Kseniya Yumasheva


I'm K.


I'm Sag-Aftra, and UCSC Theater Arts Alum. Happy to help you get off book, rehearse, tape. Can help you with a Russian/Eastern European accent. Fluent in English, Ukrainian, Russian.

Recently, in a national EERO commercial and a short film at Cannes Film Festival 2023.

Feedback upon request only.

Philosophizing is not out of the question either.

Kseniya Yumasheva is known for her work on 13 Reasons Why (2019), Devs (2020) and The Great Venice Robbery (2007).

Kseniya Yumasheva is known for her work on 13 Reasons Why (2019), Devs (2020) and The Great Venice Robbery (2007).

Kathy Muller (Hi)

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" Kseniya had great notes and was such a wonderful supportive and enthusiastic reader! "
" Great reader! Thanks for an awesome session Kseniya! "
" Great reader! book her! "
" Kseniya was awesome! Great reader and she was able to break down the script quickly and help out with the blocks in my work. BOOK her! "
" Excellent natural reader, Kseniya gave great feedback too! "
" So sweet and very helpful! "
" Phenomenal to work with! Really helped me get into character. "
" Very nice reader! Gave me a lot of pointers and tips to make my scene better! Thanks a bunch! "
" Great reader with great ideas "
" Kseniya gives a lot of tips, notes, and feedback! "
" Always awesome to work with! "
" GREAT ENERGY!!!!!! "
" Amazing reader! "
" So sweet, such a great reader, and had awesome notes. Book her!! "
" Thank you!!!! "
" Kseniya was so fun to rehearse with!!! "
" Kseniya is an awesome reader and a delightful person! super helpful! highly highly recommended. "
" Kseniya was great. Gave me a very perceptive note that took the entire scene up a notch. Patient and helpful. "
" Kseniya as a real pleasure to work, she really helped me to break the scene down and think more carefully about the arc of character development and the choices I was making or each line of the rehearsal, and had many constructive critical notes to give throughout the process. We had a lot of fun playing with the lines and working on it together I would highly recommend her : ) "
" Such great energy and guidance! Truly a wonderful reader. :-) "
" Fabulous reader and great notes!! such a help. :) "
" Amaze! "
" Kseniya is a pro and just a cool person. Really glad I was able to connect. Was off-book in no time "
" Kseniya is great! Very Friendly, and flexible and adaptable to different tones and genres. "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Kseniya was awesome! So patient and helpful! "
" She's so great! It was not my day today and she was so patient and supportive :) "
" Had the best time with Kseniya, best reader so far thank you so much <3 great ideas, freedom, personality and above and beyond helpful - could have rehearsed for a lot longer with you! :) "
" Great reader, great collaborator, and very nice and patient! "
" SO Helpful and FUN! "
" Very helpful! "
" Amazing reader - super patient and great choice suggestions "
" WOW! Spent so much extra time. Wonderful, specific, actional feedback! 10 stars! "
" Thanks Kseniya! super helpful "
" She is best in her job.. Loved working with her "
" Great reader with great insights! "
" .......... "
" Professional, easygoing, supportive, and good clear notes! "
" Kseniya is so helpful and a great reader! "
" Very generous with her ideas and suggestions and invested herself in improving the scene. Thanks, Kseniya! "
" Great reader! kseniya had fun ideas and insight! "
" Lovely to read with Kseniya. Nice to meet you and thanks for your help. "
" Outstanding reader! Extremely helpful breaking down the script and offered great suggestions. Highly recommend! "
" Kseniya was amazing! She gave so much helpful advice and direction! Thank you for everything. "

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2020 [IMDB]
TV Mini-Series
2019 [IMDB]
13 Reasons Why
TV Series
2019 [added]
13 Reasons Why
TV Series
2018 [IMDB]
Liquid Sorb
Video short
2015 [IMDB]
Dear Dr. Alois A.
2014 [IMDB]
Campus Police
TV Mini Series
2008 [IMDB]
Friendly Fire
Video short
2007 [IMDB]
The Great Venice Robbery