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Hi guys! I'm an LA-based actress and I would love to be your reader! Absolutely love connecting, exploring, and expanding with you all on this amazing platform!

I am happy to help with whatever you need reading for -- running lines, self-tape, etc. Will do as many takes as you want and can offer feedback or not! I'm American, but can read with an excellent British or Southern accent if need be.

Through an incredible self-tape class I'm in at E.E.B. Studios, I've learned tons of tips -- from reading to production to character choices to props & quickly breaking down a scene :)

If I'm not online and you need me, feel free to DM me @concarlisquest or email me at

Happy acting and I look forward to reading with you! :)

All my best,

Hello and lovely to e-meet you!

I'm Carli, and I am here by way of New York City and the professional dance world, when on the set of Blue Bloods I discovered my true passion was in acting. I live for reading stories and telling them, and my illuminating personality shines through in my roles. I have most recently been studying self-taping , cold reading, and voiceover in classes with E.E.B. Studios.

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" So Lovely! Super patient kind and a great reader. Carli stayed up so late on another time zone to work with me. Thank-you Carli! "
" Amazing reader! Talented and fun to work with! "
" So so so lovely! Caught on super fast and was great at improv! "
" Carli was a great help! I needed a sounding board to help get a scene on it's feet, and she was a great collaborator. Thank you!!! "
" Carli was wonderful to work with!!! THANK YOU! "
" It was my Wi-Fi that went down …. But I think I got it. Thanks for your patience. "
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" ONe of the best readers i have read with. super clear. even gave me GREAT direction. "
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" Fantastic reader! Relaxed, fun, patient, and a really good call on an ending moment for the scene, that made it pop. "
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" Fantastic work and great actress. Picked up on small cues and really helped elevate my performance. SO happy. Thanks Carli! "
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" Friendly, sweet, and helpful. Thanks! "
" Just a real pleasure to meet and work with. "
" So Great!!!!! "
" Awesome! Carli is a great reader, has great input and insight! "
" Wonderful reader!! Gave suggestions and helped find the tone. Super helpful with getting off book! "

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