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Matthew has been working for over twenty years in film, television and VO. He has worked on over over 30 different TV shows including single and multi-cam comedy. Recent Credits: Paul T. Goldman on Peacock, The Staircase, Winning Time: The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty. NCIS: Los Angeles, The Blacklist, and All Rise. Coming out later this year: 57 Seconds with Josh Hutchinson and Morgan Freeman.

Matthew worked in NY for several years before moving to Los Angeles in 2007.  He can help you break down your scene, figure out what your strengths are, and bring your authentic self to your auditions. He can also go over any technical issues you may have such as blocking, eyelines, props, and wardrobe.  Need help deciphering medical terminology? He used to be an EMT and his first roles were playing paramedics on soaps.  He has worked on single and multicam comedies if you need help with those.  If  there's a lot of  physical action in your scene with firearms or hand to hand combat, he can help you find your inner Jason Statham.  Or Charlize Theron. 

"I was taught to show up to auditions dressed for the role, memorized, with script in hand.  To get the most out of our session, I encourage you to show up the same way."

Matthew has been working for over twenty years in film, television and VO. He’s worked on over 50 episodes of television spread across nearly 30 different TV shows. So far in 2021, he's worked on two series for HBO Max, the new Machine Gun Kelley movie and just filmed an episode of NCIS Los Angeles. Most recently credits: Dynasty, 9-1-1, Sneaky Pete and MacGyver. He is also a member of the television academy.

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" Great reader. Would use him again in a heartbeat. "
" Helped give me some tips and insights for my audition. Thanks Matthew! "
" Helped me run lines. Will book again. "
" Great work! Thank you for your help! "
" Excellent, thank you so much! "
" Great reader with a great voice and notes. "
" Matthew is amazing. His guidance and ecourangement helped me to feel the character not just say the line. It was a really great reading session. I am happy. :) "
" I had a great workout rehearsing a scene with Matthew. He's soooo insightful on breaking down a script and adding layers! "
" Cannot say enough about how incredible Matt is. Book with him if you want to take your tape from good to outstanding!!!!! "
" Matthew is an outstanding reader thanks so much !!! "
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" Ummm where has Matthew been all my life on WeAudition. It's clear that he is highly experienced at acting and coaching. And beyond that- he sees your choices and build on them. Really great experience! "
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" Excellent Reader! Great timing, great voice, really excellent, highly recommend "
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" Best of the best!!! Kills it every time. Thank you "
" My absolute favorite! "
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" I'm a repeat offender! "
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" Matthew is really good at what he does. He gave me dome really direct and challenging notes and did not let anything get past him. Felt like I was in a class! "
" Total pro!! I love my work sessions with Matt. Amazing with adding specificity and keeping the arc of the scene in mind. Excellent eye for story. Oh yeah, and a really committed reader who immediately jumps into the scene with you. Thank you!! "
" Very very helpful! He knows what he's doing :) "
" Thanks Mathew, definitely an amazing reader!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Excellent reader and coach. You won't regret booking him. "
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" Amazing reader one of the best out there ! I highly recommend "
" Fantastic reader! "
" I cannot recommend working with Matthew more! Such a generous reader with fantastic tips. Our session felt collaborative and I'm confident with my self-tape in large part due to him. Thank you, Matthew! "
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" Matthew was patient and extremely good humoured throughout which made self-taping with him an awesome experience! Highly recommend! Thank you Matthew! "
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" Total pro!!! amazing yall "
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" Matt gives great feedback and is so helpful. He's laidback, patient and honest. Do I need to even say he's professional? Check out his IMDB! "
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" A real pro! What more can I say? If you're looking for someone who does not know what they're doing. This is NOT the guy for you. He does. "
" Brings insight and experience to his notes and a relaxed energy throughout the session. Thanks, Matthew! "
" Great actor and a really fun work session. Great notes and gave me options to play with. "
" Outstanding thanks! "
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" Always a great time when Matthew's the reader! He's so supportive, encouraging and offers great feedback and suggestions. "
" Amazing "
" What a joy working with you! Thank you for the great coaching, direction, feedback and engaged discussions. Such great insights! You made the auditioning process actually fun!! Thank you Matthew!, I look forward to working with you again. "
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" Matthew is super insightful and patient, and a great partner to read with!! "
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" There are some readers who have a lot of background sounds. I've wasted money on those unusable auditions. Then, there's Matthew: great coaching, clean sound, fun to listen to and REAL working actor. So book him today and get that Oscar to put in your bathroom like Kate Winslet did. My agent is very happy with our submission. Thank you! "
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" Always a pleasure! Thank you!! "
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" All you could want! Clear, focus, and engaged. Thanks, Matt! "
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" Really nice working with him! Lead me through several takes with small change each time and kept it fresh which every coach can't do. So that was really nice! "
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" Hire this man, he gets it "
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" Very good feedback "
" Matthew was INCREDIBLE ! So helpful and knowledgable. literally coached me all the way through my VO audition and read with me through 4 different takes. He is super patient and just overall AMAZING and supportive energy ! "
" Thank you! "
" Really good coaching! "
" Wonderful to work with as always! "
" I can always count on you Matthew. You are the best. See ya next time. "
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" One of the best I've worked with on here "
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" Really great guy to work with. wonderful notes, thank you! "
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" Attentive, patient and super helpful. So many fun ideas- exactly what I needed! THANK YOU! "
" Matt was fantastic! Thoughtful feedback that helped tighten the scene and make it come alive. So appreciated. Will definitely book with him gain! "
" He was very helpful in bringing out a more lively and interesting performance in the scene we rehearsed! "
" Matthew was really awesome. He helped me break down the scene and find nuances that I didn’t even find. Highly recommend this guy and his to the point yet very subtle yet very friendly approach 100 million thumbs up! "
" Great "
" Awesome! As Usual! "
" Real cool guy. Excellent reader and very supportive to work with. Highly recommend. "
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" An absolute PRO!! So fun playing off of you. You're a great scene partner. "
" Awesome as usual!! "
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" Excellent, as always! Great reader with solid on camera instincts. "
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" Excellent reader - will give great direction & feedback - 5 stars! "
" The best in the west! "
" Excellent as always! "
" Great reader with excellent dramatic instincts! Thanks loads, Matt! "
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" Excellent! "
" Matthew, Was extremely helpful and insightful. Easy to work with, and fun. "
" Gives it to you straight which I appreciate. You can tell you're working with an expert when you're working with Matthew. "
" Was a bit stuck with a scene. Matthew helped break it down and bring it to life. If you see him online, book him :) "
" I don't know what else to say here. Superb. Matt has the patience, the script analysis and the critical eye to get you to where it can go! Thank you! "
" I can't stress this enough. Matt is fantastic. Fun to work with and also really exact on where it needs to go!! Excellent! "
" Once again - fantastic. Super friendly & a great audition coach. Highly recommended! "
" Great Feedback! Thanks Matthew. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to level-up their scene. "
" Awesome VO coach. Highly Recommended "
" Matthew is a phenomenal reader and coach! Super experienced and supportive, highly recommended :) Thanks a lot. "
" Wow -- a fabulous reader with insightful, extremely useful notes. I will definitely work with him again. "
" Great job! "
" OMG!!!!!!!! Matt is PHENOMENAL!!!!! And that is an understatement. He helped me make my scenes pop and come to life. Thank you Matt. You are the BEST!!!! "
" Yesssssss! This guy is fantastic. Matt really knows his stuff, analyzes the script quickly and effectively and is very clear about where it needs to go. And he has fun ideas to make the character come alive. Thanks a lot Matt. Anytime please! "
" Matthew does REAALLY good work. Consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to work with him on a scene. "
" Great reader! Patient and gave excellent feedback. "
" Great! "
" Matthew was AWESOME! Patient, gave great direction and feedback and so encouraging. I will definitely use him again...and again...and again!! "
" Matt was so great. First, he is an excellent scene partner with very thoughtful advice and notes. I was so grateful for his attention to detail. Second, he was other-worldly patient with my technical difficulties. I might have thrown my computer into the lake if Matt hadn't talked me through the process. Can't wait to work with him again. "
" Love working with Matthew. His insight and knowledge is incredible... "
" Amazing reader, amazing coach and really cool guy. I love working with him and he got me set ready for a TV gig in under two hours. Work with him! "
" Literally so amazing! Knows TV, knows how to break down a script immediately and really gets to the heart of notes in a clear and concise way. Highly recommend working with him and have another coaching scheduled. Thanks Matthew! "
" Matthew is a great reader with awesome advice! "
" Incredible. Made me bring life to the words. Extremely grateful! "
" Just wow. He finds the beats and transitions to really stand out and make it your own. Highly recommended. "
" Matthew was great, my audition scene was so much better after working it with him. "

Credits Include

2023 [added]
Paul T. Goldman (Peacock)
TV Series
2022 [IMDB]
Killing It
TV Series
2022 [IMDB]
The Staircase
TV Series
2022 [IMDB]
All Rise
TV Series
2022 [IMDB]
Good Mourning with a U
2022 [IMDB]
NCIS: Los Angeles
TV Series
2022 [IMDB]
Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty
TV Series
2022 [added]
The Blacklist
TV Series
2020 [IMDB]
Cosmos: Possible Worlds
TV Mini Series documentary
2020 [IMDB]
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2019 [IMDB]
TV Series
2019 [IMDB]
Sneaky Pete
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The Chosen
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Criminal Minds
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Lethal Weapon
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NCIS: New Orleans
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General Hospital
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Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell
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Pretty Little Liars
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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind
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Days of Our Lives
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The Elder Scrolls Online
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As the World Turns
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One Life to Live
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Guiding Light
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All My Children
TV Series
57 Seconds