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Middle-aged male actor. Raised in Little Rock, Arkansas and now living in east Tennessee next to the Smoky Mountains.

Interested in getting more experience by helping others with their readings.
In my other life, I am a software developer passionate about data visualizations, such as and a somewhat unique family tree viewer at

On-set wise, have just been featured background (sometimes with a name!) in some reenactment shows that happen to shoot here in east Tennessee (Jupiter/Hive Productions).

Was a lead in a web/zoom series we shot this past spring/summer (currently in post-production).

* did year-long weekly paired scene study this past year with James Huang
* did six week private lessons with Paul Barry
* participated in a six week research study led by Micia de Wet of Coventry University on " acting intuition training"
* participated in John Sudol's several month "Emotional Training" classes
* did a four week improv class with Baltimore Improv Group
* participated in Karen Kohlhaus' Monologue class/Practical Aesthetics
* currently in Houde's School of Acting Meisner program (Jessica Houde)
* currently working with Sherrie Peterson to learn more about Practical Aesthetics

Middle-aged male beginning actor in east Tennessee (USA).

As for experience, have just been background in some reenactment shows shot here in east Tennessee (Jupiter Productions).

Currently taking (beginning) Method Acting class.

Interested in simply getting more experience reading, etc.


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" Fantastic reader! "
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" Fantastic reader! "
" He is the BEST!!! "
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" Always a pleasure reading with Bradford! Thank you sir!!! "
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