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Hi there! I'm Katy. I'm a trained actor and have been professionally working in Los Angeles since 2015. I love assisting others with their auditions and approach each with the same energy and dedication as if it were my own. With each session, I'll provide a positive and encouraging environment, ensuring that you feel confident and prepared with your sides. Let's get you BOOKED!

I specialize in:
-fast-paced dialogue
-comedic timing
-cold reading
-taking direction
-providing feedback

*Tips are greatly appreciated!* Venmo is preferred (@Katy-Wicker), but I also accept PayPal

If you'd like to book a session in advance, please contact me at either:
IG: @thegreatwicksby


Katy Wicker is a professionally trained actress based in Los Angeles. She has over a decade of film and stage experience and enjoys working as a script reader in her free time.


93 Reader Reviews

" Katy is great! "
" So sweet, patient, and supportive! I had a great time working through my material "
" Positive, upbeat and fun to work with! Read with her! "
" Wonderfully amazing reader that offered insight advice and direction when asked. "
" Great reader "
" Katy is a fantastic reader. Adding her to my favorites! 10/10 "
" Katy is such an awesome reader!! I want to be her friend now. She helped me feel so comfortable in my audition and I feel very confident about the submission. "
" Awesome with cold read and taking direction too - Thank you :-) "
" Awesome! "
" Such an awesome reader. Amazing vibes. Thank you for your notes. "
" Katy was such a pleasure to work with. She was patient, fun and made me comfortable in a pretty vulnerable scene! Thanks Katy "
" Awesome reader! "
" Fantastic to work with!! "
" Katy was awesome, loved reading with her! "
" Amazing reader with great advice! "
" Super sweet and such a safe space to collaborate! "
" Very helpful! Thank you! "
" Amazing reader, HIGHLY recommend!! "
" The person of the hour ❤ "
" Katy came to the rescue once more! Kind, efficient and supportive. The whole package! "
" One of my favorite people to read with. Katy is so good. She can deliver! "
" LOVE HER!!! So patient and easy to work with. Good ideas. great connection "
" Great reader! Really easy to work with. "
" :) "
" SO helpful and kind. Left our session feeling great. (Also found out we're both from Houston!! woo!!) "
" So awesome!! Katy is super sharp, helpful, and supportive :) "
" So helpful and encouraging! "
" Excellent!!!! "
" Katy is always fun to work with! "
" Katy was so great! Has a great sense of comedy and timing. Would love to read with them again soon! "
" Adorable and fantastic reader! "
" Loved working with Katy cant wait to work with her again "
" Very patient, went out of the way to help me complete this long 7 page scenes. Thank you! "
" Great energy, can't wait to read with her again "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always amazing! "
" Katy is incredible!!! Loved working with her! "
" She's my favorite reader by far! Such great energy and great comedic timing! Thank you so much!! "
" Katy's an old friend so I may be biased, but her kindness just shines through. Her feedback and focus helped me so much to make my last-minute self-tape work! Highly recommend!! "
" Good energy "
" LOVE her!!!! So fun and patient. Great ideas. Playful. Great energy. picks up quickly. great feedback "
" Amazing to work with really helped me connect with with my lines and really just helped me out lot!! :) "
" Katy's energy is amazing really helped me elevate my audition!!! "
" Really sweet and professional with great tips and helpful gestures! Did a fantastic job helping me pick takes and breaking down why they were good/better. Thank you, Katy! :D "
" Awesome reader! Great scene partner! "
" Very nice! "
" Great!!! "
" Thanks Katy "
" Great energy and fun to work with! "
" Great work!! "
" Perfection as usual. "
" She was so kind and patient and a super talented actress. Would work with her again in a heartbeat! Thanks, Katy "
" Great "
" Amazing partner and patience. Absolutely looking forward to working with her again. "
" Katy was super sweet and an awesome reader! Thanks for helping me knock this scene out! "
" This gal has read my scene 4 days in a row and still has the same enthusiasm each time. I need to drill and she has been perfect for that. "
" AWSOME reader!! So kind and helpful, can't wait to read with her again! "
" She's awesome! Lively, helpful, patient, and a phenomenal cold reader. She was better than I was and she'd never seen the sides before. She was willing to take direction (not that she needed any) and was open to shooting as many takes as I needed. Her energy and brightness gave me comfort and courage. She's amazing! "
" Katy is one of my favorites to work with on here! She is reliable and I know I can trust her to deliver. "
" She's the best. That's all there is to it. "
" Katy is wonderful!!!! "
" Such a sweetheart and FABULOUS reader! Will absolutely book again. "
" Katy was awesome! Friendly, personable, and a great reader. "
" I loved Katy - She was so kind and helpful and PATIENT. Happy to have her as a reader any time "
" Katy is awesome!! Very patient and encouraging. And a great reader! "
" Excellent read "
" Where does she get her enthusiasm? And a French accent to boot! "
" Very supportive, helpful reader "
" Always great "
" Perfect energy to work with "
" Thank you for your bright energy and enthusiasm! "
" Katy was a great reader.. excellent energy, fun "
" Katy is a great reader. She can do it all. So great to meet you.A+ "
" Katy was great, a kind and supportive reader! "
" Always helpful!! "
" Fantastic reader, great personality, flexible, and lively! "
" Awesome Read! Amazing direction too! "
" Lovely lovely lovely all the way through. Thank you, Katy!! "
" Awesome gem of a find for a reader today! Cold reading skill is on point, and great upbeat energy <3 "
" I love to meet another actor in LA on WeAudition and to have fun doing the tape is a cherry on top of a sundae. Thanks Katy! "
" What a great surprise Katy was to work with! I needed a reader on an audition unexpectedly and she dived right in! I can't wait to work with her again!! "
" Katy's energy is amazing! Sweet and smart and lovely, can't wait to work with her again. "
" Another great session. Her instincts are great. She helped me craft my first moment and she is way more than just a reader. If you invite her to give you feedback, she has a wealth of insight. Super energy. "
" WONDERFUL READER, GREAT ACTRESS, the best energy for real!! Thank you Katy <3 "
" Katy was my first reader and not only did she help me on my script, bringing it to life, but she taught me the ropes of this platform! I just thought she was perfect!Very energetic and enthusiastic. "
" SUCH A SUPERSTAR! Katy was a thoughtful and generous scene partner for my commercial audition. It’s clear that she’s a pro and knows what she’s doing! "
" Lovely reader amazing energy. "
" Katy is the best! So fun to work with. She is passionate, talented and ready to work! Thanks Katy for an awesome session! "
" Wow! an amazing reader! So kind and patient too! "
" Super friendly, present, and positive. Great reader! "

Credits Include

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Stand In
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Mark, Mary & Some Other People
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High School Student
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Buried In the Backyard
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2020 [added]
My Murder Story
2020 [added]
Twisted Love
Choir Member
2020 [added]
Aries Spears Movie Trivia Madness
Bar Patron
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