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Hi there! My latest role was in Lifetime's "Lies My Sister Told Me".

I train with Amy Lyndon. And I'm an alum of Beverly Hills Playhouse, UCB Advanced Study, Second City Conservatory, and I was on a house team at the Nursery in London. I love playing and doing the work to bring a script to life. Every day I'm learning lines, recording a self-tape, or putting a scene in front of people. And I just love making things work with a scene partner. So hit me up, I love to read!

I've directed commercial work for Amazon, been awarded for my film directing, On camera, I've appeared in The Good Place, Netflix's No Good Nick.

I spent most of my life in Jackson Hole, Wyoming snowboarding, mountain biking, and dirt biking. I've been loving life in LA. If you ever hiked Runyon and saw some idiot running up the trail, that could have been me :) I grew up near Boston.

How I can help you:
- I can read as your scene partner. I'll put energy and focus in my part to help fire your creativity and BRING OUT YOUR BEST PERFORMANCE
- I can rehearse as many times as you'd like to help you learn the part and help MAKE THE ROLE A PART OF YOU.
- I have directed commercial and short films. And, only if you ask, I can offer direction. I say "only if you ask", because my first goal is to be your scene partner and create a SAFE PLACE FOR YOU TO SHINE.

TO RESERVE (when I'm not online) message me on
Instagram @kevin.owyang

SOMETIMES... I forget to log off when I go to the store. If I DECLINE your request, it's only because I'm not at my computer. I try to make sure to logoff, but sometimes I forget.. sorry!!! So just in case you do receive a decline from me, know that it's only because I'm not at my computer. And sorry in advance!!!

New York & Los Angeles Local Hire
You can find me on stage performing at the Pico Theatre in March or at Beverly Hills Playhouse, Second City, or LA Acting Studios where I train.

I've directed commercial work for Amazon, been awarded for my film directing, On camera, I've appeared in The Good Place, Netflix's No Good Nick, and in a soon to be released indie feature.

I spent most of my life in Jackson Hole, Wyoming snowboarding, mountain biking and dirt biking. I've been loving life LA. If you ever hiked Runyon and saw some idiot running up the trail, that could have been me :)
* Los Angeles & New York Local Hire

MANAGER: Andy Rooney,, 818.765.3785 Ext 3 COMMERCIAL AGENT: Nancy Luciano / Adam Reeves,, 818.531.0060

429 Reader Reviews

" Kevin was great! "
" Always a pleasure. Great with comedy! "
" Best most patient reader! "
" Good feedback and just what i needed, thank you!! "
" Great feedback, input and reading! "
" Loved working with Kevin! He knows his stuff, has great suggestions and is ready to play! "
" Kevin has a wonderful voice and great instincts and will make your tape sound fire :) "
" Kevin was an excellent reader, patient and gave great notes! Thank you. "
" Responsive reader, thank you!! "
" Great!!! "
" Such a great reader and wonderful to audition with. Kind, considerate, incisive, thoughtful with great feedback. "
" A wonderful fellow actor and reader- so appreciate his professionalism. I just needed to run lines and he was willing to do that and support me in what I needed. Very grateful. "
" Great reader , thank you Kevin! "
" Thanks Kevin! "
" Great reader with valuable insight and suggestions! Would definitely work with him again! "
" Great reader. Wonderful feedback and very patient. Will absolutely read with him again. Thanks, Kevin. "
" Really great pacing, patient, able to capture character "
" Kevin's great! I had just a short, short scene and his timing and patience helped keep the focus on what I was doing. Very intuitive about what WORKS! "
" Kevin is awesome. So nice and easy to work with, thank you so much "
" Very patient, positive reader! "
" Amazing reader! Takes great direction! "
" Great! "
" Kevin is a FANTASTIC reader! Kind, supportive, flexible -- he lets you tap into the moment before as much as you need to feel your best in the scene. And when asked, offers great direction to help you explore new beats and surprise yourself. Would work with him again 10/10! "
" Good Reader. "
" Awesome read! "
" Kevin is always a great reader...Thank you! "
" Thanks Kevin. Responsive and a great reader "
" Excellent help and super professional! We had a good laugh too which is always fun :) "
" Thank you, Kevin!! I appreciate the feedback :) "
" Great and patient reader! Thank you for your time Kevin!! "
" Kevin was so great to work with! He picked up the lines right away & got the pacing of the scene perfectly. Thanks Kevin! "
" Always easy to work with! "
" Absolutely fantastic reader! "
" Thank you "
" Kevin is a gem. He really took time and worked through the scene with me. Highly recommend reader! "
" Kevin is awesome! "
" Great reader! "
" Very supportive reader! "
" So helpful! "
" Amazing reader!! Patient, supportive, and gave great notes when I asked for help! Would recommend to anyone looking for a good reader :) "
" Kevin was so attentive and detailed with breaking down the characters. He really listened to what I needed, and gave meaningful impactful adjustments. "
" Great! Wonderful! "
" Wonderful reader. Helped me get a last-minute audition banged out quickly! "
" I hadn't worked with Kevin in a while. Great reader! "
" Kevin is fantastic, an instinctual actor/reader, and so supportive. Highly recommend! "
" Kevin is a great reader and very patient! "
" Kevin's always SO helpful! "
" Excellent reader. Very patient and present in the scene. "
" Wonderful, present and helpful. "
" Thank you "
" Great reader "
" Great reader. Thank you "
" Great reader. Friendly and has a good eye. "
" Kevin gives 110% its so much fun reading with him. "
" Made the scene so easy, such a great partner! Thank you! "
" Kevin was such a great reader and had wonderful suggestions. Thanks Kevin! "
" Kevin is great!!! Quick, concise, present - an idea reader! "
" Kevin is great! Excellent cold reader and really helps bring out your best! Highly recommend! "
" Kevin is always so amazing, supportive, wonderful reader with awesome energy! Thank you so much!!! "
" Really great reader and very helpful! "
" Great reader "
" Great working with Kevin. "
" Super patient, great reader, thank you!!! "
" Kevin was down to rehearse and give feedback + suggestions. I'd recommend! "
" Kevin was great! Very professional and gives good technical notes. Appreciated our exchange and his input. "
" Super awesome reader and gave very helpful feedback! "
" Can always count on him! "
" Kevin is a great reader! "
" Excellent on a quick scene with me! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Excellent reader! Wonderful working with Kevin!! "
" Kevin is awesome! Professional and patient! "
" Wonderful reader! Kevin really helped me bring this scene to life. "
" Kevin was great! "
" Kevin is great and has a great reading voice! "
" Kevin was great. He brought life to my scene & was so easy to work with. He gave me tips when I asked too! Thank u! "
" Easy to work with great energy "
" Kevin is very fun and easy to work with! Thanks! "
" Kevin is great! He bared with me with a self tape that I wasn't feeling. Gave really good analysis of the scene. He was patient and kind and awesome. We need more people like him in our industry. "
" Always a pro! "
" Kevin always delivers. Great cold reader! Thank you sir "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" Great reader! Helped the process be seamless and quick! "
" Did awesome! Great pacing. Plays the boss really well! "
" Solid as always. When I see Kevin's Avatar I know it will be a smooth session! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Kevin was great!! just what i needed "
" Kevin is a very supportive and friendly reader. Loved working with him. "
" Absolutely LOVE the direction and notes I got from Kevin - really good! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Very flexible! "
" Kevin was Excellent! "
" Amazing Reader!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Super sweet and easy going. "
" Kevin is so great! Very patient! Amazing! "
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" Thank you Kevin, for the quick but fab session together! "
" Kevin's relaxed and easy going nature made audition experience experience comfortable. Will look for his avatar next time I'm online! "
" Always a strong reader. "
" Always great working with Kevin! "
" Faaaantastic Reader!!!!!! One of the best on here!!! "
" Kevin was a great reader. Flexible and easy to work with "
" Great to work with! "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Awesome! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great, very experienced reader. Thank you. "
" Thank you so much kevin!! awesome reader, very patient :) "
" He is awesome. Great great partner. Loved working with him "
" Thank you! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome! "
" Kevin was so helpful and a really great reader/ listener. Highly recommend! "
" Great reader! "
" Kevin is warm, engaging, and generous (and has a lovely voice)! "
" Great working with Kevin! He's awesome "
" Very helpful!!! "
" SO patient with me and all my technical difficulties! "
" Kevin was great! Super patient and kind. Would definitely read with him again. Thanks, Kevin! "
" Kevin is wonderful. Understands comedic timing and gives good suggestions. "
" Great reader, super nice, accommodating and patient!! "
" Really helpful! Nice guy "
" Super professional and easy to work with. We got on and went straight to work! was so wonderful with trying different things and digging deeper to the scene and notes. Book him if you get the chance!! Thanks kevin! Looking forward to working with you again! "
" Lifesaver!!Thanks Kevin!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Kevin was great and was able to give good, constructive, concise feedback very quickly. "
" Thank you for the help!!! "
" Kevin is GREAT!!! Love reading with him. He's so much fun and adaptable. "
" WHOA. There is a reason this guy is MVP. He is such a great reader and creates space for you to have fun. Would 100% use him again! "
" Amazing as always! "
" So good worth every second "
" Always awesome "
" Versatile reader! "
" Kevin did such a great job! "
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" Awesome "
" Easy peasy to work with "
" Awesome job! Thanks Kevin! "
" Excellent reader!!! "
" Ready to go 9AM on a Sunday! "
" It was my first time using WeAudition for a self-tape, and he was GREAT! "
" Super chill guy. Jumped right in and was ready to get down to biznazzzz. BOOK HIM! "
" Kevin is so patient and helpful! Thank you, Kevin!! "
" Very generous with his feedback and helpful! Thank you :) "
" Excellent like always!! "
" Great reader! "
" Thank you!!! "
" Kevin is funny, patient and a great reader "
" Great reader! Def will work with Kevin again. "
" Awesome! "
" Always great...connected the material, which really helps! "
" Fantastic reader! "
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" Excellent reader - lots of energy to play off of! A++ "
" Amazing as always! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic! "
" Super cool! great reader "
" Awesome help! "
" Kevin was such a great presence to read with! He nailed the tone of the work, was super patient with me, and made me feel really comfortable! Highly recommend! "
" Kevin is wonderful "
" Kevin was AMAZING!!! This was my first time using the site and we had to log out and back in three times because I was on my phone and it just wasn't working. Once I got over to my computer, Kevin walked me through how to use the functions and even read a scene with me! He is an amazing and natural actor! I will be requesting him next time I get an audition! Thank you, Kevin!!!! "
" Always fantastic "
" Awesome Awesome Awesome! Kevin is a real pro that can jump into a script and give you the support you need to nail the read- I really look forward to working with him again!! Thanks again Kevin! "
" Super reliable, great actor and reader "
" Excellent "
" Kevin is fantastic "
" Thanks! "
" One of the best readers have worked with on this platform. "
" So great and easy to work with! "
" Great reader! Very insightful feedback and super kind. "
" Kevin was a great reader! Super patient and welcoming energy! "
" Kevin was so great-- incredibly patient and had very insightful feedback for me. Will absolutely request to work with Kevin again! "
" Lovely reader. Thanks so much Kevin! "
" Great ! Jumped right in "
" One of the best readers on this platform- I have worked with many. He is Fantastic. "
" In my mind I call him "Keepin it Real Kevin" because he's such a positive, yet, straight shooting scene partner. Will add value to a scene where he sees. He's also a super cool person! "
" Amazing professional. Top of the line as a reader. Will definitely use him as a reader again. When asked, he was a fantastic coach and helped me find the nuances in the piece "
" Awesome as always with great tips! "
" Thank u "
" Very good at comedic reads! "
" Great as always! "
" Kevin gave amazing direction; on point for pacing (especially keeping an eye to procedurals). Would totally book again! "
" Kevin was grand, exactly the vibe I needed! Very natural read! "
" Excellent reader! I loved how he did more than just read the line and actually played the character! "
" Thank you kevin!! Best sugar bear reader lol "
" Amazin! very patient, I would book again! "
" Kevin was great! Super helpful "
" Kevin was great. Answered my questions and cleared my mind of choices I should make for my self tape. Recommend for sure. "
" Very friendly and helpful, great scene partner! "
" Kevin was an absolutely AWESOME reader. He let me stay in my element and truly worked with to me create something amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! "
" He made me feel extremely comfortable and my takes soared! Gave feedback when necessary and wasn't pushy about it! 20/10 recommend. "
" Kevin is always so good at cold reading. Thank you again sir! "
" Great clear reader and amazing timing "
" Great reader "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome reader! Gave me a lot to work with to make me feel comfortable in the scene. "
" Great reader and helpful feedback! "
" Kevin is a great reader and very supportive. He gave me some acting notes that were right on the money. I highly recommend Kevin! "
" Awesome working with Kevin as always. "
" I love working with Kevin. I have used him several times and he is very chill and understanding! "
" Wonderful as always "
" He so gooood with commercials as well! "
" Kevin, as always, is AMAZING. He always knows just what to say to get me focused and on-track. I trust and appreciate Kevin, and highly recommend him! "
" Kevin is very insightful and offers great feedback! "
" Kevin was so ready to jump in. I got a lot of out our session! "
" Amazing Amazing AMAZING! Kevin's honestly the best! He not only helped me get the two takes I worked out, but also made fantastic suggestions to help me see different angles. Can't wait to work with him again! "
" Great reader! "
" Great as usual. Always such an expressive reader which helps a lot. "
" Second time he's read with me. Excellent suggestions to enrich my work. Very happy. "
" Great read, as always! "
" Kevin is an amazing reader -- he is attentive and patient, and has excellent suggestions. He really enhanced the scene, and I am so thrilled and grateful for his help! "
" Kevin truly made me feel at ease - got me out of my head. His notes helped immensely. "
" Always great working with Kevin! "
" So helpful. Excellent advice and a great reader! "
" Awesome reader and gave helpful guidance ! "
" Kevin is extremely patient and gave amazing energy for my self tape! He's an amazing reader! Book Kevin!!! "
" Awesome reader and gives great feedback! "
" Kevin was a great reader! He asked me helpful questions to help me break down my character, reminding myself to have a point of view and to know what my relationship is to the person that I'm talking to in the scene. "
" Great as always! "
" Thank you for bringing my audition to life! "
" Super helpful and patient THANKS KEVIN!!! "
" Kevin is REALLY A GREAT READER!!!! Great pace, flow and easy to work with. Thank you! "
" Good reader! "
" Kevin is always a great choice on here. Love working with such a pro over and over again. Thank you sir! "
" Kevin is brill! Very professional and focused. "
" He's great "
" Great Reader, Great Coach!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Straight to the point nothing to it other than getting it done. I really appreciate that. "
" Kevin was awesome!! He has very Joseph Gordon-Levitt quality about his acting. Highly recommend and comes through. "
" Second time using Kevin! He's awesome. Always supportive and on it with his lines. "
" Word perfect reader! "
" Kevin is wonderful. He can jump right into the script and make you feel comfortable. Truly a professional. "
" Great reader. Kevin really helped me when I had some technical difficulties with my script. Great pacing! Thank you! "
" Great reader! Has a really good sense of timing. Thanks so much Kevin "
" Kevin is great and fun to read with! Thank you!! "
" Highly recommend Kevin. Always quick and ready to jump in and work! "
" Kevin was great to work with. He helped me explore the character more in depth and I'm much more prepared for my audition. "
" Super cool and helpful "
" Professional, strong reader, friendly and patient and very much experienced with cold-reading - meaning we were able to jump right into taping from the start! "
" Kevin was great! Will definitely use him again. Great reader with positive energy. "
" GREAT! "
" Awesome reader. gave me just what I needed for all my action beats. Good pacing! "
" SO great! Love working with Kevin! When I see him online I grab him. "
" Kevin was a big help with a quick audition I had to film. "
" Kevin is great. He holds the space for you to find your own answers. work with him! "
" Kevin was AMAZING! I told him at the top I was working on battling my perfectionism, and he absolutely gave me space when I needed it and the most wonderful, concise, direct advice when I asked. 10/10 would recommend. He made me feel so comfortable. "
" So kind & patient! "
" Kevin was extremely professional, he had waited for me to figure out my technical difficulties, as well as read an awesome script with me. I highly recommend Kevin to read some lines with! "
" Kevin is always great at cold reading!Thank you sir. "
" Kevin helped me again for the same scene the next day. He is a team player. "
" Kevin is a solid reader that helped me with a co-star audition. "
" Super comfortable to read with and understands the sides quickly. Highly recommend! "
" Kevin was upbeat, fun, and picked up the material SO FAST!!!! A joy to work with. "
" Great reader with great patience! "
" Excellent reader....and good advice "
" He was great! Full of energy when needed, and his volume was spot on! "
" Wonderful generous thoughtful notes! Thank you so much, Kevin. Would love to work with you again. "
" Really great reader. Very patient. Willing to jump on in with me and just get into it. Great stuff! "
" Kevin is a FANSTASTIC reader. Thank you so much for helping me warm up for my audition!! "
" Great! Very accommodating! Read through a few scene for a class. Much appreciated! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great and friendly reader! Very patient! "
" Thank you! Excellent reading with Kevin!~ "
" Very nice reader! Easy going and gave some good thoughts on the scene when prompted. "
" Kevin is great to work with. Patient and understanding! "
" Awesome Reader! Excellent Energy! "
" He's a very diligent, attentive and really makes sure you work as much as you can during your time. "
" Such an open and generous reader! Gave great notes too. I highly recommend! "
" Awesome reader with such helpful notes, thanks so much Kevin! "
" Excellent on-the-spot reader! Will definitely request him again. "
" Kevin was great. Thank you. "
" Great stuff as always :) "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Thanks Kevin!! "
" The absolute best. What a pro. Cant wait to work with him again. "
" Fantastic reader! Gives great feedback! "
" Good reader "
" Kevin is a great reader! Book him guys you won't regret it! "
" Great session today. thanks Kevin. If you haven't booked Kevin yet, why not??? He is awesome. "
" Thank you very much! Very good solid reader. "
" Very kind and patient with helpful insight into the scene and character. Would recommend - Thank you!! "
" PHENOMENAL Reader!!! Bang on the first take and EXCELLENT Comedic chops and timing!! Thanks Kevin 🙏 "
" On point "
" Helps me find the character and understand the dialogue. Thanks Kevin! "
" Super friendly and great! "
" Kevin was great! Easy to work with and very accomadating! "
" Great reader! "
" Great energy! Very patient! "
" Kevin was awesome! So patient and open to whatever you need! "
" Amazing reader! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Excellent!!! Great cold reader! "
" Kevin is the best for comedy! So great! Thank you sir:) "
" So Helpful! Thanks Kevin "
" Great reader ! "
" Kevin is super nice with helpful feedback and good advice. "
" Kevin was a great reader. Very easy to work with and would definitely recommend! "
" Kevin is a great reader. He provided some great feedback during our rehearsal as I prepared for an upcoming audition. I will definitely look him up again. "
" Quick and efficient!! Great reader. "
" Kevin was a great scene partner! "
" Kevin was a great reader and so patient!! I would definitely use him again, thank you Kevin! "
" Kevin was amazing! Thank you so much!!! "
" Super receptive to the way I wanted to work and was willing to offer feedback when I asked! "
" Kevin was prompt at responding to my request to rehearse and was patient as I tried a few different approaches to the material. I am glad to have him available to play the role of a cop for me in my material. "
" Great reader! Patient and was willing to do as many takes as I needed! "
" Great!!! Five Stars! "
" Excellent reader, highly recommended. "
" Kevin was an amazing reader!!! thanks for all the help "
" Very easy to work with. "
" Really helpful with running lines and new ideas. Thank you. "
" Great reader. Did two comedic voices for me very easily :-) "
" Awesome! Excellent reader, so supportive and kind. Definitely recommend and would use Kevin again as a reader. :) Thanks Kevin! "
" Great! "
" Amazing! Great reader, super lovely. Made a great tape with him. High recommended, and will definitely work with him again. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Thanks Kevin, great read, great help :) "
" Great to work with! Solid reader, patient and encouraging! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always great to read with Kevin! Thanks so much! "
" Came back to help me finish taping the scenes and play with little tweaks - very supportive! "
" Super patient and great notes!! Understood the scene purpose well. Thanks! "
" Working with Kevin was great. We line ran and when I asked he gave great feedback. Made my scene a lot funnier but still natural. "
" Great cold reader, especially for comedies!! Laid back attitude! Would book again! "
" Amazing very patient and kind "
" It was amazing working together with Kevin. He is very patient and helps to get out the best in you, by asking the exact right questions about what your character is supposed to be. Book him! "
" Kevin is super kind and fun to work with! I really enjoyed his thoughts and feedback. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Kevin did a great job! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Such a fantastic reader! Kevin is full of energy and really brings a ton of life to the read. He was very helpful to rehearse with and I feel really confident about being off book for a project. Highly recommend :) "
" Awesome. Such a great reader! So generous and present. "
" Excellent reader! Fun to work with and good ideas! "
" Wonderful reader! Gave great notes that were really helpful for my scene and made it flow so much better "
" Excellent reader! Kevin has great insight and suggestions, especially for commercial auditions. "
" Kevin is a great, energetic reader. He caught on to the plot quickly and gave me something to work with. Thanks Kevin!!!!! "
" Kevin was great to work with! He helped me to raise the stakes of my scene in a short period of time! "
" Kevin is amazing! Such a great and kind reader. Thank you so much! "
" Fun to work with, great reader and very patient and supportive! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Really good "
" Kevin is a wonderful reader with an excellent ability to give constructive feedback. Will definitely call on him again. "
" Another great read! "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Great experience with Kevin! "
" Kevin was great to work with. Really strong actor. "
" Amazing work "
" Great! "
" Great reader for comedy! thank you sir. "
" Excellent reader!!! I felt completely at ease; he was very helpful in guiding me in reflecting the emotions and expressions in which the role required. He allowed me all the time I needed to get it right. Thanks Kevin. "
" Excellent reader , very patient and supportive! "
" Kevin has been a great reader! Super generous with his time and energy, he has helped me do a great selftape! Thanks "
" Thank you for the speedy help! nice working with you "
" Super nice guy and helpful! "
" AMAZING! He knows how to help you work through commercials, so incredible!!! "
" Kevin is such a great reader! So generous. So kind. So present. It is really a gift to work with him. "
" Wonderful to read with and such a kind person! "
" Kevin is wonderful - has a wonderful voice to read with and is very focused and super friendly - really good reader definitely going to use him again. Thank you Kevin "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Amazing!! Super easy to work with! We jumped right on in and got great takes. "
" I ABSOLUTELY LOVED WORKING WITH KEVIN! What a great outing for my first time to use We Audition. He's the real deal and I HIGHLY Recommend. "
" Flexible and up for reading Shakespeare! Thanks, Kevin! "
" Amazing reader! Gave me a lot to work with and such a friendly, easy-going personality as well. Will definitely read with him again in the future! "
" Thanks Kevin :) "
" Awesome! Definitely recommend Kevin!!!! Thanks again! "
" Thank you Kevin! Even though my connection was choppy (at best) You definitely did more than just “read” the lines. I appreciate your time and patience with me and my internet :) "
" Picked up reader's lines seamlessly and was very supportive! "
" Thank you for feeding me with the emotions that I needed to fuel the scene! ;-) "
" Great reader, friendly and easy to work with! "
" Super great reader. Really enjoyed rehearsing with Kevin "
" Excellent!! "
" Great reader and very patient! Look forward to working together again:) "
" Kevin is lovely to work with. Patient and helped me ease my way into the scenes. Was happy to go again and again while I found my feet with them and the accent. Very appreciated! Highly recommend. "
" Kevin was excellent! He did a great job reading, gave me exactly what I needed, and I would happily read with him again anytime. A+! "
" Great reader!! Thank you for your patience sir. Very much apreciate your help! "
" Amazing as always "
" He is a fantastic reader! "
" Kevin is very professional and friendly. "
" I had a good experience. "
" Thanks Kevin! Very useful insights! great stuff! "
" Retrying call "
" Kevin was great to work with! Very professional and gave a great read! "
" Great reader! Super helpful and attentive. Highly recommend. "
" Kevin is always soooo good!! Thank you!! "
" Excellent!!! "
" Poor connection "
" Patient and informative! "
" Awesome as usual!! Thanks! "
" Kevin was great! He jumped right in with the material and gave me a lot of energy to work off of. I enjoyed working with him and will keep him as a "favorite". I recommend! "
" Absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to work with him again! "
" Kevin was a big help with an important audition I was prepping for. He was generous with his time and helped me get my sides word perfect. "
" SUCH A TALENT! Professional, so good, great timing. Thank you so much Kevin!!! "
" Excellent!!! "
" Prompt and super super great to read with!! "
" Kevin, OMG, you're so good!! Thanks for playing :) "
" He's a gem. So so so wonderful "
" So helpful "
" Great reader! "
" Great, willing and helpful reader. Highly recommend. "
" Kevin is very nice and professional. He was ready to go super quickly! "
" Kevin is an excellent reader! Great energy. Super helpful and patient during my self-tape. "
" Easy read "
" It was a pleasure working with Kevin. Very good reader and super nice! "
" Kevin is AWESOME - best reader I've worked with on WeRehearse! Would love to work with him anytime. "
" Kevin is super lovely, a great reader and makes you feel really comfortable "
" Kevin was easy to work with and a great reader! Thank you:) "
" Kevin was great as a reader for my audition. Really gave me something to work with! Thanks Kevin. "
" Kevin was a really great reader. I really enjoyed my time with him. Thank you, Kevin! "
" Fantastic reader! "

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