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" Hands down, THE BEST! Robert is so epically involved and enthusiastic. You can genuinely tell he is on here because he loves this craft... and because of that he's invaluable. I was struggling to find teammates that genuinely are "IN THIS 100%" and doing it out of love. Needless to say I'm beyond grateful " ~ Jake Miller

" Such an amazing, thoughtful, kind and patient actor. Robert gave me the most brilliant notes, helped me get deeper and more connected with my scene, and helped me have fun! His energy and spirit is infectious and he brings so much wisdom. Thank you so much!!! " ~ Stephanie Wong

Based in Los Angeles with 20+ years acting experience in TV, Film, VO, Commercials & Stage.

Dialects: American, British, Irish, Jamaican, Middle Eastern & Russian.

To schedule time with me directly, email me at:

Ask me about Emotion & Mindset Coaching for Actors & Creatives.

Jamaican born TV, Film & Stage actor, Robert Younis, has been nominated and won awards for playing eccentric and shady characters. From Lee in Sam Shepard’s True West (Won Best Actor), to a blunt art critic in Phin (Won Vanguard Award for Ensemble Cast), to a bully Politian in A 5th of a Degree (Nominated Best Actor).

Constantly training, Robert has studied at The Atlantic Acting School in NYC, in Los Angeles with Joseph Pearlman, Jen Krater, Todd Rohrbacher and currently with Amy Lyndon.

He recently got to perform in his own culture for the first time playing a Jamaican Father in Discovering Brooklynn an Official Selection in Out On Film Atlanta’s LGBTQ Film Festival 2020 and the ABFF Comedy Festival 2021. He just completed a table read of Payback in Manilla, a Ocean’s 11 type film set in the Philippines, playing the antagonist across from Jon Jon Briones of Netflix’s Ratched.

Robert loves people. He’s the guy that knows everyone at his favorite coffee shop, from baristas to wait staff to regulars, and is always up to listen and have a friendly conversation. It’s that love of people, conversation and collaboration that continues to draw him to meaningful, funny & dramatic scripts.

Theatrical : Courtney Peldon | 310-859-8889
Commercial: Matt Taylor | 310-321-8484

319 Reader Reviews

" Fantastic reader and exceptional coach. Was patient and understanding and helped me focus on the scene. Hope to work with you again !!! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Robert is my new favorite reader and coach!!!! He is an amazing cold reader, a fantastic scene partner and gave notes only when requested which actually were the perfect notes that made the scene a take:) I can't wait to work with him again and see what magic he conjures again! "
" Fantastic reader and collaborator, with wonderful insight and questions to help you find the specificity in a scene. "
" I like this guy!! WORK WITH THIS GUY!!! Seriously, hops right into the scene, and provided good feedback. Thanks Robert! "
" Robert is an absolute PRO! Thank you so much! I look forward to working with you again! "
" Not only is Robert a superb reader he gives incredible direction, support and has endless patience! "
" GREAT reader!! "
" Robert was thorough and incredibly helpful. I felt very confident with my submission! "
" I would always work with Robert! The brother knows his stuff, and has a tremendous good energy. He never disappoints. Gracias Robert! "
" Robert was excellent - patient, understanding, with very helpful notes! Thanks Robert! "
" Wonderful reader and he helped with a quick turn around for a tape! will read with again! "
" Super nice and did an awesome job reading "
" The reviews are accurate. the BEST READER!! "
" Robert, Robert, Robert. You are such a fun and insightful scene partner. Look forward to working with you again. "
" Robert is always good! Read with him for sure! "
" Awesome! "
" Great "
" Thank you Robert!! Such a great reader!! Thank you for your patience and your great energy! See you again soon! "
" Thanks you so much! Gave so many great notes! "
" Amazing, coaches as well and such accurate and detailed script analysis, a pro and a gift! "
" Robert was amazing! Gives great insight and tips while reading/coaching with you! "
" He is a capable guide with a warm energy. Thank you! "
" Great energy! Always gives good notes and picks up material very quickly. Use him! "
" Reading with Robert is always rewarding and helpful! He's a great coach and reader! "
" Robert is one of the best. Read with him! "
" If you don't book Robert...I'm so sorry for the amazing jewels, gems and nuggets that you're missing out on. He is so patient and kind and willing to really go through your scenes to decipher as much as possible. Absolutely brilliant and one of my favorites to come to, and that's only after having worked with him once on 4 lines! Robert is your guy. That's that. "
" Robert was UHMAZING! He was available super quickly, knew exactly what he was doing and was truly a calm, supportive and helpful presence. Great notes and quickly learned the tone and vibe of the scenes. I cannot recommend him enough and will definitely be using his acting services in the future! Thank you so much for being a true professional and collaborator! "
" One of the best, IF NOT THE BEST, on here. Incredible. Specific. Immensely helpful. Thank you Robert "
" Great as always, helped me out with environment and behavior "
" Great reader! ver good with helping with accent too. "
" Robert was very fun to work with! great ideas for specificity "
" Such a great actor and so helpful!!! Thank you so much! "
" Amazing! thank you Robert. "
" I learn a lot from him, gives great advice, great text analysis "
" Robert is great listener and very insightful in fleshing out and connecting a scenes ideas. He helped me gain a deeper understanding of my scenes individually and in relation to one another. Do yourself a favour and book Robert! "
" Always great working with Robert. "
" Awesome! Read script perfectly and professionally. Thanks so much "
" Awesome "
" Robert was awesome. He lifted my scene and gave me feedback which made the scene magical and playful. Thank you for my first self tape using WeAudition! "
" Robert cares deeply about your audition. One of the best, book him! "
" Working with Robert is where it’s at! The man understands his stuff and is a tremendous scene partner and reader. Gracias Robert! "
" Great reader! Gave really good direction - very helpful! :) "
" Oh my god! Best first time experience. Thank you so much Robert for all your help especially keeping me on track with my Irish accent. "
" Great reader and very helpful "
" Robert is great! Gives great notes and very fun to play with. "
" Great with text and analyzation of a scene. I really learned somethings with this guy. See you again, thanks. "
" One of the best readers I’ve come across. Really cares about you doing your best "
" Robert is the real deal! Professional! A superb actor! Insightful, and with tremendous good energy "
" Robert was so so amazing to work with! I planned to do a 15 minute session and ended up extending for an hour because he was giving me such great notes to work with (and thankfully he was willing to stay longer). If you're looking for not just a great reader, but a great coach, Robert is the man to go to! "
" Excellent reader! So much fun to work with! Thank you Robert! "
" Thank you Robert! Great voice! Gentle soul "
" Really appreciated Robert's patience and insight. "
" Robert is the man! No doubt about that! Keen eye, kind soul and approach, and a wicked talent and craft! A great experience! Thanks Robert! "
" A+ Reader! "
" Great notes and consistent energy! "
" Absolutely fantastic. Worked with me far beyond what was required, definitely use! "
" Robert is the best! He is so patient, kind, and a wonderful reader. I couldn't have asked for someone better! "
" Magnificent and superb! Working with Robert is working with an artist! Thanks Robert! "
" Thank you so much! "
" Thanks Robert! :) Robert is a fantastic reader and has such great coaching skills! "
" Book Robert. He has great insights and makes sure you get your best takes. "
" Great reader and great feedback! "
" Really fun! Robert brought such a great energy to my self-tape. I'd love to work with him again! Very professional and upbeat. "
" He's the Cocach! "
" Robert was AWESOME!! Great notes, great actor, better human! "
" Beautiful human helpful. "
" Very attentive and helpful! "
" Such great energy and helped a lot with feedback/direction! "
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" Robert is a great reader and an excellent coach! Book him! "
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" Robert, you are amazing! "
" Really helpful and patient. Gave me lots of easy notes to make my work better and feel confident about what I was doing. "
" Good reader. Nice suggestions. "
" Thank you! "
" Robert was amazing--supportive and gave great ideas and feedback. Definitely going to look for him in future. Book him!! :) "
" Excellent reader, very helpful and friendly! "
" Robert is a great reader and an excellent coach. Really helped find more of the character. Book him! "
" Great! Super helpful accent coaching. "
" Wonderful to work with Robert! You will happily and eagerly keep coming back to this fellow actor! "
" Robert went above and beyond. He did way more than he needed to. If you haven't tried him yet, you're missing out. "
" Great reader! "
" Solid! "
" Great reader! Will be my go-to in the future. "
" Great reader! Great actor! Gracias Robert! "
" Great reader, wonderful insight...Robert is a gem and has helped me feel super prepared for my auditions! Highly recommend! "
" Robert got the spaces and the pacing in the script spot on from the first read. His suggestions created the frame that built the story beat by beat. Thank you, Robert! "
" Great great great - Thank you for creating and playing with me! Awesome work :) "
" Robert is the best! Consistently present and such a great energy and reader. Total pro. Thank you! "
" Great! Dedicated! Upbeat! Full of good energy and with you every step of the way. "
" Thank you Robert!! Got some really good takes. Excellent reader. "
" Awesome reader and super patient! "
" Robert is excellent and so observant and just an awesome reader! "
" Wonderful! Thank you :-) "
" Very patient and helpful! Especially with technological delays - he had a solution right away and was happy to run through the scene as many times as necessary. Thank you!! "
" Robert was an awesome reader with super helpful insight. I highly recommend him! "
" Robert had some excellent notes that really helped me shape the arc of the scene. Thanks Robert! "
" Awesome! "
" Great work! "
" Robert is awesome and incredibly generous with hisl feedback! "
" One of the BEST coaches I've ever worked with! Incredibly tuned in...felt like we'd known each other for years! Great energy! I'm so grateful! "
" Great reader and easy to work with! "
" Wonderful reader, gets stuck in right away and made me feel very comfortable. Thank You! "
" He is amazing reader, great support. I really enjoy reading with him "
" Fantastic!!! Such a great reader "
" Twice I've worked with Bobby. He is a blessing & a pro. Killer coaching. "
" Was sooooooo helpful. Great feedback. Called me on my untruthful moments and helped me get to the heart of the scenes. Thank you, Robert! "
" Huge Robert Younis fan! He turns tough material into a fun experiment and has great notes on using your space. "
" Fantastic help. Warm, friendly reader. Felt safe and taken care of. Thanks! "
" Such a wonderful reader! So easy to work with and a great help bringing the sides to life. Thank you! "
" Robert is a wonderful reader! "
" Absolutely fantastic!!!! "
" Such a talented partner to have as a reader! "
" Robert is a great reader and brings great energy to my work! "
" Robert is at the top of his class as a reader, coach, actor and most importantly a gentleman. #Class With Gratitude, Corey "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Absolutely incredible coach! We worked on a very complex commercial, within minutes he knew exactly how to craft it so it came out AMAZING, he's fun and cool to work with and obviously such a pro. Thank you so much Robert, can't wait to work with ya soon! "
" What a lovely man! Can't wait to work with him again! "
" Super fun and helpful reader! "
" Robert was awesome!!! Thanks so much :)) "
" Great! Super easy to work with, relaxed and professional. "
" Robert is a fantastic actor with so many incredible notes - anyone who had him as an acting coach would be lucky to have him! "
" Robert is awesome!! Great reader and wonderful insights. A fave for sure! "
" Awesome! Patient and thorough. Willing to dive in and help! Do yourself a favor and read with him! "
" Robert is a wonderful reader. Patient, kind and talented. I highly recommend this actor. "
" Lovely man and reader. Thanks for your help, Robert! "
" Robert was awesome! "
" So helpful! "
" Awesome reader. Helped me drill lines to get off book - just absolutely perfect. Thank you, Robert! "
" Robert You are the Best Man!!! Loved your directions!!!!! Amazing Help!!!!! "
" So helpful, offered some notes that were super clear and made my read much more dynamic! Fun reader "
" ALways a pleasure working with Robert!!!! "
" Robert was great to work with! I appreciate his time, by the end of our session I felt fully memorized with my lines. "
" Amazing directions and reading, Really recommend him!!!! "
" Great! "
" What a great help you were tonight! "
" Excellent reader and coach! Great eye for subtleties that make an audition come further to life. Thanks! "
" Great reader and collaborator. Thank you for your input! "
" Robert is great. Loved his genuine desire to help me understand some very complex material. Thank you X "
" Robert is super helpful, gives great notes and is an excellent reader!! "
" Robert was FANTASTIC! He brought me from ground zero to an amazing sense of my character and STORY for this co-star audition. Gives incredibly insightful feedback and overall notes. Highly recommend!! Thanks Robert! "
" Robert is such a blessing to this community. He was patient with me and offered amazing feedback and direction with my audition. Also, offered additional time because he genuinely cared that I executed on my performance. Thank you brother. Appreciate you always. "
" Awesome reader!! "
" What an amazing reader! he really pushed me into the role. thank you so much! "
" Robert = RAD. He helped me with a film audition. He was superbly patient, kind, was a wonderful coach, easy to perform with. Booking again ASAP. "
" Awesome coach! "
" Oh man oh man, what a fantastic coach!! Not just a reader, a genuine acting coach. Incredible advice (I asked for specifics and give it to me straight) and Robert delivered. He's a real pro who KNOWS what he's talking about and we'll get you where you need to be. Period. Book him. Book. Him. "
" Great! "
" Quick rehearsal before Zoom class. Robert's notes were SPOT ON. I'll give him most of the (okay, half) credit if all goes well! Thanks, brother! "
" Robert is incredible!! I appreciate your insight and support today. He is extremely knowledgeable and can give notes in a clear and precise way. "
" Robert is GREAT. Saved me on some line readings by highlighting some things in the script that I missed. "
" Love working with Robert, do yourself a favour and book this man : ) "
" Um... I got a full on class! Robert was insightful, patient, funny. I highly recommend you work with him. "
" Robert is the man! this guy is great to work with and serious about making your work stand out. Thanks Robert "
" Excellent, smart, and curious. "
" Robert is lovely to read with! I highly recommend! "
" Absolutely fantastic. Got too in my head and Robert helped me back out! "
" Flexible, and gave me an excellent note that helped my audition immensely. "
" Great reader. Super helpful with a tough nut to crack of a scene. "
" Great! "
" Excellent Reader!!!! "
" Great reader awesome feedback "
" Great reader with valuable notes. "
" Fabulous reader and wonderful energy ! "
" So wonderful, so patient and is fully there with you in every take. Thank you Robert!! "
" Great to work with. Highly recommended! "
" Calling him Coach! "
" Excellent reader "
" Professional. Great feedback. very comfortable to work with. Will use again! "
" Super awesome coach really helped me tap into the vulnerability of my character as well letting go and tapping into the truths of the moments "
" Robert is friendly and such a great scene partner! Thanks for reminding me to have fun :) "
" Great working with Robert! "
" So amazing! What a great guy! He was a great reader and had great ideas to improve my audition. such a pleasure! "
" Loved working with Robert. Gives great ideas! "
" Robert did an AWESOME job. "
" Great! "
" Amazing !!! Robert is SOOOO patient and he has wonderful insights I feel so much better about my audition I had a few blocks because I was dealing with material out of my comfort zone but now I feel great!!! "
" Amazing amazing amazing 🤩 "
" Robert was top-notch! Great notes, and helped me feel really good about my audition. "
" A late night lifesaver and fabulous scene partner!! "
" Lovely lovely guy. Knows his stuff. "
" Knows what he’s doing! "
" SOOOOO patient and an amazing coach ! Thank you !!!! "
" So nice to finally work with this amazing man!Thanks for your help tonight "
" Thank you "
" Solid "
" So patient and an excellent reader! "
" Awesome reader! Very sincere. "
" I'm sorry I lost you for some reason. But thank you..Awesomereader. "
" Excellent Reader "
" He worked with me for over an hour on 5 lines that were out of my comfort zone. A saint! "
" SO engaged and helpful! He made sure I got the take I needed. "
" Robert was great! Thank you!! "
" Really wonderful reader. Brings a great connection and sense of pacing to the scene. "
" Such a great experience! I am so blessed to have hooked up with this amazing talent who jumped right into the scene and pulled out what was needed in the audition "
" Lovely! Kind and thoughtful notes. "
" Such incredible energy, great comedy note, A MUST BOOK READER "
" Fantastic! Very patient and a great reader! "
" GReat reader! Very thoughtful and will offer good scene suggestions if you want them. ( I always do!) Looking forward to next time. "
" An Angel from heaven!!! great coach! So Patient!! "
" Fantastic reader! Very supportive, gave me exactly what I needed. Highly recommend. "
" Great working with him. We got some wonderful work done. "
" Oh wow, Robert was EXCELLENT. Great listener, great notes, really helped my performance. "
" My first time using this platform and I was thrilled to find such a talented actor and coach. Robert's a real pro and I will use him again. "
" Robert is amazing! His feedback is so helpful and really helped me get what I wanted. I would definitely work with him again. "
" Great energy! Fun time! Great input on getting into a scene! Knows his stuff. "
" Always fantastic working with Robert. Highly recommended :) "
" Fantastic reader! "
" And another one! "
" Another great session. I always leave a better person and actor whenever I work with Rob. I see him as a mentor with loads of experience and 100% passion and commitment and love for this art. Very grateful and I look forward to continue to work with Robert. "
" Another great session with Robert. Boom. "
" Robert is the man! Passionate and playful with the craft. He gives you so much to try and makes you a better actor! "
" Excellent coaching! Good scene ideas and very responsive in being the other characters in the scene. Extremely helpful:) "
" Robert was amazing! after a brief description of what I thought I was looking for, he was able to pinpoint exactly what I really need to get working on my audition. Definitely recommended. "
" Great! "
" Great! Thanks for being a night owl "
" <3 "
" He’s very helpful and a great reader! He helped coach me and gave advice that I’m taking with me through EVERY audition. "
" Robert is just fantastic. Always a great read, willing to coach and help out if you ask and an excellent coach and cheerleader. "
" Robert was great! Was able to get the self-tape in one take. "
" Robert gives the best feedback and is a great acting coach. I learned so much and I have left the room with a better understanding of the scene. I’ve been given more tools to work with and I’m excited to keep working! I will def. work with him again if I get the chance! "
" L "
" Great read with Robert! "
" Lovely and great notes. "
" Great coach "
" Great reader nice guy "
" One of the best!! great input, knowledgeable--excellent reader-- "
" Tremendous reader with really great ideas! And he's so positive, encouraging, and fun! Definitely a favorite, I will definitely book him again! "
" Oh my goodness- Robert is so delightful. I could have read with him for hours. He was so enthusiastic and gave me amazing advice. THANK YOU SO MUCH, ROBERT! "
" Excellent. Very helpful with notes and suggestions. Easy going and professional. Thanks Robert. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader and coach, valuable feedback and so generous on giving his time. "
" Thank you "
" Fun reader. "
" Robert is amazing! Such an awesome guy and reader! "
" Such an amazing, thoughtful, kind and patient actor. Robert gave me the most brilliant notes, helped me get deeper and more connected with my scene, and helped me have fun! His energy and spirit is infectious and he brings so much wisdom. Thank you so much!!! "
" First time working with Robert. Loved his insight and sense of comedic timing. He encouraged me to make a variety of acting choices that I may not have made on my own. "
" Really appreciate Robert's great support! He is an amazing actor, and providing very helpful feedback. "
" Robert was one of the best readers I've had! He was fully engaged and truly amazing person to work with! "
" Great to work with! Gave me a lot of fun and helpful notes! "
" Thank you "
" Excellent, helpful reader. Super easy to work with. "
" So awesome! Jumped right in with my scene and really helped me get to a great place!!! "
" Great help with finding the character and the scene! So grateful :-) "
" Wonderful reader - spot on notes and generous support! "
" An amazing soul! Robert was so patient with me and supportive. A total pro! "
" Very patient and flexible, with great feedback. "
" Robert is lovely! Helpful, attentive, all the good stuff. "
" SO HELPFUL!! And such good energy. Thanks for all the ideas and fun! "
" We were in internet hell even with us both on ethernet but he hung in there with me and was the loveliest of readers and very patient "
" Great coaching. Thx "
" Robert was very friendly and accommodating! "
" He's wonderful, thank you so much!!! "
" Great reader! Very nice! "
" Good lord what great NOTES. Thank you for all your insights and patience... Can't wait to play again! "
" Robert was fantastic! "
" Omg!!! Awesome reader and more! Very patient and resourceful! Looking forward to working with Robert again. "
" Definitely a strong choice for a reader and coach "
" So patient and so sharp! "
" Always great fun working with Robert. If you see him on line book him. "
" Robert is one of those people who you feel like you've known forever. All around fantastic person. Great energy. Thank you, brother! "
" Hero saved the day twice for me now "
" Hands down, THE BEST! Robert is so epically involved and enthusiastic. You can genuinely tell he is on here because he loves this craft... and because of that he's invaluable. I was struggling to find teammates that genuinely are "IN THIS 100%" and doing it out of love. Needless to say I'm beyond grateful "
" Robert was an excellent coach as he helped me craft my audition. I particularly like how he encouraged me to be specific in my choices and actions. Robert was very patient and professional. "
" Great discussion about the scene and gave me plenty of stuff to chew on. Appreciate the support and input! "
" Love working with Robert! He's gives great acting tips and is super patient. "
" Great reader! "
" Great dude! "
" Such a wonderful person to work with! Great reader and listener! Highly recommend!!!! "
" Amazing reader "
" Great "
" Thank you so much Robert! You're so helpful and kind with such good ideas and insight. 100000 out 10 would highly recommend! "
" He is awesome. Great advices, super helpful. He is great to work with. I really enjoyed and he gave me some great suggestions "
" What are great help Robert was in helping me figure out this scene. "
" Robert was so encouraging throughout and thanks for the wonderful feedback to help further motivate the scene! "
" Great !! "
" Thoughtful and fun to read with! Thanks so much Robert! "
" So kind. So generous. So supportive. Such a great collaborator. Thank you so much. "
" Robert is FABULOUS! Great insight, great attitude and patient. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Robert brings the best of you - he's so good! "
" Robert was awesome! Thank you! "
" Working w/Robert was awesome. He's great! "
" Excellent read! Perfect for the character in my scene and really delivered a performance that helped me do my best work. 10/10 would book again! "
" 10/10! "
" Robert blew it out of the park again - with helpful suggestions and kindness! Really happy with my tape. Thanks again, Robert! "
" Robert is a wonderful reader and really works with you to get a take you can be proud of! "
" Amazing notes! So helpful. Made my scene so much stronger. Was a great reader and actor as well. Thanks so much! "
" AMAZING! :) "
" Robert was phenomenal! He gave me excellent notes. "
" Robert was wonderful and very helpful! "
" Robert was fantastic! He is a really helpful reader, and he gave me great notes for my scene. I will definitely ask him to read with me again :) "
" He will absolutely ground your work. Must work with him! "
" Good ideas good notes good acting! "
" Robert is a great reader and very helpful. one of my faves on weAudition! "
" Brilliant "
" Robert is amazing!!!! Very skilled and patient actor!!! He really helped me to analyze the scene more in depth and bring out another level of work! Extremely grateful! :) "
" Robert eased me comfortably into this rehearsal / self tape session. He was a pleasure to work with! "
" He's incredible. Broke down the story & helped me really understand the complexities of the character. Book him! "
" Fantastic reader! patient and quick to understand the scene! "
" Robert helped me break down a scene and bring it some fresh, new ideas. Be sure to book him if you see him if you see him on line. Thanks for your help Robert. "
" Robert is excellent!!!! So patient, and and excellent reader to work with and work off of!!!!! "
" Robert was excellent! Picked up the lines super quickly and had a real knack for the tone of the scene. Hope to work again in the future! "
" Robert is a pleasure to read with. A real pro:) "
" Excellent! Very grounded and calm. Brought the scene to life! "
" OMG! What a great rehearsal, coaching session with Robert! He definitely knows how to break down the scene and understands the characters. So kind and patient as well. So glad he was available !!! "
" Fantastic! a great reader and really great coach! Thank you Robert!!~ "
" Ok, seriously? Robert's AWESOME. So warm, and shows up ready to create great work with you. His suggestions for me also helped carry my scene work to the next level! "
" Robert is always a great help. I've read with him on several occasions, and plan on doing so many times in the future. Great guy! "
" Last minute quick run-through, and I knew I could count on Robert! "
" I've worked with Robert several times, and it's always great! Working on several scenes with another actor over time builds a unique trust that makes for honest communication, insightful input, and really good work. Thank you Robert. "
" Robert is amazing! He gives great feedback and is incredibly nice! After our session I felt much more confident about the scene and my choices. Thank you! "
" Robert was extremely helpful with feedback and suggestions. I'm taking his suggestion for an alternative approach to a scene that I'm bringing to a workshop. Thanks Robert! "

Credits Include

2023 [added]
The Chosen
Grand Vizier TV Series
2021 [IMDB]
2020 [IMDB]
Discovering Brooklynn
2014 [IMDB]
Going to America
2014 [IMDB]
The Most Interesting Man in Studio City
TV Series
2013 [IMDB]
Yet 2 Be Named
TV Movie
2013 [IMDB]
On the Set with Judy Kerr
TV Series
2013 [IMDB]
2012 [IMDB]
The Recyclist
2012 [IMDB]
The Haunting of Whaley House
2012 [IMDB]
5th of a Degree
2012 [IMDB]
Taxi Man
TV Series
2011 [IMDB]
Phoenix Falling
2010 [IMDB]
Make It Happen
TV Series
2008 [IMDB]
Mamnoh Love
2007 [IMDB]
Burn Notice
TV Series
2006 [IMDB]
Mimicking Schizophrenia