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I'm an actor in theatre and commercials based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, appearing on television for The History Channel in the U.S. and Numidia TV in Algeria. I've used my film degree from the University of Minnesota to produce, write, shoot and edit short films for Sundance and Z-Fest (so if you're self-tape lighting/framing needs help, I'm you're guy!)

Theatre has taken me around the country for productions staged in San Diego, New York, and Montréal. I'm also a Spanish speaker: ¡Qué gusto conocerlos a todos en WeAudition! (That means "Happy to meet you all here on WeAudition!")

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I'm an actor in theatre and commercials based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. My work in theatre has recently taken me around the country for productions staged in San Diego, New York, and Montreal in 2020. I've appeared on television for The History Channel in the U.S. and Numidia TV in Algeria.

I've also put my film degree from the University of Minnesota to use producing, writing, and editing short films for Z-Fest and Sundance. I'm a bilingual Spanish speaker, too: ¡Qué gusto conocerlos a todos en! (That means "Happy to meet you all here on!")

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" Really incredible experience working together! Pedro is extremely patient and experienced! This being my first experience with WeRehearse, I was nervous. Pedro's energy immediately helped to calm that. Looking forward to working together again! "
" Pedro is undeniably magical. He creates such a warm and safe space to work in. He has a wonderful ability to meet you where you are and then elevate your performance to a higher level. Thank you for your time and expertise. "
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