Stephan Goldbach

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Hey guys,

I'm an actor, writer and coach, currently residing in NYC.

I grew up in Germany, graduated from the Neighborhood Playhouse in 2010 and have been working as an actor since then. I do love the theater, although in the last 10 or so years my work has mainly been on screen (Hunters, The Man In The High Castle, Lethal Weapon, AHS, Homeland, etc.) an also in Voiceover. I've worked professionally in NYC, LA, Atlanta and Vancouver.

Love the connectivity of WeAudition and hope to have all of our boats rise with the tide here! :)

I'm happy to help with
- Audition Coaching/Rehearsing
- Self Tapes
- Actor Reels
- Career Advice (Agents, Managers, etc.)

Feel free to catch me here or in case you'd like to schedule in advance at (regular coaching rates apply - $1/minute).
And since PayPal usually takes a little chunk out of the fees, tips, etc - here's my venmo: @Stephan-schubert (thank you kindly!)

#UnionStrong SAG-AFTRA: VOTE YES by 5PM PT on Monday June 5th, 2023

Oh yes, please feel free to use code STEPHAN25 for 25% off here.

Cheers, Stephan

Stephan Goldbach is an actor and producer, known for The Man in the High Castle, Homeland, American Horror Story, Teen Wolf, Lethal Weapon and others.
He's a classically trained actor who has performed lead roles in Marat/Sade, Dracula, The Importance of Being Earnest, etc and has worked on Shakespeare and musical theatre productions.
He has released two rap albums under the name Caiman.
Accents: German, Russian, Irish, French, etc.

repped by: Talent Agent NY/LA - ATB - Talent Agent Germany - Talent Agent ATL - Management -

397 Reader Reviews

" Stephan is fantastic. I've been waiting for a meaty role to work with him on, and he did not disappoint. Really helped me get out of my head and fine-tune some key moments. I highly recommend him and will be booking him again, myself. *Favorite* "
" Always an excellent scene partner! Look forward to working together again soon. "
" Great reader. Very helpful with his feedback. He helped make the scene better. "
" Thank you Stephan! Really helped me out today! Great actor and reader! "
" GREAT! "
" Nice to work with you, thanks! "
" Just lovely "
" Always great thanks so much !!! "
" Amazing direction "
" Awesome as always. great reader/teacher/coach. Thank you Stephan "
" Stephan is so good and so helpful, with technique AND technicality. Hire him! "
" Super patient, great reader, and comes with really great ideas!! "
" Stephan is Amazing great notes! "
" YIPPIE!! "
" Awesome as always! Thanks Stephan! "
" Great! Thanks again! "
" Excellent! Smart and reliable reader who offers helpful ideas. Thanks Stephan! "
" Thx Stephan for your help. Great working with you as always. "
" AWESOME!!! "
" Awesome reader and super helpful! "
" Excellent reader, appreciate the pacing and also the extra effort with the sound/audio tech request - thanks so much Stephan, will book again! "
" Awesome! "
" A rockin' reader. Stephan is an MVP for sure! "
" Wonderful!! "
" Stephan provides EXCELLENT feedback and input. Take every opportunity you have to work with him. "
" Great suggestions, was a strange session I was demanding and Stephan was well up for it "
" Amazing reader! Thanks so much Stephan! "
" You saved the day! Thank you! "
" Stephan is an absolute pro! Do yourself a favor and book him! "
" Hes great! "
" Great reader . "
" Thanks Stephen. You are immense as a partner. "
" Stephan went above and beyond with feedback for my scenes. He was so professional and invested in our scene together. Thank you so much! "
" Awesome! "
" Great attentive reader, fun to play off! very natural. "
" WOW, what a fantastic and thoughtful reader! Really cares and wants to see you do good! "
" Awesome and very helpful reader. Thank you "
" GREAT! Reassuring. Good advice and thorough. "
" Stephen was a fantastic reader!! "
" Stephan is great! He helped me with a one-liner co-star that I was really struggling with. Highly recommend! "
" Stephen rocks!!!! He gave me great direction and helped a lot with my reading. "
" Great Reader! "
" Great feedback! Great Direction and ideas! Thank you! "
" Wonderful reader! fast, clear, helpful suggestions if you want them! "
" Stephan is super patient and super detail oriented! Always love working with him. "
" Great as always! He is really versatile, but I especially love working with him on anything high stakes, action based, or procedural. Gives great notes! "
" Awesome ! Stephan gave amazing feed back such a pro. "
" Thanks for guiding me through my first week audition self tape. "
" Thank you so much! "
" Great Patient reader! Thank you very much for the read "
" Great as always! Love having a work session with Stephan. Great notes, really understands how to shape a piece. "
" I couldn't have found a better scene partner! Stephan knew exactly how to help me with my lines, with my delivery, and with my motives. I was able to get a few really great takes for an audition. Thank you Stephan! You're the best! "
" Super helpful! "
" Thank you Stephan for helping me lay down a tape I'm proud of. And for helping me translate a crazy audition into something I can make real for me. That was epic. "
" Thank you for all your help!! "
" Great. thank you "
" Stephen, you are always a blessing to work with. You're a great actor and scene partner. "
" Thank you Stephan. You're amazing "
" Excellent ideas for shaping the scene! "
" Very helpful give Nice Notes. Thank you so much! "
" Fantastic and super cool and excellent presence and character "
" Present and gives great notes to bring scene to next level! Highly recommend. "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Stephan is awesome! Very patient, gave intelligent direction , and added SO much to my scene. Definitely working with him again! "
" Great reader! "
" Always an amazing job and great help. "
" Great as always! My go to. "
" Stephan is AMAZING! The best reader I've worked with. Attentive, great notes, and wonderful to work with. Thank you! "
" Great! Helpful. Can vary accent very well. A definite yes! "
" Great! "
" A terrific scene partner who gives excellent notes. "
" Stephan is awesome and gives great feedback! :) "
" Amazing reader and give great notes:) "
" He’s awesome! "
" Great as always! One of my go to's on here. His notes are always spot on. "
" Great as always! One of my go to's. "
" So wonderful!! "
" A great reader with patience and keen eyes "
" Stephan was such a fantastic reader! He gave me such on target feedback and was everything I could’ve asked for in a scene partner. I hope to connect again soon. "
" Kind and suppportive. A Great Reader! Thank you! "
" Great reader...great notes. Fun time. "
" Awesome reader and very versatile "
" So wonderful and awesome and patient and very supportive-great with accents and multiple roles "
" Stphan was great. good insights. patient with the process and great notes. Dankashun! "
" Awesome "
" Great Reader and easy to work with. Highly recommend. "
" Great reader - smart insights / notes "
" The besstttt "
" Very good suggestions for the scene. SO lucky to have him read with me! "
" Terrific scene partner! Experienced pro who can give notes that bring the scene to a nice grounded realism. Definitely book him! "
" Always great thank you !!! "
" This guy is the the shit! Best constructive feedback ever. I'll be looking for him next time too. "
" Very Patient and easy-going. "
" Stephan really came thru on a great movie audition. Thx brother "
" Stephan is a solid actor and great reader. "
" Amazing reader, very patient and helpful! "
" Amazing "
" He was awesome helping me with an audition "
" Stephan totally took the time to really excavate the script and flesh out the circumstances and character on the spot. I feel so confident in this submission after working with him. "
" Love reading with Stephan!!! gives me such good energy every time! "
" Stephen was great and very patient with my multi take session. "
" Awesome reader! "
" Stephan is a kick ass reader. He is fun to play with and gives great notes. "
" Great reader and helped call out a key shift in the scene! "
" Great to work with! "
" Always great working with stephan. knows how to coach and read quite well and understands how to bring out nuances. book him! "
" Really helpful ARTIST who helped explore different angles and deeper layers. "
" Always does a great job. Answered questions that I had. Strongly recommend. "
" This guy is my go-to from now on. Booked one show with him already. Lets get this one "
" Amazing Reader!!! "
" Awesome again! "
" Stephan was great as both a reader and as a coach. Thanks so much. Def would recommend. "
" This man is a terrific reader- a gem "
" Awesome. great notes "
" Great help and good to ask questions too. "
" Always great "
" Awesome!!! "
" Awesome as always! "
" Lovely, insightful, patient and a pleasure "
" Stephan is always easy going and fun to work with. "
" Stephan is awesome! He gives great notes, feedback, and is fun. "
" Thx Stephan for an awesome session. "
" Thank you! Excellent reader. "
" Great thank you! "
" Great reader! Great actor "
" Always great working with Stephan. "
" Bestest "
" Solid reader with great notes and feedback "
" Stephan is an awesome reader. Super helpful and gives great feedback. "
" Great reader! "
" Thanks Stephan for a good session. good reader! wonderful energy and good feedback! "
" Thank you Stephan! "
" Stephan knows how to make a scene interesting. Nuanced. Super patient and a great reader as well. Thank you for your time. "
" Wonderful "
" Really great and super professional "
" Wonderful working with Stephan! He was supportive and allowed me to work in the way I needed in order to do my best work on my self-tape. Highly recommend working with him! "
" Wonderful "
" Lovely man and reader. Thanks for your time, Stephan! "
" Stephan is the absolute best. so giving and so sharp. RAVE REVIEW "
" Wonderful. "
" Really great ! Thank you ! "
" Super helpful! Lots of suggestions and willing to play. Thank you! "
" Stephan is full of ideas. Can color a scene and influence my choices. "
" Stephan is great. Great reader, actor, and has an excellent eye for transitions. "
" Stephan was epic!! Had an off day and he was so patient and helpful getting me through it. Nice to have someone that gets it "
" Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much, worked with me like a champ on a very technical scene "
" Really helpful, great notes and loved collaborating to come up with ideas. Great reader! thank you Stephan! "
" Great reader and he gave me some great ideas!! "
" Great at coaching and interpreting!!!!! "
" Always great!! "
" Really helpful in looking t the script and figuring out what is absolutely necessary to execute the story and coming up with ideas. Thank you so much. "
" Absolute pleasure to work with as always! "
" Brilliant reader and great notes! Thank you! "
" What an awesome first experience using WeAudition! This is truly a saving grace, finding the perfect reader right on the spot! Stephan was extremely helpful, he gave great feedback and suggestions about adjustments for the scene. As well, Stephan was very patient in working with me and allowing me to set up my self tape. Thank you! "
" Gave some really great notes and feedback! Thank you!! "
" Great! Solid notes, very helpful coaching! 5***** for sure! "
" Absolutely excellent! 10/10!! "
" Always the best "
" Great direction, great patience, highly recommend! "
" Amazing coach and reader! immediately gives great and helpful feedback to incorporate into the scene. Thank you Stephan! "
" Great reader and coach! Had very good tips and was able to get a bunch of really solid takes with his help. "
" Stephan was a pleasure to work with. added a ton of value to my self tape! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Wonderful! "
" Great session! "
" Stephan is a fantastic reader who offers great suggestions that activate the scene! Loved working with him, highly recommend! "
" Stephan was awesome! Super helpful and had great advice. I had a time crunch and he helped me get good tapes fast! "
" Great reader and actor. Just what I needed to workshop my scenes. Gave great notes/ adjustments. Thanks! "
" Great reader! Wonderful notes and adjustments. "
" Amazing reader and so helpful!! "
" Awesome thank you for your help "
" Super great! "
" Great reader and very patient, thanks Stephan "
" Stephan helped me crush my tape and even gave me a few adjustments. Great reader! "
" Amazing reader. great actor and super patient. tnx friend! "
" Stephen was such a great coach for my scene! Gave me lots to play with and asked great questions about my character. Will deffs book with him again! "
" Great reader!! "
" Always wonderful!! "
" Stephan was so great! We were just working through a few scenes and got to bounce some ideas back and forth. Will definitely work with him again! "
" Stephan was fantastic. Jumped right in and had great thoughts on the scene. Look forward to working with him again! Thanks, Stephan "
" Could not have done it without Stephans notes and coaching! He was great! "
" Stephen was so great. Energetic and chill. Great reader. Will book again (hopefully). "
" Loved working with Stephan! Thank you! "
" THANK YOU!!!! I was so tired from being on set but I had to push myself to get into character for my audition. Stephan pushed me and helped me breakdown my scene. I'm soooo thankful! "
" Always patient and super helpful! "
" So so patient and insightful. Thanks, Stephan! "
" Thank you! "
" Great reader! Highly recommend! "
" Stephan was awesome. Super patient, really taking time to break down the little details of the scene. We ran the scene a bunch of different ways, we did some improv. Overall, really happy with the scene we got at the end. Would highly recommend! "
" Awesome reader and great feedback! "
" Stephan was great. Had some rock solid notes for me. Thank you Stephan! "
" Great reader. Love the adjustments. see you soon! "
" Stephan is amazing, So much good info advice on my scenes. So knowledgable. Would love to book him again, "
" Great! "
" Incredible and provided excellent feedback "
" 10/10 5 stars and three thumbs up! "
" Stephan is just brilliant, so professional, super engaged with the material and super friendly. Brilliant suggestions of different choices and ways of viewing the scenes in a new way. Thanks Stephan! "
" Stephan is Stellar! Stephan is totally present and engaged and he coached me for my taping in a very easy and productive he makes it all fun to boot. He's able to get his point across with few words and specific direction. I recommend Stephan highly and would absolutely work with him again! "
" Stephan is a real thinker! I love that in a reader. He has ideas and will ask you about yours. It helps me solidify the scene! "
" Awesome reader and coach "
" Really Cares and Gives Excellent Notes "
" Great work! Thank you so much! "
" Always has great notes! "
" I was so lucky to connect with Stephan on here a second time. He really is amazing, patient, brings SO much experience ans skill to the read. "
" a very generous reader. Loved working with him. Highly recommend. "
" Such a great reader and person! "
" Stephan is so nice to work with. Very patient. Thank you sir! "
" Great reader as always! "
" I keep booking with Stephan as my reader!! Just click him every time. He's the best! "
" Super skilled and committed to helping you find the beats. Highly recommend!! "
" Easy to work with and gave good suggestions! "
" Wonderful insight and questions to delve further into the scene/character. Oh and patient with all the takes I did! Thank you very much Stephan! "
" Stephan was great and very helpful! Definitely will be working with him again. "
" Great helpful reader! "
" Loved working with Stephan! He was a great reader, gave me really useful feedback - highly recommend. "
" Stephan was so wonderful! Excellent reader and really helpful thoughts/adjustments for the scene too. "
" The best "
" So great, really works with you until you get it. "
" Stephan is great! I booked an awesome guest star gig that I taped with him. "
" Great eye "
" Excellent scene parter and coach! Very kind, patient, and super helpful!! Highly recommend!! "
" AMAZING notes that helped me find nuance in the scene!! Had a blast! "
" Awesome notes! "
" Great present reader! "
" So great! "
" So awesome and so helpful! Thank you thank you!! "
" Really great and helpful! "
" Really enjoyed my session! He gives GREAT notes that elevate your work. I’ll definitely seek him out again. "
" Awesome session - thank you so much buddy! "
" Awesome! "
" Stephan was really helpful, got a lot of variations of the scene. Will definitely work with him again. "
" Amazing reader who is able to assist in breaking down a scene! "
" So helpful with breakdown "
" I was struggling with why my character was there. I KNEW, yet it wasn't coming across. Stephan asked the right questions we talked he and helped me get to that emotional place. I cannot thank him enough. "
" Thank you Stephan. Thanks for your help breaking down my script. Great read as usual. "
" Great reader. Lots of good notes "
" Really creative. Knows how to play. Very helpful. Thank you! "
" Really fantastic! Great notes and really helpful on a tough scene! "
" The best!! Stephan helped me tremendously with my callback scenes. I am so grateful to have found him on here. Great with comedy, and redirects. Awesome!! "
" Great! "
" Highly recommend. Stephan was wonderful! Very helpful, professional, friendly, and easy to work with. "
" Amazing professional reader "
" Stephan was great - gave really thoughtful notes that allowed us to play with the scene and find the right energy together. I would highly recommend, especially if you want to run some ideas by someone who has a really good sense for self-tapes! "
" Stephan is great! Very easy to work with, good notes, patient, and professional. "
" Such great ENERGY! "
" Great reader!! "
" Always a pleasure to work with Stephan!! "
" Amazing! "
" Second time around! so good! tnx Stephan! "
" Stephan is a fantastic reader!! Seriously do not hesitate to work with him. Helped me SO much with my comedy beats.!! -) "
" Great reader and analyzer! "
" Stephan is such a wonderful reader! Pays attention to details but also easy going! Thank you, Stephan! "
" Amazing reader who gives wonderful insight! "
" Always the best working with Stephan!! "
" Amazing reader, such helpful notes, thanks again Stephan! "
" Really great- helped me work through the beats and get exactly where I wanted to be. "
" Stephan was soooo helpful with a tape i had to do ASAP. he read great, got the ton immediately and had great tips as well! very Intelligent and knows his shit. tnx man! "
" Stephan is a great reader and super easy to work with! "
" Stephan was very helpful getting me set up on We Audition, and gave stellar advice as well! I highly recommend him as a reader and coach. "
" Great reader! Super knowledgable with co-stars, thanks so much Stephan! "
" Great reader! Gave helpful feedback as well. "
" Great reader! "
" Stephan was kind and amazing. This was extremely helpful. "
" Excellent reader with incredible insights! "
" Stephan was terrific to read work with! He is a great reader with excellent insights and a very lovely person. "
" Great energy! Great notes! Great reader! Highly recommend "
" Stephan was so so helpful! He made my two-liner scene come to life and made great suggestions. So grateful! "
" Always a pleasure working with Stephan! So good at providing redirects & suggesting interesting choices. "
" Stephan was so awesome! Very natural! "
" Amazing to work with. KNOWS his stuff and makes it a friendly environment to explore and find your best take "
" Thank you very much! Great notes, helped me with all that I was looking for and more! "
" So helpful. He understands the work and knows how to give valuable feedback. "
" Stephan is one of my favorite readers on here, full stop. <3 "
" I appreciated Stephan's feedback and expertise! "
" Super fun, asked great questions and was a huge asset in bringing out different colors in the scene! "
" Stephan was incredible!! Asked great questions and gave awesome directions. Hope to work again soon! "
" Super insightful and lots of help preparing for an audition! Had some really good notes for my take on the scene. "
" Needed help with a German accent, and Stephan was a fantastic help and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended! "
" Really good reader "
" Great read with Stephan. Thank you for all your help and tips for my self-tape. "
" Great read & suggestions! "
" Great reader! Good suggestions, gently offered. Highly recommended! "
" Great reader "
" Stephan is an excellent reader! He was incredibly patient and provided helpful feedback which took my character to another level! Highly recommend working with him! "
" I was exited to have Stephan as my reader again. He really works the intricate details of the script. He is very patient and even helps out with any technical problems I have with the self tape process. I’m so relieved after having a solid session with him. He definitely has the actor’s best interest in producing a professional audition. I highly recommend Stephan for all self tape. "
" Very supportive with lots of good ideas to bring the scene to life! Always a pleasure:) "
" Helped with German accent and German humor notes, good to start right away working. "
" Stephan was patient and helpful he had some wonderful notes that really helped me to make a bit of a tricky transition with my character and ended up with a very successful read "
" Super helpful!!!! Thanks so much! "
" Very helpful! Stephan was great at catching my little tiny errors when I was attempting to memorize for a theatre audition. "
" Outstanding reader!!! Specific notes which helped me to build the character with each take. Absolutely recommend Stephan is you want someone to challenge you and dig deeper into the script for a fully realized self-tape/rehearsal. "
" Very nice! Had great advice and helped me understand the scene a bit better. "
" Great read..Thanks for the great suggestions. "
" Always an excellent reader and offers solid scene suggestions! "
" Such a great reader!! And even got a coaching out of it!! Thank you so, so much!! "
" Always a pleasure to work with Stephan! So glad he was available for a quick but very helpful rehearsal. "
" Great reader and coach! Really goes through the scene with you and helps when you need it "
" Stephen is SO fun to work with - super creative and fun to bounce ideas around with!!! "
" Terrific reader. Very helpful! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome Reader!! WIll definitely use again!!! "
" Stephan was really helpful and amazing!! "
" Good read and very easy to work with. "
" Great "
" Friendly, professional, committed! Absolutely loved working with! "
" Fantastic- wonderfully talented and game to jump in. Also offered thoughts on the material & character which I really appreciated. "
" Stephan was so wonderful! I will definitely be working with him again. He was patient and encouraging and incredibly supportive. He offered great notes and suggestions and I loved his overall demeanor. He was incredibly easy to work with -- highly suggest working with him! "
" Stephan is the man! "
" Very helpful actor "
" Stephan is great! Very personable and he helped me see something in the script that I did not character was speaking at the same time as his character. He is a true professional - patient & I will look for him again to rehearse. "
" Stephan is just such a fantastic reader. Offered a few very specific notes that really helped. He really brought everything to the read. A++ "
" Great coach and reader! Gave me awesome ideas to play with in my scene "
" I was struggling with some action in my scene and Stephan had some really great notes. So glad I worked with him on my audition! "
" Awesome - thanks! "
" Amazing reader and great feedback, intuitive & super helpful! "
" Stephan is an excellent acting coach and analyzes the script well. He has a good knowledge of our craft and gives excellent notes. I had fun. we worked for 2 and 1/2 hours and he was generous with his time and attention. I highly recommend Stephan as a reader and coach for your next audition. "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Excelllent insight into the scene and very patient and supportive!! Thank you Stephan! "
" Fantastic reader! Thanks for your help, Stephan. "
" Excellent reader with good analysis skills. Very helpful in working through a complex script! "
" Amazing! I'm literally just using this site as a tool and I'm so glad that I met Stephan. He gave great feedback and I'm very happy with the outcome. "
" So professional and so wonderful "
" Stephan was super helpful! He was a great reader and offered very helpful directions. Worked with me until I felt good about my takes. Definitely recommend him! "
" Superb. Great notes. "
" GReat "
" Great reader and amazing script analyzer with such good directions. Thanks so much Stephan!! "
" Wonderful reader! Easygoing, natural, and open. "
" Stephan really helped me with a last minute audition! And he offered me great advice in a pinch! He was great! "
" Excellent energy and fun to work with. Good script ideas too!! Thanks loads, Stephan! "
" Very helpful and great reader. Stephan had great notes and ideas for how to tape. "
" Book Stephan... what are you waiting for ;) "
" Brilliant stuff. Thanks Stephan :) "
" Helpful, friendly reader. Great to work with. "
" Stephen was great! Great ideas and enjoyed putting his ideas into the work. "
" Stephen was a pleasure to work with; encouraging, enthusiastic & full of great notes to push me further as an actor. Thank you. "
" Stephan really helped me pick out key moments and words in my scene and it added so much! He was patient and gave great direction when I asked for it. Mahalo Stephan! "
" So helpful "
" Stephan is awesome. Thank you for your help! "
" Fantastic, "
" Excellent reader with great insights. "
" Rehearsal. picture never came up. I was unable to communicate. "
" Stephan is a pro! Great voice, great energy, and awesome reader! "
" Excellent reader! Highly recommend! "
" Excellent!! Great reader, open, kind, what more could you want!? "
" Excellent reader. Really on the ball. "
" Great reader, with so much wisdom and willingness to share that wisdom. thank you so much Stephan for the feedback and taking your time. Much appreciated! "
" Stephan is very patient and helpful and lovely to work with. "
" Stephan was awesome. Had great feedback and was a lot of fun. "
" He gave me a lots of great notes and challenged me. Thank you! "
" Excellent coach! He is very supportive and poised. Thank you "
" Very helpful with rehearsing and breaking down some inner thoughts of the character. Going to do a self tape session later today. "
" Great reader!! Gave amazing tips. Left the session with more confidence than had entering. Thanks, Stephan! "
" Very nice! did several takes and was patient while I worked on the lines. highly recommend. "
" Great job Thank You ! "
" Great reader, patient and fun to work with! "
" Stephan is very insightful, friendly and helpful. A pleasure to work with. "
" Experienced reader with good suggestions "
" Fantastic coach and reader! Stephan is very skilled at breaking down scripts, exploring nuanced moments, and finding interesting takes on characters. He is very present, down to earth, and encouraging. A true gem on this platform. Thank you, Stephan! "
" Truly one of the best actors/coaches i've worked with on here. can't say enough great things. "
" Great! Thank you! "
" Really kind guy !! "
" Stephan was an exemplary rehearsal partner and I hope I'm able to rehearse with him again. "
" Great session. can't say enoug "
" Simply an amazing person who is willing to play and assist in any way he can. Thank you so much. "
" Stephan, I cannot THANK YOU enough for letting me play. THIS is what you do - Create! Your character insight, scene breakdown, and most of all your warm patience are one of a kind. THANK YOU immensely! "
" Wonderful, smart, great feedback and patient with me. A lovely actor. "
" Stephan was great! He gave me really good advice, and was very kind. I'll definitely would work with him again. "
" Amazing advice, so helpful, highly recommend!!!! "
" Stephan totally re-energized my read. Always great working with him. "
" Stephan was great and really helpful "
" Stephan is amazing! Such a nice, kind reader, gave me some great suggestions, and overall made me feel confident and relaxed. Thank you, Stephan! "
" Amazing. "
" He is an amazing reader and gives good advice! "
" VERY HELPFUL and intuitive-thanks Stephan! "
" Very helpful and willing to do several run-throughs. Thanks Stephan! "
" Great reader! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Great notes. Very good and helpful reader. "
" Great reader and coach. Gives great feedback and very helpful on how to build the scene. "
" Thank you!! Amazing reader xx "
" The way Stephan gave feedback felt like he was coaching me and it was so wonderfully helpful! Thanks so much! "
" Fantastic scene partner! Easy to work with and offers great insight. "
" Fantastic reader! "

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