
" Lea is incredible, so supportive and helpful. Really picked up on specific moments that needed adjustment and helped me with my accent. Thanks Lea! "
" HELPFUL AF. Strong actress, warm human. So grateful. Thanks! "
" Great "
" BEYOND AMAZING!! She's the absolute loveliest. and so talented and generous. "
" Best "

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