Heather Hiatt

upto 15 mins : $ 8.00
upto 30 mins : $ 15.00
upto 60 mins : $ 40.00

⭐️2023 WINS⭐️
• BOOKED large recurring role in NBA 2K24
• CHECK AVAILED for a recurring Guest Star in a Taylor Sheridan series

Several people I've read with have been PINNED and BOOKED for shows like Yellowstone, Grey's Anatomy, and the Tyler Perry universe!

Hi! I'm Heather. I was born and raised in Hawaii (Oahu), went to college in Michigan (Go Blue!), spent a year in New York (as a rollerskating waitress), then moved to the San Francisco to work in sales & trading for J.P. Morgan (for 18 years).

I'm an avid baker, expert cupcake decorator and foreign language learner.

I'm obsessed with dark chocolate (specifically Manoa Chocolate from Hawaii), cookie dough, sunscreen, flossing, and massages.

I'm also an excellent cold reader and can read with you in English, Spanish or French (assuming the Spanish or French is already translated). I'm not fluent, but have a decent accent with both.

If you don't see me online but want to work with me, shoot me an email at heatherhiatt@yahoo.com

Looking forward to it!


6 bookings total:
- 1 industrial, 1 TV series (HBO), 4 for a video game
- 1 pin (ABC episodic)
- 1 no-audition check avail (Paramount+ episodic)
- 1 commercial callback

Auditioned for 15 NEW casting offices :
- two of the new offices brought me in TWICE
-Had a guest star audition for a new Taylor Sheridan series - and it was the first audition from this CD in 3.5 years.

Increase in the caliber of roles/auditions:
-- 1-day guest star
-- Recurring Guest Star
-- Recurring
-- 2-day Day Player
-- 4-episode Day Player
Here's to a great 2023!

Fictious Management: Matilda Comers (310) 658-2627 90210 Talent: Theo Caesar, Amy Khach JE Talent (SF only): Katie Cronin Katie@jetalent.com

520 Reader Reviews

" Fantastic reader. Fun to work with. Had great suggestions when I asked for some. "
" Absolute rockstar! "
" Heather is one of my top go-to readers! She is able to connect to the scene quickly, jump right in, and give a great read. "
" Heather is a star! Always a go to "
" Heather was lovely. So sweet and we had a lot of fun working on this scene! "
" Heather is so lovely!! Wonderful to work with. "
" Super fun reader! GREAT comedic timing :) Would definitely book again! "
" Such a pleasure to work with and made my scene so much better. Can't recommend strongly enough. Thanks Heather. "
" I had a great session with Heather! She really threw herself into the read and helped me a lot "
" Great reader! "
" Excellent! "
" GREAT! "
" Abssolutely wonderful actress!!! "
" Great! "
" Fantastic actress and reader . She’s a keeper ! "
" Easy, lovely, available and a PERFECT reader "
" Great reader ! "
" Great vibe! "
" Such a great reader! Flawless!!! A+ "
" After reading with Heather I feel completely ready for my audition!! "
" Lovely, great reader! "
" GREAT! "
" Wonderful kind warm talented human, so helpful! "
" Great reader! She brought awesome energy into the room "
" Such a great reader always! Thanks! "
" Heather was EXCELLENT! Fantastic reader. She was really present with me in the scenes and gave me insightful notes that I utilized for different takes. Thank you Heather! Highly recommend!! "
" Heather has great energy and gave good suggestions. "
" Heather is just awesome to work with! "
" She is absolutely fantastic! "
" Heather is so kind and supportive!! Had a great time working with her! "
" Heather is a lovely reader who is great with pacing for comedy! "
" Great and soooo patient of a reader!!! "
" Heather is so great as always! A real Pro on here guys! Book her!!! A+ "
" Heather was awesome! So helpful breaking down the scene and giving tips and advice. "
" Awesome as always! Thanks Heather. "
" Fabulous! Jumped right in, can't wait to work with her again! "
" 5 +++ Star Reader!! Excellent with comedy too and pacing and turns and story. Loved reading with Heather! "
" I found a piece of gold. Her name is Heather. Immaculate read, I'm so grateful. "
" Always a pleasure working with Heather! Very good scene partner who understands story. (Great catching up too Heather!) "
" This is my first time using We Audition for an audition--Heather was fantastic! And so patient with me and clear about the process...! "
" Heather was great as always!! "
" Heather is the best- she makes me feel so much more confident for my auditions "
" Heather absolutely nailllleddd it!!! I got the PERFECT take! So so happy "
" Very encouraging, great reader. Have helpful direction only when asked for it. Highly recommend! "
" Right into it, she was so game, thank you! "
" Outstanding! "
" Really good. Sweet. Book her. She is authentic ! "
" Every nice and kind word that exists is the embodiment of Heather! "
" Great notes. really patient! "
" Heather is the best! "
" Amazing reader as usual! Had such a fun time! "
" Heather is the best! She's patient and always has great ideas to elevate a scene! "
" Heather was so great to bounce off of for my scene! Thanks again! "
" Came in active, ready and with ideas! So helpful and fun to work with. "
" Heather was so helpful! What a great reader! "
" So easy to work with and a great cold reader! "
" Heather was amazing!!!! She's easy to work with and delightful, and she got the pace needed for the scene right away. Will definitely work with her again! "
" Heather was so fun and knew exactly what I needed for a quick tape! Thanks heather! "
" Super efficient and got the sense of the scene straight away despite me having provided a difficult image for the script. Made everything very easy. "
" The absolute perfect reader for my project! A pro and easy going with excellent feedback. "
" Heather is amazing. So patient in giving me feedback, and she had great ideas to bring to the scene that I hadn't thought of. "
" Heather is an extraordinary reader. Helped me get in the zone and find the right tone and tenor for my character. Thank you, Heather! "
" Heather is great help in breaking down new scenes! Always helpful insight and wonderful positive energy. Highly recommend. "
" Always supportive and willing to be a flexible scene partner! "
" Amazing. Thank you Heather. "
" Wowowowow angel of audition anxiety. "
" Heather is WONDERFUL! "
" Thank you for rolling so smoothly with all the languages in the scene, Heather! "
" Thanks so much, I’ll definitely use you as a reader over & over again. You were great "
" Heather was awesome. amazing energy. patient. great notes. I will 100% be working with her in the future! Thank you Heather. highly recommend. "
" Fantastico reader! very helpful and insightful! would book her again! "
" Heather is sooo good at understanding the work we need to do to book. 10 Stars. Thank you so much. "
" Heather was awesome. Patient and understanding. A great reader! "
" Any time I see Heather's name online, I always pick her bc she's amazing "
" So patient and helpful!!! "
" Wonderful! Heather was pitch-perfect, on top of the nuance and pacing, and helpful and friendly. Thank you! "
" Uh-MAZING. Really great reader. We spent close to an hour running lines for a play I'm in & she really helped me get in the ballgame. "
" Heather is awesome. Such great instincts as a reader. She gives just enough for you to play off of but doesn't hijack your audition by doing too much or reading super slow. SHE'S FANTASTIC! "
" Seriously the best!! So on it, such great timing, great ideas, and just a total joy and pleasure to work with! Thank you, Heather -- keep killing it!! (I see why you are... <3) "
" Terrific. Straightforward, efficient read. Gave me her email so I could send her my sides because the website was having technical glitches. And gave me excellent feedback on my reads. "
" Top class!! "
" Heather was so excellent to work with. Great read, great feedback, and just overall lots of fun. Thank you Heather! "
" Heather is such a calming presence in the self tape process! I'm so glad that I got the chance to work with her!! Thank you Heather! :) "
" Heather is an ace! Just wonderful. Every time I log in and she’s available is a lucky day! "
" Super nice !! great reader "
" Heather is truly an exceptional reader! She made me feel so comfortable and gave me so many gems to work with as we worked through the scenes. I highly recommend her and look forward to, hopefully, working with her again soon. :) "
" Always such a great reader. My go to as always! A+ "
" Heather is awesome. Love. Recommend. Very helpful. Great reader. "
" Awesome Reader, very comfortable and fantastic to work with! "
" Heather is wonderful! I booked her to get some career/industry advice and she was super helpful! "
" So patient! "
" Absolutely wonderful!!!! such a fantastic reader, compassionate and caring! Fantastic! "
" Great cold reader! "
" Heather is one of the best on here. Patient, kind and excellent excellent cold reader. Couldn't have asked for more. "
" Heather was theee best! Such a great reader, great feedback and generous of her time and experience! She is on my favorites! Thank you so much Heather :) "
" Love working with Heather, great scene partner. Good notes and makes me feel very comfortable. "
" Wonderful "
" Excellent! Heather put me at ease with the process and was a wonderful reader! "
" A wonderful and supportive actress with so much presence and ease. Highly recommend Heather! "
" Great to work with! "
" Heather was amazing to work with! She's so kind and a fabulous reader! Plus she offered great feedback when I asked for it. Thank you, Heather!! 😃 "
" Ok, hands down, Heather is the best!! "
" Great Reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Heather is amazing! Highly recommend!!! "
" I'm such a fan of Heather. Always such a great reader. Thank you again. A+ "
" You are in great hands with Heather. She is a wonderful listener and has a supportive, calm demeanor. Trust her as an artistic collaborator! "
" Heatherj is incredibly helpful, patient, friendly and knows her scene work! "
" Thank you "
" The best "
" Awesome reader who gives tremendous feedback! Fun to talk to! Thank you Heather! "
" Heather is great!! "
" Heather is so so great! Always happy to work with her "
" Absolutely wonderful reader. Highly recommend! "
" Heather was amazing as always! "
" Heather is awesome, intuitive, and patient! I'm happy to find a new go to reader! "
" The best! Always has great notes, a wonderful reader and a terrific actress! "
" Heather is amazing as always. Great feedback! "
" Such a bright person, loveeee her "
" Excellent reader! Heather's a pro and it shows! "
" Heather is simply the best!!! Aways so great! A+ "
" Shes awesome!! super helpful patient kind :) "
" 11/10!! Heather is the best and I highly reccomend! "
" Awesome Job! "
" The best! "
" She’s great "
" I LOVE getting to work with Heather! She gives so much in her read! Such a professional :) "
" Great reader, fantastic redirection. "
" Wonderful reader! Compassionate, talented, kind, patient. Highly recommend! "
" Heather was simply amazing I thoroughly enjoyed our session, she is so insightful with not just the craft but the industry as well. Thanks again looking forward to working with you again! "
" Heather is so good. So insightful and thoughtful. You can tell she really wants you to win! "
" Great working with Heather. Highly reccomended :) "
" Shes great!! so helpful!! :) "
" Lovely human!!! "
" Heather is amazing and so grounded. It’s no wonder her career is going great! You won’t be disappointed!! "
" Always a blast!!!! "
" Great reader! "
" Heather was a PURE delight. Great reader. Talented. Gave the energy needed. Will def use her again! "
" Amazingly kind and patient reader with great notes and wonderful energy "
" Love working with Heather. Awesome Reader as always. A+ "
" Amazing!! "
" The best! "
" Heather is so nice and fun to work with, I highly recommend her!! "
" Heather was so great, really nice and a great reader. "
" I needed a reader who could read in French and Heather was fantastic! Wonderful lady and great reader. Thank you "
" Heather is always fantastic! She always has great energy and good insight to really make a scene pop! "
" An other great read with Heather! She always brings her A game. BOOK HER!!! "
" So wonderful and accommodating! "
" This was a tough one for Heather. She had to listen to me the entire time! She was, however, very attentive and a great help. "
" So fantastic and supportive! Loved her! "
" Always a pleasure working with Heather! She is always professional, friendly, and very helpful. Thanks Heather!!! "
" Awesome Reader! "
" This is my second time reading with Heather and and she's the bomb. She gives great notes and has such a great energy "
" Heather is the greatest. She gives such great notes and is the best reader. "
" Heather was so kind and easy to work with! Definitely will be booking her again :) "
" Thank you for the effective and positive time you shared with me ! "
" Always love reading with Heather! "
" Awesome as always "
" Wonderful, stepped in and read perfectly the first time! "
" Heather was amazing! Super helpful and a great reader. "
" Heather is a fantastic reader. Down to play, has great energy and feedback. MVP! "
" Excellent Reader! Gave Attitude and Very Patient and was a Great Help! I really Appreciate Heather! "
" Heather was wonderful as always. In simply chatting about the scene we uncovered a couple of layers to explore. Thanks Heather!!! "
" Loved working with Heather! great support, super friendly and patient. :) "
" Terrific reader! Amazing energy, fun & collaborative. A real joy to work with. "
" SO present, connected, gave some great suggestions! LOVE HER!! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Awesome reader! Great timing! "
" Such a great reader! So many great suggestions :) "
" Amazing! "
" Two days in a row. Thank you so much Heather for helping me find this scene. "
" Heather is fantastic! She always has great energy and gives so much to work with! Highly recommend! "
" She's such a great reader and has so many good ideas. "
" Heather is the best kind of reader - a talented actor, supportive, and wiling to collaborate if you need ideas for your scene. "
" Lovely.... ready to play and serve the scene. "
" Heather was awesome as always! Helped me practice w a Spanish scene thank you! "
" Heather was very helpful and an excellent cold-reader. Thanks! "
" Excellent feedback, great note! "
" Love her right from the start! Right there with you, from the giddy-up! Thank you Heather! "
" Best! "
" Such lovely energy and a wonderful cold reader. Fabulous! Thank you, Heather!!! "
" Heather is lovely and professional and a wonderful actress!! "
" She makes it fun and breezy. Thanks, Heather. "
" Warm and so helpful! Love Heather! "
" Heather is both a trusted reader and friend! She is insightful, relaxed, and a collaborator who offers practical adjustments and suggestions if needed. It's been wonderful to see her grow as an actor as well, becoming more daring and fearless as time goes on! "
" Heather was a great reader as usual! Thanks for your help! "
" Great reader! "
" Heather is a wonderful reader. I asked for and got excellent feedback. Thank you! "
" Super! Very helpful! "
" Super helpful notes and great reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Really fun and helpful! "
" Love working with Heather she has such positive calming vibes and is an excellent cold reader ! "
" Soooo helpful. Had a guest star audition for a procedural and she really helped me hash out some important final motivations. Excellent reader. Will use again "
" Excellent, was a huge help with my audition. "
" I just love her! She's so supportive and just jumps right in! "
" Heather is fantastic!!!! "
" Heather was so wonderful!!! "
" Long time favorite of mine! Always so spot on with anything i throw at her! Thank you again A+ "
" Great! "
" Fabulous as always! "
" Heather was so kind! Adored her! "
" Fun and light to work with, made me feel like I was doing my best work! "
" A force of positive energy, and as a reader she brings the characters to life and gives you so much to work with!!! "
" Heather is so sweet and such a great cold reader! Will definitely use her again! Thanks Heather "
" Heather is the best! Really helped me with an overwhelming audition. "
" Super helpful with this commercial read! "
" So sweet and SUPER helpful! Made me finds things in my monologue that I may not have found on my own. Thanks so much Heather! "
" Heather was so sweet and patient! Loved reading with her. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Heather is great! She's an amazing reader and had positive energy throughout the whole session. Highly HIGHLY reccomend. "
" Heather is so great! Amazing energy! "
" 5 STARS!!! "
" My go-to gal for supportive scene partner who also gives great notes! :) "
" Heather was a great reader! So clear and present! "
" Heather is great to read with! "
" Great energy! Heather was a fantastic reader! "
" Love Heather. She is a pro. Always helpful. "
" Very helpful and warm! "
" Amazingggg "
" Needed a really quick rehearsal/read through to get through some jitters before a live session. Heather was perfect. Thanks so much, Heather!! "
" A breath of fresh air! Super relaxed and easy to play with. "
" Again, Heather was very supportive and amazing in helping me perform an audition I feel great about. She's awesome. "
" Heather is great! Always up for anything with a good attitude! You should read with her! "
" Super helpful and understanding on my dime-turnaround audition! "
" Bueno "
" Love "
" Love her!! Super sweet and great notes. "
" Heather is terrific to work with! "
" Great Reader! "
" Heather is the real deal! "
" Heather was great and very patient. I had a last-minute audition to do in Spanish and she helped me with the pronunciations! "
" Heather is an extraordinary listener and scene partner. I can't say enough how wonderful she is to work with. Thank you, Heather! "
" WOW! So Amazing as always!!! Thank you again. Booke Her!!! A+ "
" Thank you! "
" Always such a great session with Heather. A real pro A+ "
" Heather is always a pleasure to work with. Book her!!! "
" Really nice, and amazing reader!! "
" Heather was wonderful, as always! <3 She is a great reader & great feedback/insight into character :) "
" Terrific reader! Very patient as we worked through the scenes to get them up to speed. Can't wait to work together again! "
" Thank you so much Heather for being supportive. You made it very comfortable and easy for me. "
" Fun! Love working with Heather! "
" Heather is the best! Thanks! "
" Wow she was so wonderful. Excellent reader, worked with me for an hour on a doozy of an audition. Very grateful. "
" Heather is a great reader! Always a go to "
" Such a great reader "
" What a fabulous reader!!!!!! Honestly I sometimes struggle because I have to just go off of voice so my eyeline is correct and her reading was so full of emotion that it REALLY helped me in my audition!!! Thanks Heather!!! "
" Heather is awesome! Book her!!! "
" Great reader! "
" Heather was a great help with an American Standard dialect. Always great reading with her!!! "
" Thank you so much! "
" Call lost! Trying to call back. "
" Fantastic. Great actor and scene partner. Warm and friendly. Thanks! "
" Heather was absolutely incredible! I got so many usable takes and her feedback was great. Will 100% use her again in the future! "
" Heather is amazing! Strong and generous reader, incredibly quick at picking up a long fast paced side on a cold read! Thank you!! "
" Thank you Heather for your patience and showing me how this works lol You were great and I LOVED your suggestions! "
" Heather is a great reader! One of my go tos "
" Fantastic. Kind and supportive "
" Heather is THE BEST. I worked with her on an audition I was struggling with, and I ended up being ON AVAIL for it. She is an excellent reader, and has amazing ideas to help work through any trouble spots. She understands script analysis and can not only help with what you bring to the table as an actor, but she also understands staying in line with the tone and style of the audition. 10000% recommend working with her. "
" A superstar! Patient, generous and supportive 🥰 "
" My go-to reader with all the best notes and supportive vibes!! :) "
" Generous reader, thank you! "
" Lovely reader as usual 😊 "
" Awesome reader! Warm and helpful. "
" Heather is so friendly and offers great advice, definitely recommend! "
" <3<3<3 "
" Super sweet and gave good feedback! Thank you! "
" Heather is great. Very lovely. Pro. "
" Always so so great! A true Gem! A+ "
" So awesome! "
" Amazing! I always love working with Heather. No only is she a fabulous reader and talented actress but she is super friendly, supportive and a wonderful person. "
" Lots of fun! I had a rather challenging script and she gave me good tips and...most importantly, a shot of confidence. Thanks, Heather. "
" Amazing with comedy…so good. "
" Heather's comedic timing and understanding of story was exactly what this audition needed. Nailed it Heather! Thanks. "
" Heather is THE BEST. She's a brilliant cold reader, kind, patient, has wonderful ideas, and also lets you do your own thing. Will definitely read with her again!! Mahalo Heather! :) "
" This was my first time using We Audition so I wasn't totally sure what to expect. Heather was so friendly and made the read super easy and fun, she had great suggestions that helped me get an unexpected and exciting read of the scene I hadn't thought of. Thanks Heather! "
" What a great reader Heather is. Always such a joy to read with. A+ "
" Always a good time! Thanks, Heather! "
" Super sweet! Great energy! "
" Amazing. Very nice to work with "
" So quick to pick up the nuances of the scene. Such a warm supportive reader. "
" Lovely working with Heather! "
" So great, such a pleasure to read with "
" Heather is fantastic!! Love working with her "
" Heather's always so great! Fantastic reader - highly recommend. "
" You're amazing "
" This was a very difficult scene, and Heather helped me navigate through it with ease. Book her! "
" Heather is a pleasure to work with. Very professional. "
" Nice, quick and helpful (the scene was very short but it was essential for me to have a reader). Thanks for yourhelp! "
" Repeat! Heather is just a rockstar, such a great cold reader and incredible instincts. Cannot wait to work with her again. "
" Professional. Talented. A joy and a breeze to work with! "
" I had a very quick session with Heather and she was very helpful, super professional tone, encouraging, great to work with! "
" Repeat! Heather is stellar book her!! "
" Heather is an amazing cold reader and such a lovely person! Thank you so much! "
" Fantastic. Great notes! "
" Heather is a great reader! Always a pleasure to work with her "
" Fantastic reader and wonderful energy! "
" Awesome! So fun and energetic! "
" Excellent reader! One of my faves. "
" She was so great!! Love working w her "
" Heather is great to work with. Excellent comedic timing and gives a lot to play with!! "
" Heather is such a great cold reader and so good at helping you breakdown a scene quickly. A real ProA+ "
" Heather was kind and wonderful to work with! She provided good feedback and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again! Thank you, Heather! "
" Heather rocks as always! Awesome reader .Thank you again A+ "
" Heather was amazing! Gracious, supportive, encouraging, patient, all of the above! Thank you, Heather! "
" Heather is such a great reader. So quick at figuring out the sides. A Real Pro! A+ "
" Perfectly professional and personable! As well as being such a dream to read with! "
" Amazing! Will definitely read with Heather again! "
" Ahh!! Love Heather! So supportive and a great reader! "
" Amazing energy and so very kind. Lovely to work with! "
" The sweetest! And so patient, love her! "
" Heather was a big help with a new audition. Just getting started on it, but I'm further along now thanks to her input! "
" Always a pleasure. Generous and supportive. "
" Omg! Amazing. Truly. Can't wait to work with her again. "
" Oh my goodness! I loved working with Heather! Such a fun reader and gave me a lot of good insight in how to work with comedic , Multicam sides. "
" Really first rate! Look no further than Heather, and she was on iCarly! pretty cool! "
" Heather is wonderful!!! Words can't express how grateful I am that she's my reader for my self tape. Her suggestions are so helpful and fun! "
" Awesome reader! thank you so much! "
" Wonderful reader and person!! "
" Amazing!!! jumped right in and nailed it!!! Thank you again so much "
" Heather was so nice and a great reader! She made my audition super easy and fun. Thank you, Heather! "
" Heather is a great reader and a wonderful actor. I highly recommend her!!! Thank you Heather. "
" Excellent reader!! "
" Great reader! "
" Great help!! "
" Heather wants to give you EXACTLY what you need. If you're ready to rock, she will soar through with you. "
" Very kind, very fun! "
" What a wonderful reader!!! thank you Heather!!! "
" Great Reader!! Thank you, Heather ◡̈ "
" Great Coach/Reader "
" Thank you so much for everything!! Great working with you!! "
" Awesome awesome! loved her energy. We got the take! "
" Heather is great! She's warm, supportive, and easy to work with! "
" Really awesome work~! Thank you Heather! "
" Heather is on point, & gave great ideas for trying it different ways w/ nuances. Warm, sincere, & highly skilled. Thank you! "
" Lovely directions thank you much! "
" Heather is always very good and extremely pleasant to work with. Book her! "
" Super patient and great! "
" Heather is wonderful. So positive and game to try different things with the scene. "
" HEATHER IS AMAZING!!! Her notes gave me the permission I needed to feel free to play and make my last minute self tape have the personality and specifics it needed. Patient and budding with ideas, she truly is a diamond in the rough. So grateful for her!!! "
" So incredibly wonderful. would love to work with her again! "
" What a GEM! Super expert coach and fun collaborator. Thank you, Heather, for helping me up my game. "
" Nice working with you Heather. Thank you for keeping me focused and grounded! "
" Loved reading with Heather and Loved her suggestions!! "
" Wonderful reader. Gives great feedback! "
" Absolutely amazing!! Definitely recommend!! "
" Great reader! "
" A wonderful reader and Helped me drilled down to the essence of the scend. I would highly recommend her. "
" Heather is amazing! Such a great reader! Highly recommend "
" Heather was wonderful!! My first time using WeAudition and she walked me through! "
" Always amazing! "
" Heather is remarkable to work with. Great energy, and is able to jump right into the scene. Thank you Heather! "
" Talented reader and note giver! Definitely will work with her again. "
" Heather is fantastic! Such a great reader! "
" Heather was AMAZING!!! BEST best! "
" SO fantastic. straight to business, while still being very professional and helpful. Would definitely recommend "
" OMG !!! I loved that she was as invested in my piece as I was. "
" Amazing!!!!! so supportive!!! top reader!!! "
" Great Reader ! A lot of fun and had an amazing ear to listen to my lines !! !Thank you so much! "
" Awseome "
" So nice and pleasant and a strong reader. "
" Amazing reader! Felt really safe with her. Really great to work with. Highly recommend! "
" Wonderful reader! Matched my energy really well. Helped me in a pinch! "
" Great actor and a great reader! Heather helped make my performance better. "
" Heather is LEGIT!! Soooo helpful and wonderful to read with - worked on a comedy scene together and she was SPOT ON with timing! Highly recommend! Thank you!! "
" Heather is always the greatest! Encouraging, helpful, and energetic. Book her if you get the chance! "
" Thanks for the read Heather! "
" Heather was so great to work with! She instantly dialed into the material and offer some really strong notes. He energy as a reader was very easy to play off of- she truly helps you do your best! "
" Supportive, fun, relaxed, and best of all, a great reader. Thank you so much, Heather! "
" She was awesome! "
" Such a pro! She is such a wonderful reader and so patient and gives excellent feedback. Thank you again for your help Heather!! "
" Great cold reader!! She just jumped right in and picked up on both scenes right away! Also super encouraging!! "
" Thank you for your help. "
" Lovely reader! "
" Heather is always a pleasure to work with. I recommend you book her at your earliest convenience! Thank you Heather!!! "
" Heather's energy and talent know no bounds! Thank you Heather!!! "
" Wonderful reader. Thank you! "
" So delightful and easy to work with! "
" Awesome! Thanks Heather. Excellent ideas / Reading!~ "
" My fave! "
" So lovely, helpful and kind. Will totally work with Heather again! "
" Heather is a such a star! Great quick cold reader. Figures it out very quickly. So helpful as always. Thank you again! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Great and supportive reader. "
" Super natural and easy-going reader. Very helpful. "
" Super helpful! "
" Wonderful reader!! Recommend. "
" So sweet and patient!!! "
" Heather is so lovely! A brilliant actress, so available and generous. Fabulous reader as well! Thanks, Heather! "
" Heather is a real pro! Very easy to work with! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Great reader!!!! "
" She's awesome! I highly recommend. "
" Heather is awesome! Such insight into the script. I loved her suggestions, really helping me to come up with a few different takes. Highly recommended!!! "
" Love her! Just excellent!! She was the perfect scene partner for what i needed today, and so attentive and gave such excellent advice. Fantastic! "
" Heather is the best and works quickly to give great insight "
" Great!!!!!!! "
" She is great! "
" Heather is always wonderful to work with. Provides excellent feedback. Thanks Heather! "
" Heather was super fun and supportive! :) "
" Heather is fantastic! Very warm and wonderful actress--supportive and giving and playful!! Book her! "
" Fantastic! I was in a pinch to get a same day appointment done and Heather was super helpful! Would definitely recommend! "
" Wonderful reader. Amazing insight for the scene. "
" Heather is wonderful to read with and I hope I see her on here again! Thank you! "
" Heather was super fun and gave helpful, tactical feedback! "
" Heather is always great to work with. Her suggestions were spot-on! Thank you! "
" Heather is a ROCKSTAR! "
" Thank you so much!! awesome! "
" Wonderful reader. Great feedback! "
" WONDERFUL! So kind. Exceptional Actress. I'll definitely look for Heather again! "
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