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Hi there!

As your reader, I'm here as a safe space for you to do as many takes as you need to until you feel like you've got the lines down or the perfect takes to send in!

When I read, I want to live in the scene as much as you so you can respond organically. I can offer feedback and suggestions if you'd like - but more importantly, we'll have fun playing with the scenes!

I started out doing Vietnamese soap operas as a series regular for 40 episodes, trained at Margie Haber Studios, UCB and Line Runner Tapes and work as a commercial/print casting assistant. Recently I had the honor of being named as WeAudition's ONES TO WATCH for the 2023 Cannes Film Festival!

• DISNEY NDA Film (premiering 2024)
• HULU Clock (2023)
• NBC Magnum P.I. (2023)
• ABC Will Trent (2023)
• ABC General Hospital
• CBS Equalizer
• HALLMARK Hidden Gems
• FOX Monarch
• HULU Bite Size Halloween: Trespassers S3/E20
• ALLBLK Covenant

And by the way, ALL of these roles were booked with different readers on WeAudition so I love using the platform as both actor and reader!

Also, I'm fluent in Vietnamese so for anyone who needs helps with Vietnamese sides, chơi lưôn nha!

Looking forward to reading with ya!

TO BOOK AHEAD, e-mail me at
VENMO @Isabelle-Du

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Isabelle Du is known for Will Trent (2023), Magnum P.I. (2023) and Hidden Gems (2022)

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315 Reader Reviews

" Isabelle is a great reader took her time and give me great feedback thanks !! "
" Always a blast to read with Isabelle - thanks for the help! "
" Really great! "
" The pro-est of the pros ! Isabelle is the best! "
" Great reader and gave really helpful feedback! "
" Isabelle was a very quick study and wonderful to work with! "
" Such a professional, very easy to work with. "
" Isabelle is the best! A total pro! Great energy, great pacing! Highly recommend! "
" Fantastic reader! Had an open scene and we played with it in many different ways. She was on point every time and had some wonderful ideas. Thank you! "
" Super specific with the notes and really appreciated Isabelle's patience. Thanks!!! "
" Fantastic as always. "
" Fantastic reader! Great timing for comedy. "
" Great reader with solid feedback "
" Awesome reader!! Thanks Isabelle! "
" Isabelle went above and beyond to help me with my self tapes, she offered really helpful advice and we had a blast working on my (daunting) scenes! "
" Amazing!!! helpful and calming "
" Isabelle is all in from the start. I felt so comfortable and open while doing my audition with her. She had great notes and I was able to play with different ideas for my character and the scene. I easily got multiple takes that I was happy to submit. Thank you Isabelle! "
" Super nice and helpful! "
" Isabelle is an absolute star -- and far more adept at self-taping than I -- even after all this time. She nailed our mother-daughter relationship in THE MUSIC MAN, and made several insightful suggestions to switch-up the takes we were doing. I hope we get the chance to work together again. Thanks, Isabelle! "
" Perfect reader! Helpful, and great! Thanks! "
" Isabelle is such a fantastic reader! Great suggestions, and very supportive, thanks for all your help! "
" Isabelle is a joy to work with. In addition to being a more-than-able scene partner, she gave me weveral enchanting ideas for bringing this scene to life. Such a mother-daughter relationship! Thanks so much. "
" Amazing reader and coach! "
" Love her! Solid advice for my live audition coming up, she really helped me get there emotionally and also helped figure out the technical side. "
" Super helpful reader, and gave great direction when asked!! "
" Isabelle is awesome!! Such a great experience to work with her. "
" Very helpful and friendly "
" Literally a gem of a human. I only want to read with her from now on tbh "
" Awesome Reader!!! "
" Amazing as usual "
" Great reader and helper-outer! "
" Isabelle was awesome ! Great energy, good notes and wonderful all around !! "
" Awesome! "
" Awesome! "
" Incredible! Wonderful reader and energy. Thank you! "
" Always always a great reader, gave so many wonderful ideas and was wonderful. "
" Fantastic! "
" Great reader, great notes - five stars! Thanks Isabelle! "
" Great reader as always! "
" First time working with Isabelle, and what a treat. Immediately dived into a very complex, dynamic scene and was so nuanced you'd think she'd had the script for days. Definitely pick her! "
" Such a pro! Glad I clicked the button for Isabelle! "
" Isabelle was a wonderful reader! "
" AMAING!! so kind, lovely, helpful, all around spectacular! "
" Took direction very well! "
" Isabelle is direct and encouraging. gave amazing notes that gave the scene so many more layers. thank you! "
" Great reader. Very chill and laid back and super easy to work with. Highly recommend! "
" Thank you so much it was a pleasure working with you!! Give great directions and awesome suggestions always a pleasure thank you!! "
" Wonderful! Great help. Thanks Isabelle! "
" Excellent notes and a giving scene partner "
" Great reader! Incredibly patient and provides extremely useful feedback! "
" Isabelle is awesome! Thank you so much!! "
" Loved working with Isabelle - patient, encouraging, great ideas! "
" Isabelle was so kind and such a great reader! She brought great energy! "
" Second time reading with Isabella, this time preparing for the callback that I received after she helped me with my initial tape! She gives great great feedback and I love working with her. "
" Amazing yet again! Great notes and and always game to play with the text "
" Really helpful feedback. I can tell that she is an experienced actress. "
" Isabelle is an awesome reader! Great attitude! Great pacing! "
" Super kind and generous and enthusiastic! Thanks Isabelle! "
" Awesome reader, very very very helpful, and great notes! "
" Honestly, the best haha "
" Isabelle Thankyou so much 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 amazing read "
" Isabelle was great! Friendly, effective, good reader and a great coach! Thank you Isabelle! "
" Isabelle was soo great! She was able to see what I brought to my scenes and helped to enhance it! Definitely one of my favourite people on here :) "
" Thank you "
" One of my favorites, a true pro..lucky to have her help! "
" Isabelle was an awesome reader. Great tips for commercial. Helped me make a difficult commercial audition shine :) "
" Amazing amazing amazing notes. I truly believe we got the best takes together. Will absolutely be reaching back out again. "
" INCREDIBLE. So patient, so much amazing advice, and just went above and beyond. Cannot thank you enough. "
" Wonderful! and such great notes too! thank you. :) "
" I LOVE Isabelle! When she'd on here, I always book her :) "
" So wonderful! An awesome reader who gave good insights into the scene as well!!! "
" Super patient and sweet "
" So sweet! So Amazing! Thank you! "
" SOOOOOO LOVELY! Down to clown and get into it with you loved her! "
" Gave insightful advice! amazing reader, highly recommend (: "
" Isabelle is a fantastic source of knowledge and puts huge significance on collaboration! Loved working with her! "
" Helped me power through 5 scenes today woo hoo!! TY "
" One of the best! "
" Isabelle was super patient and gave great and useful notes. Can't wait to work again! :)) "
" AMAZING!!!! "
" 10000 stars from beginning to end. I've had countless readers and it doesn't get better than Isabelle. "
" Such an incredible help! Offered so much valuable insight and helped me to find different layers (and make more sense of) the scene. So thankful! "
" Really excellent help. Great pacing and helpful tips. Thanks again! "
" Beyond Amazing!!! Had perfect notes when requested and stayed such a strong cheerleader while also being so clear, observant and truthful. 10/10 would recomend! "
" Great!!!! "
" So glad to have connected! Will use Isabelle again in the future!! "
" Wonderful reader! great notes! "
" Awesome! "
" ISABELLE!!!!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! A+++. MVP!!!! "
" I only go to Isabelle for my self tapes. She gave me several notes that completely elevated my audition to a place I didn't even think about! The absolute greatest coach and friend Thank you girl!!! "
" The best! "
" Very awesome and so helpful "
" Highly recommend! Thanks for sharing insights from your experience with the show! :) "
" Great notes! Super helpful!! "
" Reader amazing! We Audition sound terrible "
" Gave GREAT notes!!! "
" Excellent READER & COACH, really helped me flesh out my character. Thank you!!!!! "
" Complete Pro! Will def use again "
" It was like working with a reader and a coach at the same time. An amazing person to work with. I'm a big fan and I'm grateful to have found Isabelle. "
" Isabelle is a real pro -- upbeat, insightful, supportive. A fantastic reader! "
" Amazing as always! "
" Isabelle is always the best!! Total pro as always "
" :) "
" Such a pleasure to read with! Gave great suggestions and notes too! "
" Isabelle is my secret weapon! I only come to her for reading/coaching because she is the best! Experienced, talented, and sweet just an amazing performer. I couldn't have done this without you! Thank you always! "
" I book with Isabelle because she is awesome "
" Such a great reader so patient so supportive so fun and so helpful. Thank you for the comedy notes, they really helped A LOT "
" Phenomenal reader and coach. Easy to work with. Highly recommend! "
" Isabelle is a delight to work with! She’s got great energy, brings a lot to the script, and gives very thoughtful notes. Highly recommend working with her "
" She's such an amazing human and coach! Her instincts are fire and she kindly offers notes and ideas if you want them! "
" Isabelle is a 5 star reader with excellent insight into whether you are on the right track or need some slight adjustments. She’s a pro and you always learn from the best! "
" Genius ideas, boundless energy! Isabelle is INCREDIBLE, guys!!! She gave my scene a whole other life! "
" So supportive, kind, and talented. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback and giving me a little confidence boost when I was being really hard on myself. Such an angel! Will book again. "
" Great reader, great notes gives you spaces to play and let things unfold. would recommend "
" Isabelle please coach me through everything forever until I die. I adore you. SO much fun, and such great help! Thank you thank you! "
" Such a great reader and gave incredible tips for giving some more life to my scene. Can't wait to work with her again! "
" Isabelle is a joy to work with. Highly recommend her! "
" Isabelle is always the best! "
" Isabelle was so lovely and generous! She was very supportive and gave awesome feedback! "
" Isabelle is an AMAZING reader and coach! she was so patient with me. I had so much fun "playing" with her :) definitely will read with Isabelle again! "
" Isabelle is top notch!! Has such smart notes to give you more layers in the scene. "
" Fantastic reader so much fun working with you. "
" I always love working with Isabelle! So sweet and gives a great read everytime! "
" Isabelle is fantastic to work with. Kind, professional, patient and extremely adept at picking out opportunities to polish and add nuances to each reading. Extremely helpful - strongly recommend you work with her. "
" Great reader. She's engaging, positive, and knows her stuff. I would happily work with her again! "
" Just the bestest....the warmest soul, energetic reader, and spot on with the feedback. If she's on, I'm booking her without hesitation! "
" Isabelle is my Ace! "
" Wonderful! "
" Great! a true delight! "
" I had to do a retake and Isabelle was so wonderful and patience! "
" Isabelle was excellent and gave some good tips!! "
" Amazing reader. Will definitely book Isabelle again! "
" Isabelle is super lovely, patient and attentive! "
" Thank you! "
" It's been a while since I've used this service but was so incredibly relieved to see Isabelle available because I've worked with her before and know she was going to get my scene where it needed to be. Thank you so much! "
" AMAZING!!! So wonderful, kind, gave great ideas and was so supportive! "
" So fantastic and gave great direction! "
" AMAZING!! Can not recommend Isabelle enough. She gave great notes and advice. She was also a pleasure to work with. 5 STARS! "
" Great Reader! "
" Isabelle is always amazing. "
" Isabelle is one of the greatest things to happen for me on Weaudition! Such an amazing actor, coach, and director. Just had a big audition and she gave me Fantastic suggestions and notes to really make my self tape POP! As always Thank you for making me better!! "
" Tons of great suggestions when reading. Will work with Isabelle again "
" Really helped elevate my audition. Thanks so much! "
" Great instincts and very friendly! "
" Isabelle is so lovely and came with FANTASTIC alternatives to do the scene- highly recommend! "
" Isabelle is wonderful!! Gave me such amazing notes and was so kind and easy to work with!! Thank you <3333 "
" Isabelle is one of my FAVOURITE readers! She is such a phenomenal actress and a gorgeous person. She always helps me create the best and most fun work!!! "
" Isabelle is the GREATEST! I just love working with her so much. The amount of things I learn from her and just her overall talent and eye is truly a privilege to be able to experience. She gives you the confidence to make choices and ultimately be your authentic self on camera. I consider myself lucky to even work with her and you will too!! "
" Isabelle is amazing! So insightful and kind! "
" One of my favorite readers everrrrr. Total pro!! We're always up against a deadline and she nails it! "
" Great read, helpful suggestions! "
" Isabelle is absolutely committed to helping you do your best work. It's always a treat to work with her and benefit from her energy and insights and looking forward to next time! Thank you!! "
" Great reader Just jumped into character on first read WOW! Made sure I had it and used all my time! "
" Isabelle is so sweet and ready work! Lovely to work with "
" Amazing to work with! Highly recommend! "
" Great to work with! "
" Really helpful as a reader and fantastic suggestions. Highly recommend! "
" So, so helpful and great at coaching! I was so rushed with this deadline, but I look forward to working with Isabelle again and have more time with her, to get some coaching through my performance!! Highly recommend! "
" Ugh, the best reader I've had....thank you so much!!! "
" Isabelle was a great reader and had really great observations and thoughts on the material, and didn't mind giving me notes when I asked for her input. Thank you Isabelle! "
" Awesome energy and extremely helpful. Definitely will work with her again and am more confident in my audition! "
" Isabelle is the best! Had so much fun playing with her! :) "
" Isabelle has an awesome personality. Very warm and helpful. She gave me some really great small little notes that brought the scene up to a whole other level. Would definitely work with her again. "
" She was so patient with me, helping me loosen up and finding fun in the work. Thank you. "
" Isabelle is fantastic....great reader!! "
" Isabelle was super helpful and made me feel comfortable doing an awkward scene. She had great notes to strengthen my performance as well :) "
" So wonderful, pleasant, got the tone right away and had great ideas! "
" Amazing as always!! "
" Isabelle is amazing as always!! Pro!! "
" Wonderful reader!! She was so positive and gave amazing feedback! Thank youuuuuuu! "
" Isabelle was so helpful and had great ideas for the specific genre I was working on. Always great to work with her! "
" Isabelle is so great! Jumped right into my scene and really played with me throughout the session. Love working with Isabell! "
" So helpful and kind! "
" Such great notes! An amazing reader with patience and graciousness "
" She's a great reader!! Loved her energy and playfulness! "
" Isabelle is incredible! Professional, kind, giving, and quick. One of the best readers I have worked with on this site. Book her! "
" I really don't know who I love more Isabelle or Weaudition. Probably Weaudition because if it wasn't for them I would never have met Isabelle!! Man, talk about a true artist and partner in the scene. Someone with so much enthusiasm and talent that you really can't help but have fun and be at your best. A complete joy. Thank you Isabelle you truly helped elevate my audition to the next level! "
" Fantastic!! Great feedback!! "
" Isabelle added a lot of value to my self-tape! I'm glad we got to work together "
" Isabelle is one of my faves! As a person, as an actor and of course as a reader! I can't say enough good things about her! :) "
" Isabelle is so so helpful and an amazing reader! Honestly couldn't have done this one without her. "
" Oh man Isabelle is the best!! So much helpful energy and insight, so on point. Total pro "
" Lovely reader and great advice "
" Very friendly and gave really helpful tips! "
" OMG Isabelle is SO GOOD! She is an accomplished actor herself who books and gets pinned regularly. The suggestions she gave me for my scene were BEYOND great! She is something special! Book her!!! "
" Isabelle is an absolutely STELLAR reader, super patient and chock full of fun ideas to elevate your takes! Will absolutely use again, BOOK THEM! "
" Great "
" Wow loved Isabelle's energy and connection. Also, so encouraging! I'll definitely be back! "
" Awesome as always! "
" So lovely!Great energy and knowledge within the industry. Super helpful with tips and helping you achieve THAT audition :) Thank you! "
" Fantastic! One of the best! "
" Once again...great audition partner! "
" Isabelle is a godsend. She is so nice and gives amazing input. Book time with her!! You won't regret it. "
" Isabelle was not only a great reader, but really helped me understand the scene and gave several options in terms of ideas! very sweet too <3 "
" GREAT feedback! "
" Very helpful, professional, courteous and efficient. "
" Great, easy reader to connect! "
" Isabelle was FANTASTIC! Amazing reader and had really great notes. She even helped me with the Vietnamese portion of my script! Would most definitely recommend. Thanks so much again girl you the best! xoxoxo "
" Such a wonderful experience working with Isabelle. Great actor! Thanks Isabelle! "
" Isabelle has a great energy, great delivery, and is with you every step of the way. Thank you Isabelle! "
" Isabelle is amazing. So kind and great support. Absolutely recommend. "
" Isabelle was amazing to work with, she had great suggestions and feedback. She has a great sense of story. Highly recommend :) "
" Isabelle is the bestest....consummate professional. Awesome personality and awesome feedback every time! Lucky to get to work with her! "
" Simply a rockstar. Thanks so much, Isabelle!! "
" Isabelle, thank you so much ! You are amazing to work with so glad we have connected. Brooke Timber "
" Amazing !!!! "
" Great reader! Helped me to work through the scenes to provide options. "
" Thanks Isabelle, for great read and feedback, book her guys!!! "
" Awesome reader! great pacing and super helpful. 10 out of 10 "
" Great reader "
" Great reader! So friendly and helpful. "
" Great reader! Awesome insight and energy! "
" Wonderful, patient reader and actress. Thank you! "
" Isabelle was super patient and offered some great suggestions to get me unstuck!! "
" Isabelle is amazing, so patient and kind! "
" Kind, patient and helpful. "
" Amazing! She gave me great direction to play with scene. She was very helpful and patient with me. "
" I love her! She gave me awesome direction and we even tried different versions of the scene.. "
" Super easy to work with and great direction, thank you!! "
" Awesome! Jumped right in! Kept up with pace for my scene which was *praise hands emojis.* Thank you Isabelle! "
" Was very patient when I wanted to do multiple tapings and offered a lot of help advice. Would definitely work with again. "
" Great reader! great notes and amazing presence! "
" I chose Isabell because of the glowing reviews and was not disappointed! SHE ROCKED! Super funny and kind and patient with incredible insights...even challenged me to break habits and try new things! "
" Isabelle was absolutely amazing! Fabulous actress, thank you so much! "
" Fantastic reader with helpful notes! "
" Isabelle helped me have a breakthrough as an early actor. She is an amazing reader but her feedback as a scene partner might be even better. If I have success as an actor, my time working with her will be one of the reasons I have the skills needed to be the best version of myself and the character that I'm playing. "
" You get it all with this woman. Amazing actress, good direction and lots of fun during the process. Thanks Isabelle! "
" So nice! "
" So friendly, so helpful. She really helped me dig into the levels of the scene. "
" Great energy and great to work with "
" Isabelle is the sweetest! Not only is she incredibly talented, but she is so supportive and positive- she really makes the experience feel comfortable and fun. I will absolutely be booking Isabelle in the future, and I can't recommend her enough! (: "
" Isabelle is a great reader! Super friendly and helpful! "
" I can't say enough about how unbelievably generous Isabelle is... Highly, highly recommend! Thank you so much for helping me today! "
" She is so helpful! Excellent reader- very patient! Thank you!! "
" So great! Gave me some awesome advice on being a reader and the Atlanta market. "
" She is patient and insightful! "
" Excellent reader, direction and support. Aces. "
" Amazing reader! "
" Isabelle is an incredibly generous reader with excellent feedback as well. My new favorite. Work with her! "
" Isabelle is a gem, gave me great direction and advice! Will be seeing her again:)) "
" Isabelle is absolutely wonderful, as always!!! "
" Isabelle is a wonderful actor and partner. She'll help you do your best work "
" Gives great notes and super helpful! "
" Huge help! Thank you! "
" Great Advice!! Nice perspective, which helped me get the right perspective! "
" Isabelle is an incredible reader! Patient, understanding, and generous with her time. She gave me useful feedback and offered insights I hadn’t thought of in my prep. I can’t believe she does this for free. Thank you, Isabelle! "
" Isabelle was so great!!!!! Loved working together! So many valuable tips!!! And beautiful personality as well!!! "
" My savior "
" Isabelle was great - lots of great ideas, very quick in getting up to speed and a delightful reader! "
" Isabelle was very kind, sweet, helpful, and insightful! She gives wonderful notes to add different flavors to the script! "
" Great person to read with. Was very helpful in giving notes on performance. "
" Real, truthful and knows her stuff. Highly Recommend. Amazing Reader! "
" Isabelle is the greatest and one of my go to readers. Always helpful and supportive. "
" A real pleasure working with Isabelle! So kind, generous, and talented! Wonderful insight "
" A+ reader. Provided amazing suggestions that elevated my commercial audition improv :))) "
" Isabelle is so kind, patient, and gives great notes! "
" An excellent reader! "
" Isabelle is my favorite reader. Always kind, supportive and helpful. "
" Amazing to work with!! Great conversation and super sweet!! "
" Thanks so much!! Isabelle was a fantastic reader!! Thank you :) "
" Fantastic Reader! Gave very helpful notes! "
" So fun to play with Isabelle with my audition. She elevated it to another level in the best way. I feel that it is more layered and more fitting for the particular genre/network because of her. I highly recommend her. She is very giving with her time. So glad I had a session with her. "
" Awesome Teacher & Scene Partner! Isabelle went above & beyond in assisting me with my self tape preparation! "
" She is so cheery and helpful! "
" Excellent instincts with the scenes! Great reader. Fun and upbeat to work with ! "
" Truly one of the best I've encountered. A great human, teacher and guide! Thank you! "
" Isabelle is wonderful. She helped me get a lot of discoveries in character and the scene itself. It's always great working with her. Thank you so much Isabelle "
" Simply the best! Smart and clever. Highly recommend if you need to tease out some comedy, figure out your beats, or fine tune some writing. "
" Great notes, super supportive, lots of fun! "
" Great energy! Provided so much more specificity to my audition :) "
" She was AMAZING!! And gave great notes! "
" WOW! The best reader and amazing at giving notes to make your selftape shine! Will definitely connect again! "
" Thanks for rehearsing!! Very great with analyzing characters "
" Such a lovely person to read with and great advice too!!! Thank you!!! "
" Its hard not to read with Isabelle without a full smile on your face. Such grace and intuition as an actor and always spot on with recommendations. Highly recommended! "
" Isabelle is awesome, really great suggestions and discovered a lot working with her. "
" Great reader ready great notes will book again "
" Amazing reader, and scene partner! So grateful for all the feedback and ideas, highly recommend! "
" Super great at giving notes and easy to work with! "
" Isabelle is the TRUTH!!! She jumped right on in as if she already knew the material. Gotta love a fully committed reader! I definitely will be making magic with her again. "
" SO amazing. Gave great feedback and had such a warm energy! "
" Fantastic reader and great actress! "
" Thank you! "
" Very lovely! Thank you for all your help!!!!! "
" Great reader !!! "
" SO FREAKIN' LOVELY! Isabelle helped me find so much new life in the scene and gave me awesome notes to work on. 10/10!!! "
" Great ... good reader follows direction to help. "
" She was amazing "
" AWESOME as always. Book isabele - u wont regret it! "
" So articulate and insightful!! Loved our session! "
" Awesome reader! "
" She's really REALLY talented! Book her. "
" THE BEST! Do yourself a favor and read with Isabelle. So many great directions- so collaborative. Can not highly recommend her enough! "
" Great reader! Very patient and detailed. Thank you, Isabelle! "
" Extremely patient and knowledgeable!! A keen eye for detail! "
" Isabelle is AWESOME! had such insight and really helped me analyze the scene and get a bunch of varied takes "
" She is so AWESOME!!!!!! "
" SO HELPFUL! Gave me so many pointers and was super thorough with all of the details I should focus on. Genuine, talented, and overall amazing! Thank you so much for all your help!!! :) "
" GREAT cold reader! Got the vibe of the scene instantly. It was super easy and fun to work with Isabelle. "
" Such a great and fun reader and helpful with feedback. Thank you. "
" Awesome. Very kind and patient. Great healp "
" Wonderful working with her, really helpful "
" Great scene partner . Gave excellent suggestions and great support. "
" Great reader! Picked up on the scene quickly and gave me something to work off of. Thanks! "
" Isabelle was so helpful! She helped me work through some lines I was having trouble with, and she was super kind and patient. "
" Amazing reader, great notes. Really understands the art of scene analysis! "
" She was an enthusiastic reader, and was into the scene. She also gave unique and creative notes. "

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Will Trent
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Hidden Gems
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Sleepless in Saigon 1972
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The Equalizer
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Bite Size Halloween
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A Quarantined Christmas
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