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Hi ,

My name is Gil Jackson, I am a professional working actor and possess over 2 decades of experience. I am happy to assist to rehearse, get lines learned and off book, as well as facilitate as a reader for self tapes. All the best of greatness to you on your journey.

Feel open to connect with me via email to book me when I am offline at or via Instagram @MrGilJ

All gratuity is appreciated, but not required.

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Gil J

Greetings ,

My name is Gil Jackson. I have worked in Theatre, TV, & Film and have over 2 decades of experience.


Gil Jackson

Rob D'Avola & Associates: Rob D'Avola Theatrical/Commercial/Voiceover: BH Talent

58 Reader Reviews

" Excellent reader Everytime "
" Gil is a fantastic reader! I worked with him on a Pilot callback, and he gave me some awesome new insights. Thanks Gil! "
" Gil is THE nicest guy ever and fantastic reader. Thank you!!! "
" Gil's great. He's tha man! Solid notes and good spirits! "
" Gil was absolutely amazing, this was my first time using this app and he completely exceeded my expectations! He knew exactly the right notes to transform the scene into what fit best on me. He helped me get very specific with my choices and gave me direction that made me really happy with my takes! He also gave me life changing tips for recording and submitting. I had so much FUN! He not only made me feel so comfortable, he made me feel empowered and confident about myself. You’re cheating yourself if you don’t try to work with him at least once! "
" Absolutely love Gil! If you haven't had Gil as a reader, you are seriously missing out! "
" Playful and full of ideas and life! Amazing Reader! "
" Phenomenal Amazing Wonderful as always "
"!!!!! Always a great read! "
" Always a pleasure! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "
" EXCELLENT AND NOTHING LESS. Gave me great notes to make sure my work was layered "
" All the hype is true. 🤩 "
" OMG!!! Thank all the Acting Gods for GIL!!!! "
" Gil was a great reader and also had a positive, affirming attitude!! "
" First time reading with Gil. He is SO good. Great notes, scene analysis, ideas, and so positive. "
" The amazing Gil Jackson always delivers. The lines. lol Thank you "
" This GUY is magical!! And so is my self tape!!! Thank you so much Gil! "
" What an amazing reader. You get talent and so much more with Gil Jackson!!! "
" Gil is probably the best reader on here. His energy is amazing and his notes are top tier. "
" Great session again! "
" Gil gave me a lot of great notes and rehearsed with me all the way until my time was done. Gil gave me a sense of really caring about me doing my best with each take. Will definitely be using Gil in the future. Gil wants to see you win, read with Gil you won't be disappointed. "
" GIL WAS AMAZING!!!! We connected so well and he really had me drop into the scene. The notes that he gave me were spot on. 11/10 recommend! "
" Super great! thank you so much for your help! "
" Gil was a wonderful reader and resource! Gil helped me feel comfortable and dropped in to the scene. Would 100% work with him again! "
" Superb reader!! "
" Gil is so amazing! Speaks so much life! He also helped me to dig deeper into the character! Book with Gil!! "
" Amazing help. Great advice and direction. Thank you Gil "
" Read with Gil! I had such an amazing time working with him. Seriously, a phenomenal actor and coach. He gave me great feedback and helped me understand my character better. "
" Great script breakdown and great advice. A real pro. "
" Great working with Gil. Had some awesome ideas and was a super fun reader. "
" YES! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Amazing!!!!! great notes! inspiring, motivating, will work with again! "
" Such great energy! What a fun read. Will definitely brighten your day "
" Best Read EVER....Gil is super skilled and knowledgeable....most of ALL Attentive and Creative! "
" Gil was simply amazing! His guidance, positive spirit and encouragement got me through a grueling 13 pages like a breeze! I felt so comfortable and trusted that Gil would not let anything less than excellent get through. Plus, we laughed and had a great time as he schooled me with his pearls of wisdom about acting, lighting, sound and self-taping. What a blessing! I know I GOT THIS! :) Rolonda "
" Ah.May.Zing!! Such talent, great notes and a little something extra at the end that I will keep to myself. ;-) Thank you Gil ! "
" Gil has all the magic!! Totally helped me get ready for both my auditions tomorrow! I'm rooted in my character more because of him. Thanks Gil! "
" Gil. Thank you! Gil is a fantastic actor and reader, AND gives super helpful incite. "
" WOW! WOW!WOW! My spirit is sooo full after having Confidence Coaching and coaching for my scene! Gil really helped me bring myself to my character and see the beauty in my self. I will love on little Keisha and sit on my throne as the Queen I AM! Gil is definitely the reader you want to book the JOB! You will leave way better than you came! Thank you Gil for your time and your words! I am a better actor because of YOU! "
" Gil is WONDERFUL! His experience shows, truly great advice and energy working through the scene. Will definitely book him in the future! "
" Literally the best reader ever!!! I was so nervous at first but he really made me feel so comfortable and safe to just have fun playing the character. And he challenged me to go further with my performance. As a result, I finally felt like I was "being" the character and not "acting" the character which produced a more authentic performance. I highly recommend Gil, he's remarkable! "
" Gil is gonna get you out of your comfort zone and into your creative zone, where the magic really happens! "
" Gave the best notes and really helped me improve my scene! "
" Gil isn't just a reader, he's a scene partner and co-conspirator! He'll lead you to the best within yourself and help you shine it outward. Book him and you'll book it! "
" I love working with Gil. He is so amazing!! he really helped me with the lines "
" Gil was a breath of fresh air; my face actually hurts a little from smiling so much. I enjoyed his collaboration immensely. "
" Amazing reader and super helpful...Thank you "
" Great working with Gil. Made the room nice and laid back and comfortable "
" Gil's energy is so amazing and heart-warming! He helped me feel confident and prepped for a film shoot I have the next day. I'm blessed to have chosen him to read with as I'm now feeling very mentally prepared ! Thanks Gil, will definitely read with you again "
" Lovely Gil, gave me insightful notes on the monologue I am rehearsing :) Grazie mille "
" I messed up and got disconnected "
" Gil is such a professional. He reads the part well and is willing to provide you with honest feedback, if requested. It was a pleasure reading with him. I'll definitely request him again. "
" Gil is so sweet and give GREAT NOTES! And Talented actor! "
" Gil is amazing! I loved his energy and great tips ! Thank you Gil!!! "
" Amazing. Great reader, and great notes and suggestions that help you shape the scene. "
" Gil is the best!! If you just need (at the very least) the world's best pep talk, book him!! He's a wealth of knowledge and all about being in the right mindset to take on the acting journey! He's so helpful, kind, and giving, and happy to help you make connections! Thanks, Gil!! "

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