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If you book the role, get pinned or a callback, please come back and tell me. I love to celebrate you!
I'm very happily married so keep it professional please gents.

Hi! I’m a conservatory trained Australian SAG/AFTRA actor with over 20 years experience (I work almost exclusively in Standard American accent). I'm based in Albuquerque NM and repped all over the US.
I can just read for you, help learn lines or offer coaching, whatever you want!
I'm happy to give direction upon request, but also know that sometimes you just need someone to read the lines. You tell me what you want.

Conservatory - Victorian College of the Arts (Shakespeare, Meisner, Voice etc)
Ivana Chubbuck L.A.
Amy Lyndon L.A.
JJ Perez NYC
Stand Up Comedy - Lesley Wolff L.A.
Improv Four Day Weekend TX

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"I just booked a part on a NETWORK TV SHOW thanks to Britt!" - Michael Segovia, Los Angeles

"I booked one of the projects you helped me with. We are rehearsing tomorrow and shooting next weekend!! Thank you again. " - Jan Haley-Soule, Los Angeles

"I booked the audition you read for me and I worked for 20 days on a TV show!" - Kim Nelson, Toronto

"Britt is my lucky charm. Last time we worked together, I got an offer. So I was grateful to work with her today. Thank you Britt! " - Shamika Cotton, Los Angeles/New York

"I won the monologue competition you helped me with!" - Gary Boulter MVP, Melbourne Australia

"Britt! I got pinned for the Apple TV+ audition you read for me! They said they loved my tape and they want to work with me in the future." - Sonal Shah, Los Angeles

"It's Dee from London, we shot a couple of self-tapes. Got callbacks for both of them by the way so thank you so much!!" - Deepica Stephen, London

"I just got a callback for the bartender audition you helped me with. And they called me back for the lead!" - Benji Patel, Portland OR

"You read with me on WeAudition last week for a self tape. I wanted to let you know that I got called back for the role! Thanks so much for a great read and for your helpful thoughts and suggestions. I think they made my tape more nuanced." - Alena Acker, New York/Atlanta

"Love working with Britt!! My last commercial coaching with her I got put on check avail and deciding to work with her again was a no-brainer. I'd highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for a reader or a coach."
- Samantha Vosmaer, Chicago

Britt Allen is a SAG/AFTRA actor, known for Joey and Ella, Deadly Radio Romance and LIFE the series

Bankston Talent Agency NM and TX The Tabb Agency OK Stars Talent Studio UT

703 Reader Reviews

" Wonderfull as always! "
" Wonderful!!!! jumped right in and had great notes! "
" Love as always! Such great help in ideas. "
" AMAZING! So much fun playing with Britt and finding new moments. I'll be back! "
" Always amazing! Warmth and expertise! "
" Britt provided me with amazing real time feedback and direction that made my audition fun and lively. Thanks for all the great energy! "
" Jumped right in!! I was in a rush!! Perfect Reader Great Energy! "
" Thank you thank you thank you Britt! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ "
" Britt is the BEST! "
" :) "
" FANTASTIC as always!! "
" Holy cow! I love Britt! Thank you! "
" A+ Reader. Always a pleasure! "
" Always amazing! Love working with Britt! "
" Thank you so much for all your help and helping me turn out this self tape quickly. I love your energy! "
" Awesome reader and great energy! "
" Always good working with Britt. "
" So kind, lovely and helpful, and gives great notes!! loved her! "
" Britt was INCREDIBLE! So so thankful. "
" Britt was lovely to work with. She has a calming energy and gives great direction. "
" She was simply perfect! Patient and kind. I'm so grateful! "
" LOVE "
" 100 stars! "
" Incredible with a capital I! Love working with Britt, you should definitely get her as your coach/reader. Till next time! "
" AMAZING as always!!! "
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" Britt is amazing! Do yourself a favor and work with her! "
" Britt is OUTSTANDING!!! She gave me great industry advice, and I can't wait to see her again :) "
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" Amazing as always. "
" Fantastic reader and was SO helpful, even coached me a little bit in a way that really brought out a different take. "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Just incredible I love working with her "
" She is wonderful! "
" Great experience with Britt! Britt is awesome! "
" Britt is my go-to. She makes you feel safe as an actor to be able to do your best work "
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" Britt was great! I will read with her again! "
" Love her energy!!! "
" Always lovely! "
" Britt is FABULOUS! She gave me great notes on my scene and was very helpful :) "
" Love Britt, awesome reader. "
" Thank you so much for your help! You really gave me an incredible idea to make these scenes drop in and feel authentic and hilarious at the same time. "
" Fabulous reader! So warm, so open to try things and experiment. "
" Amazing as always!!!! "
" Knows the craft & job:) "
" Wonderful! Great energy and great notes! "
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" I'm simply speechless! Britt is a true talent in so many ways - amazing actor, insightful coach, beautiful spirit creating an atmosphere of play and freedom!! I can't wait to work with her again!!! :) "
" Britt was great and super professional! "
" Super sweet and was able to help me explore a super vulnerable place "
" So patient and helpful. Thank you "
" STAR REVIEW! Exceptional professional absolutely THE BEST EVER!! "
" Britt has amazing energy and she gives the best notes! "
" Awesome! "
" Britt is so helpful and knowledgeable regarding acting, the industry and We Audition. I'm so happy I choose her to be the very first person to assist me with We Audition. I will be contacting her again this weekend!!! Great energy and she is a real people person. Sincerely Yvette Rodriguez. "
" The best!! Thank you Britt! So happy with my audition! "
" The best! Thanks Britt! So sweet and helpful with breaking down the script! "
" Britt was so lovely and a great reader! So supportive and encouraging she made me feel great :) "
" Really sweet and helpful! great reader, thank you'! "
" Great fun reader! "
" Britt was very helpful getting a new scene on it's feet. Always willing to collaborate when asked, and always provides very helpful input. Thank you Britt! "
" <3 "
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" Great reader! "
" I enjoy working with Britt! She is a true professional who always give a grand read, energy, and is filled with patience. ¡Gracias Britt! "
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" Amazing! So sweet and so good, will definitely be back ! :). "
" Excellent reader. Such a lovely experience. Extremely helpful and generous. "
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" Love! "
" Awesome reader "
" Relly amazing!! "
" Britt is always great! We got right to work and nailed it, every take. Thanks for the feedback Britt!!! "
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" Britt is the best! Such a great reader, great energy and very supportive :) thanks for all your help! "
" Wonderful to work with! "
" Super helpful--upbeat, flexible, professional, would definitely use Britt again! "
" Thank you so so much! Really lovely working with you. Great notes and a pleasure to work with x "
" Britt gave me some amazing notes 📝 😀 "
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" Britt was FABULOUS as always! She is such a gem, and I can't wait to work with her again :) "
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" Britt is great. I recommend. "
" Britt is fantastic as always!!! "
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" She is really good at seeing what the script needs. "
" Britt is amazing! Highly recommend! "
" Always a pleasure having Britt as a reader! She picks up the text FAST, understands the tone immediately and is an incredible actress! "
" Absolutely fantastic, patient, informative and truly a wonderful reader and coach to work with! Look forward to working with her again and having her as my scene partner:) "
" Swell gal and a good reader! "
" Thanks for the help this morning! Youre so great! "
" Britt was able to dive right into the scene with me and go! Very professional, friendly and gave helpful feedback. Would definitely us again. "
" Thanks Britt as always! Youre F A B O L O US. "
" Such a generous, kind reader!! Absolutely loved my time with Britt. Gave great input that helped me bring even more fun to my scenes. Thank-you Britt! Looking forward to working with you again:) "
" My favorite actor! I'm so happy she is on here sharing her talents and expertise with us! "
" The BEST!!! Britt is such a gem, and she gave me great industry advice. Book her :) "
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" Britt is fantastic! What a terrific presence, guidance, and execution on a brief lil assignment. Thank you! "
" Britt was so helpful and insightful and patient and kind. I feel so much more prepared for my tape and felt safe to explore the material and do the work in our rehearsal "
" Always love reading with Britt! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Just so kind and fun to work with. Easy to talk to and she is so encouraging. Offers suggestions when she can tell you want some. 10/10 "
" Awesome Reader! Very Easy Going. Thanks Britt! "
" ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Patient and provides helpful feedback. GREAT energy as well - she wants you to win "
" Great. On the ball an no fuss. "
" Supacalafragalistic! Always gives just what you need, gets right into the moment with you! "
" Great patient reader. Second time taping iwth her and she is awesome! "
" So lovely! "
" She was wonderful! I highly recommend Britt as a reader! "
" Make sure not to miss out on asking for notes! They’re great! "
" Stellar!! "
" Superb reader "
" Love reading with Britt! "
" Britt is an excellent reader. Great notes, great understanding of scenes and what would help me! "
" Thx Britt for helping me prep for my last shoot day on this gig! "
" Britt is so patient and lovely. Thank you for working with me again! "
" Wonderful, as always!!! "
" Britt was so sweet and helpful and had amazing suggestions to elevate my performance and make sure all the beats were clearly seen. We got it in fewer takes than I normally would have with her help! "
" Great reader! "
" Always hope Beth**** is on 🙈🙈🙈 omg "
" Great reader, awesome energy, LOVE her!!! "
" Britt is wonderful to bounce ideas off of and get feedback and alternate options. Very intuitive. Thank you Britt! "
" I always hope Beth is on <3 "
" I like using Britt. She's a pro with fabulous cold read skills and a friendly personality. "
" Always great working with Britt! "
" Britt was amazing to work with! She was so warm and made me feel super comfortable trying out different choices. Highly recommend! "
" Awesome reader!! "
" I love working with Britt! She has such a positive energy and gives great notes. Thank you, Britt! "
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" Such a great reader and so supportive! "
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" Very grounded reader. "
" Britt was FABULOUS as always! She gave me really helpful notes on my scene, and I can't wait to work with her again :) "
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" We practiced the scene so many times and she was great!!!! "
" Britt, you are a great actress and a great human to read with. Thank you so much for your help. "
" Amazing as always! I love working with Britt!! "
" Gave great notes and suggestions! "
" Thx Britt! You were wonderful to work with. "
" Excellent! "
" Amazing Reader!! Great energy and fantastic notes, Book her! "
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" Incredible lady! I highly recommend having her as a reader and/or to talk about the biz and get advice from. "
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" BRILLIANT!! We had so much fun and she gave the best notes. Book her "
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" Britt was awesome! Great vibes. Thank you. "
" Fantabulous..omg!!! "
" Thank you :-) Hopefully there will be no tech connection issues next time. "
" Britt is amazing! I absolutely LOVE working and playing with her. Her artistry is a gift! "
" Love working with Britt!! My last coaching with her I got put on check avail and deciding to work with her again was a no-brainer. I'd highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for a reader or a coach. "
" Britt is the BEST! She is so sweet and helpful, and it's always a pleasure working with her :) "
" Brit is wonderful and has great energy. I loved having her as my reader! "
" Britt is always super helpful! Today she showed great patience helping me with dialogue. My highest recommendation. "
" We connected, but very brief as I had some technical issues my end. Eager to help and very professional. Thank you for your patients Britt! Hopefully we will get to work another time. "
" Always a blast working with Britt :) "
" Fabulous! She worked on 4 scenes with me and she knew her characters instantly. Highly recommended! "
" Amazing as Alway! Such a fantastic reader with such positive energy!!!!! "
" Lovely to work with!! Lots of great input and very patient. Great feedback. "
" Britt was wonderful to run lines with and offer some feedback in the early stages of this audition! Would definitely recommend! "
" Britt was absolutely wonderful! Definitely will be booking her again! "
" Fantastic! acts the scene with you with skill right away. just the right amount of notes, and on point. will be back! "
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" Britt is always helpful and great to work with. Very professional and ready to get to work right away! Thanks Britt!!! "
" Such an amazing scene partner! My go-to when I need someone to jump in with who'll keep me honest and on my toes! Thanks Britt! Highly recommend! "
" Outstanding. Professional, generous and genuinely passionate. Britt really helped me to shape my audition on tight turn around and was super respectful about offer her insights only if I felt I needed them. She gave me space to do my work and I felt really comfortable! Thanks Britt! "
" I mean, Britt's the best. Worth with Britt. "
" Always get excited when Britt is on! "
" Always get excited when I see Britt on! "
" Fabulous!!! perfect pacing. "
" Britt was excellent! a very kind soul with great feedback as well! "
" Excellent reader! Gave great notes and made me feel at ease. Will definitely hire again!!! "
" Not only a phenomenal reader and great collaborator, she always keeps me honest about my work. Will tell you when another take might be in order, gives helpful notes, but more importantly also tells you when to STOP :) She's there to help you do your best work and be your best self. That's all. BOOK HER "
" Nice, helpful "
" Patient, helpful, encouraging, funny, friendly. Professional! Give her your money. "
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" Britt was wonderful with suggesting techniques that brought out the intended flavor and choices in my scene! Her creative and technically well-rounded mind were an incredible asset to the audition! "
" Great reader with alot of patience! Thank you for your help "
" Britt is FANTASTIC!!! Easy to work with and a joyous spirit! "
" There are not enough nice things I can say about Britt. She is such an incredible reader and coach. I feel blessed to have worked with her. "
" Amazing reader!! Seriously so fun to play with and so collaborative!, "
" Lovely to work with Britt - will definitely request again! "
" THE BEST!!! "
" Britt was wonderful to work with. Very supportive. "
" She is the moment. Read with her! "
" Wonderful working with you Britt! "
" Britt brings amzing energy to the scene. In our 15 mins rehersal she helped point out a few moments that could be carved out to better tell the story for camera which was REALLY really helpful feedback to recieve. Will def work with her again. "
" Britt was so great to work with. Will definitely work with her again. "
" Britt is awesome to work with! I always try to book her if she's on :) "
" So helpful and supportive. Thank you! "
" Amazing, Britt is the real deal. Love doing scenes with her. she really is great. Give her a try, I promise you won't be disappointed !!! "
" She was amazing "
" The amount of fun I have when I'm reading with this woman makes the work REALLY feel like PLAY!! Thank you so much Britt. YOU. LEGEND "
" Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!! "
" SUCH a FANTASTIC Reader!!! Love Britt!! She is so encouraging and has excellent feedback when I need it. "
" So personable and friendly and a really strong actress. Her readings are of the highest quality and I definitely recommend her, "
" Wow a seriously great professional! "
" A real pro! "
" Britt was absolutely amazing! Super fun to work with and helped me with my Boston Accent for my self tape. Thank you Britt!!! "
" Lovely, talented, enthusiastic...exactly what you want in a reader! "
" So patient and kind, great reader!! Illl be back for sure. "
" So wonderful and giving! "
" ALWAYS AMAZING! Love doing auditions with Britt "
" Absolutely amazing "
" Britt is an absolute pro! Couldn't have been better to work with. Looking forward to reading with her again "
" Britt is always great to work with! "
" Britt is so sweet! She was a fantastic reader and actor, and helped me get the perfect take for this project! Thank you Britt! Highly recommend her. "
" Britt is literally the nicest, always. "
" Britt is always the actual nicest "
" Amazing "
" Britt is just a ray of sunshine! So easy to work with and has valuable insight! "
" Britt was so nice, and had great ideas and notes! Thank you for your help! "
" PRO. Legit pro. Favorited and will work with her again for sure. "
" Joyous to work with, nailed the part, great comedy bones, fab!!! Had lots of fun :) "
" Amazing reader, thank you! "
" Britt is just amazing. Always there with the fantastic notes! "
" Such wonderful energy. Thanks so much "
" Britt is great! Very patient & a good scene partner! Thank you Britt!! "
" Britt was amazing as always. BOOK HER! "
" Awesome "
" So so sweet and such great notes and tips! Very helpful in helping me break down the scene. Highly recommend! "
" Britt is INCREDIBLE! She is so warm and encouraging, while giving such thoughtful and helpful feedback. She's a pro 1000%. Book with her!! "
" Britt is so lovely!! Talented has great advice (if you ask for it, lol), and is a GREAT reader. "
" Britt is pure warm sunshine! She is a great reader. "
" Awesome "
" Brit is a FANTASTIC READER!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! I am so grateful for her read. "
" Britt is wonderful! "
" Britt is a pleasure to work with and has a great positive attitude. Always ready to jump right into the work (and lovely to chat with afterwards). Thanks Britt!!! "
" Very enthusiastic and supportive reader. "
" Wonderful as always. Make sure to book her! "
" Great reader, wonderful vibes! Helped me with a last minute aud. Book with her! "
" Excellent reader. I will use again. "
" Awesome energy! "
" Britt is amazing!! Truly one of my favourite people to work with. Highly recommend. "
" Amazing AS ALWAYS - so many valuable notes and feedback Can't wait to do my tape with Britt tomorrow She got me excited about some scenes I was not sure I could pull off. "
" Britt is great, talented, professional and efficient. "
" Always good work done accomplished when Britt is the reader. She is clear, calm, energetic, and understands what is needed. Thanks again Britt! "
" So much fun and such a great reader! Will book again for sure. "
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" Britt is amazing. Always so supportive and gives fantastic notes! "
" Great Reader "
" Britt was fantastic! "
" Britt is my lucky charm. Last time we worked together, I got an offer. So I was grateful to work with her today. Thank you Britt! "
" Shes just amazing!!! i feel so safe and able to explore while she gives great notes and suggestions. HIGHLY RECOMMEND "
" Britt is a dream! She's so supportive and positive. It's such a treat to collaborate with her. "
" So so so wonderful!!! The warmest, most encouraging energy, delivered a great read, was patient and caring throughout, and gave helpful and clear notes! Highly recommend!!! "
" I love to read with Britt! She helps elevate the script!! Love her! "
" Truly outstanding!! Incredibly patient and kind! 10/10 would recommend! "
" Incredible, friendly, and nice! "
" Love working with Britt, one of my go-to's. "
" So great to work with!! "
" Brit is the best. Here is your sign to book her. "
" Awesome!!! "
" Awesome! "
" One of my go-to's!!!! "
" I highly recommend working with Britt! She's a great actor and so very generous with her insight "
" Britt is one of the best readers I've ever worked with! She is incredibly talented, helpful, and sweet. Highly recommend!!! "
" Awesome Reader! So patient and helps go over lines!!! "
" Da best around "
" So Amazingggg!!! "
" I know I can always count on Britt! She is energetic, gave me a great read, and loves what she does! Thanks again Britt! "
" Excellent thank you -Brit is a godsend. It’s always a win when you get what you want in the first take. She’s a muse. "
" Britt was so supportive and gave great constructive feedback! I loved working with her :) "
" Great reader "
" Seriously, if you guys DON'T work with Britt, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Her input is spectacular and her infectious love of the work comes through with every read. "
" The Best. As Usual. "
" She's great! "
" FANTASTIC reader "
" Britt is a freaking powerhouse reader! She just knows exactly how to help you. Cannot recommend her highly enough. "
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" Such a great reader! "
" So awesome! Provided suggestions and everything! "
" Britt's great. Super fun, easy to work with, all the things. Thank you Britt xx "
" EXCELLENT reader. Super helpful and full of ideas. "
" Thank you so much Britt!!! you were absolutely wonderful !!!! "
" Britt rocks! Very professional and great to work with. I got a sense of good work with a great artist. Thanks again Britt! "
" So lovely working with Britt!! Super helpful and patient "
" So great!!! "
" Great reader! "
" Reinvigorated my love for acting. I love her! "
" Britt is a passionate and wonderful reader and coach! "
" Very helpful with coaching tips and in scene energy. "
" Britt is awesome! She connected with my character instantly in her read and gave me much to work off. ¡Gracias Britt! "
" Britt is the BEST! She's so sweet and helpful, and she gave me AMAZING feedback. Book her!! :) "
" If they still printed DICTIONARIES, they would put Britt's photo next to the word JOYFUL! I feel so lucky to have worked with you! Cheers!!! "
" Excellent reader. Love her calm and supportiveness! "
" I was right the last time, so this won't be the last time! Thanks, Brit. "
" Great! Gonna get her again...right now! "
" Britt is an excellent reader with fun lovely energy! "
" Amazing!! Britt really went the extra mile. Book her!!! "
" Britt was great and gave some amazing adjustments that really helped show my range. She was patient and friendly. Will definitely work with her again. "
" Amazing! The most wonderful person I've come across on weaudition! "
" Great last-minute read!! "
" LITERALLY AMAZING! Let's you play with the scene and helps bring the scene life! "
" Great experience! Britt is awesome. "
" Repeat customer! So warm and welcoming. Thank you, Britt! "
" Very helpful and great energy. "
" Britt was fantastic- a truly phenomenal reader! "
" Britt is truly amazing! Im love working with her. "
" Excellent. "
" Wow! Britt is fabulous! she was so dedicated to the scene. She Gaven me great direction. We approached the scene with different variations. The whole experience was awesome and I will definitely be using her is the future! "
" Wonderful reader and coach!! Loved, loved, loved her input and help. Will definitely use her again! "
" Britt is lovely! Great energy and easy to work with :) "
" Gave great feedback, and we banged it out! "
" Looove Britt! Fantastic reader all around. She truly put me at ease and had wonderful nudges and suggestions on 2nd takes. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Britt is my fav! So fun working with her! "
" Just wonderful. Flawless cold reading, and will give you any emotional range you need. Thank you! Sharinna "
" Britt is amazing! Always a pleasure to work with her. 10/10 "
" Lovely personality, experienced actress and very professional "
" Great reader with awesome suggestions "
" Britt is FANTASTIC....Wonderful reader and coach....please use her....and let her know J. Michael sent you!! "
" Always a blast working with Britt "
" As always, Britt is the best. "
" Britt is so amazing and personable!! One of my favorite readers. Thank you so much! "
" Excellent reader and actress. Thank you! "
" Good and helpful reader. "
" So amazing "
" So present and welcoming "
" She's a delight! Amazing reader, lovely person. "
" Lovely, supportive presence, intelligent notes, great reader :) "
" Utterly fabulous. Generous, kind, incredibly skilled as a reader and coach. "
" Another fantastic session. Thank you Britt! "
" Great suggestions and awesome vibe! "
" WOW!! Britt is incredible. So insightful and enthusiastic. Thank You Britt! "
" Great! "
" Britt is always wonderful! You should book her!!! "
" Book Britt, she's awesome!!! "
" Incredible reader and great insight! "
" Brilliant as always!! "
" Excellent rhythm, jumped right in. Great reader! "
" Britt is such a wonderful reader and a very pleasant person through and through. Can't wait for our next session! "
" As always, Britt is the best. Always so helpful with giving tips and if you have a specific direction for her she nails it "
" Fabulous…anf so encouraging!!! "
" Super helpful, engaging and insightful. Can't wait to work with her again "
" Terrific! "
" Patient and had great attention to detail! "
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" Amazing energy "
" Sweet, professional, generous. Will book again! "
" Thanks always !! "
" Britt is a GEM, always love working with her - thanks so much for the notes and being a present reader! "
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" Amazing as always!! "
" Amazing Reader!! "
" What a super reader! "
" I love Britt!! First off shes just a sweetheart and a joy to know and second, she's so ready to help however you need exactly. Weather its running the lines, cold reads, improving, trying different reads and she's wonderful at taking direction to make sure your time is used in the best way possible! Can't wait to work with you again! "
" Britt never lets me down and is always willing and ready to help!! "
" Fantastic as always!!! My Favorite reader in town!! "
" Super positive and giving reader. Wants to help you prepare your way! "
" Britt is an absolute treasure!! She is a great reader <3 "
" Great read with Britt. Thank you for helping me with my audition. Much appreciated. "
" Great relaxed reader, and gave some great feedback. Thank you. "

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