Charlotte Doe

Hi everyone,
I do a lot of self-tapes myself so I know the deal, I can support you in German (native) or English.
It's also a wonderful exercise for me to read more material and rehearse with other actors.

Much love

Hi everyone,
I'm Charlotte Doe, a trained actress based in Germany and London, UK.
I have a degree in theatre acting and completed a workshop in camera acting. I work in all mediums as well as presenting, occasionally.
I have been in the industry for 4 years now and I am working in English and German.
I am currently represented by my wonderful agents at Miles Anthony Associates.

Full profile on Spotlight:
my website:
photography instagram: the_actors_portrait

Much love,


" Charlotte is my go to on WeAudition! She's the best! "
" Thank you! "
" Great! She picks up the scene well! "
" It's a joy to work with her. Every time. "
" Charlotte is such a lovely charming person and a great reader. During the short session with me, she really helped me explore the scene. "

Credits Include

2020 [IMDB]
A Muse
2020 [added]
Purple Bricks
2020 [added]
Unexpected Stories - Vodafone - Charlie Crane
commercial race driver
2020 [added]
From Everywhere - Slack
2020 [added]
Pulse - Kristjan Torr
2020 [added]
Making Working From Home Better - Slack
2019 [added]
BBC Bitesize
Factory Films presenter
2019 [added]
Au Revoir
short film Immigration Officer
2018 [added]
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commercial, backpacker
2018 [added]
"The Awakening", Andrew Abbiw
short film, Sofia
2018 [added]
"Apocalypse", Angelo Van De Wiel, Babbel UK
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2018 [added]
"The Motherfucker With The Hat", Aleyna Cara
theatre, Victoria
2018 [added]
commercial, model
2018 [added]
"Bedside Stories", Hitch On
web series, host
2018 [added]
"A Muse", Jimmy Bontatibus
feature film, Lucie
2017 [added]
"Was uns verbindet" Monoklub
music video, girlfriend
2017 [added]
BNISK, Schmidt Theater Hamburg, Mirko Klos
theatre, Saskia
2016-2017 [added]
RUBIKON, Theater Orange Hamburg, Miriam Horwitz
theatre, Olivia