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I LOVE DOING THIS!!! Let's get to work! I am here to assist YOU!
I am happy to run lines, help you put together a self tape, provide feedback, be your champion and/or cheerleader.
I get as much back being a reader as you do performing. It is a pleasure to work and meet with everyone putting themselves out there and giving your all. I will give the same back whether it's a one-liner or a lead role.

I am happy to read for free, but do appreciate tips and reviews if you can afford it.


Neil Charlesworth is an actor, known for A Million Little Things (2018), Siren (2018) and Home Before Dark.


254 Reader Reviews

" Neil was super awesome, so much fun and patient! Superb reader and gave me a lot to work with for my self-tape! "
" Neil is always amazing to work with! Accommodating, patient and a great reader! "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Great job! Nice read and great ideas. Thanks Neil! "
" Patient and helpful, a great solid read with the material! "
" Great help! thanks!! "
" So helpful. Gave me just what I needed. "
" Fantastic reader... Helped me bring my "ACTION" scene to life! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Terrific reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader, highly recommend! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Great reader "
" Excellent "
" Neil was great! He's very patient and let me take my time to get it right. I appreciate his tips and advice and will use him again! "
" Neil is great! He's passionate and fun to work with! "
" Such a WONDERFUL reader! "
" Great read! Thank you! "
" Fun to read with! "
" Awesome as always! Gives so much! Highly recommend "
" Neil is amazing!!! He comes to play and is a great reader :) "
" Neil is a pleasure to work with!! Great reader! "
" Neil was AWESOME!!! Thank you so very much! "
" Neil is fantastic. Super helpful and chill, which is exactly what I needed. Thank you!! "
" Amazing!!! "
" So fun to work with!! Thanks Neil! "
" Excellent reader, efficient and respectful of time, and friendly attitude. 100% satisfied and will book him again! Thank you Neil! "
" Always enjoy reading with Neil. He jumps right in and is very easy to read with. Big time pro "
" Neil was really helpful with helping be play the scene in a new way. He has a great eye for this! "
" Such a great reader! And great feedback! "
" Neil is awesome!! Thanks, Neil!! "
" Neil was great and so helpful Book him! "
" Super supportive, super warm... Neil's the real deal! "
" Great! That was fun. "
" Wonderful as always! "
" Professional. Easy to work with. Excellent read on script. "
" Great reader with good energy and a flawless British accent if needed. "
" Neil is a great reader who really gives you what you need. Had some fun suggestions to play with too "
" Great reader. "
" Great! Kind, supportive, and attentive! Thank you! "
" Amazing reader! Really supportive and didn't feel rushed. Great notes. Thankyou! "
" Really awesome to work with. Helpful in many ways, "
" A genuinely great guy, with comforting help. "
" Pleasure meeting Neil, great colder reader, great pacing, great audition technique, and is very nice "
" Such a good reader and very fun to talk to also! "
" Neil is the man. Book him now "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Neil is always so great! Thank you again my friend "
" Neil is a great reader! Thanks Neil! "
" Wonderful energy! "
" Woop "
" Excellent reader! Patient, funny, helpful "
" Great reader! Professional and fun to work with! "
" Great reader, and fun to work with! "
" Awesome supportive reader. Will use again! "
" Neil is pro and patient. Great reader! "
" Excellent!` "
" Great reader and super friendly! "
" Brilliant!! Again!! "
" Maybe the coolest guy I’ve worked with. Super versatile, really solid reader. "
" The best! Thank you for your help! "
" You can tell that Neil loves what he does! He has the patience of Job! Loved his guidance and direction. Hats off to Neil!!! "
" Neil has been incredibly insightful, I appreciate working with him. "
" Once again, Neil was awesome! So very helpful and fun to work with. Terrific insights! "
" Neil was awesome! He made my first time a pleasant experience. Looking forward to working with him again. "
" Great session! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" One of my favorite readers on WeAudition!! Thank you again, Neil!! "
" Incredible reader! Loved working with him. "
" Neil was so great. Extremely helpful, excellent insight and a terrific reader! "
" Neil is solid as always! Great reader. Always so much fun! Thank you sir "
" Ah-Mazing! 100%%%% "
" Neil was a phenomenal reader! So generous with his time and gave great feedback! Highly recommend working with him! "
" Neil is a SUPER generous reader and simply a lovely human being. Enjoyed working and chatting with him and can't wait to do it again! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Neil is great, super helpful and patient. Thank you! "
" Great reader! And offered some great direction as well. Thank you! "
" Neill rocks!!! As always:) Thank you sir "
" Awsome reader!!!! Great chemistry and so easy to work with! "
" Very easy to work with and brings creative ideas to the rehearsal! "
" What an awesome reader. Neil helped me prepare for the self tape yesterday, and today, he helped me record. Patient until I got what I was going after. Great guy to work with! "
" Excellent and patient reader. "
" Neil was fantastic! Quickly assessed the characters he read opposite mine. Nice guy to work with. "
" So helpful! Really great to work with! "
" Woo-hoo! Neil is such a FUN reader to work off of, he picked up the sides real quick and gave great notes. Would be happy to work with him again! "
" Great reader. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader, so patient and gave me so many helpful tips "
" Such an easy read and personable! Thank you! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Neil was fantastic. Great tips and directions will definitely work with him again :) "
" Amazing as usual!! Neil is the best. "
" Neil was so great! Such a pleasure to work with. Felt really supported and it made figuring out this self tape way easier. "
" Another wonderful session with Neil! He is so patient and pleasant to work with. I absolutely recommend him to anyone! "
" A truly talented reader. You can tell he knows his stuff. Book him! "
" Only needed a few minutes to run some lines and Neil was super helpful. Thank you Neil! "
" Thank you...Really great guy, and fantastic reader. "
" Neil was fabulous! Wonderfully generous reader and gave me super helpful observations and notes. Will definitely be reading with him again! "
" Excellent work and working with him. Relaxed and good listening which leads to good feedback. Highly recommend. "
" Great "
" Neil is such a great reader and full of great input! "
" Such a good actor! I had so much fun "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Neil always delivers. He is there when I really need help with a scene and also when I'm just starting to feel it out. Thanks again for being a familiar face on We Audition and always being so generous. "
" Great working with Neil! He was awesome and professional. "
" Amazingggggg! Grateful to have done a session with you! Thank you sooo much! "
" Neil gives great advice and is such a wonderful reader. Will definitely work with him again soon! "
" Great advice! "
" Very good and patient reader, and came up with some great insights about my audition scene. Thank you! Will book him again. "
" Great actor and person! Helped me a lot with my scene. "
" Man, Neil brings a smile to my face every time I work with him! He is quickly becoming a go-to professional collaborator on We Audition. I highly recommend him. "
" Great!! thank you so much!! "
" Neil has become a familiar friendly face on We Audition and I'm glad to work with him every chance I get. "
" Awesome!!! "
" Excellent reader. Did as many takes as I needed to get one I liked. Would definitely recommend! "
" Enjoy working with Neil. Very professional and experienced. Ready to go right away and effortless reader. "
" Best guy "
" Neil was great! Very attentive and helpful! "
" So nice to work with "
" Such good feedback and really collaborates with you. Definitely recommend working with Neil! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Wicked as always! "
" Neil is personable and helpful. He was able to breakdown the sides and help me become more specific in my actions and intentions "
" Neil is a great reader! "
" Neil's great to work with! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Seasoned pro! thanks so much! "
" Super kind and awesome. Great cold reader and actor. Would recommend. Thanks! "
" Always a greater reader! Good with the lines and the story telling. "
" Amazing reader, highly recommend! "
" Neil is always ready to help and support. Qualities I really appreciate. "
" So patient and gives the best notes! "
" Amazing reader such a great guy "
" DOPE!!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Neil was a great help with my scene. Enjoyed playing off his read and finding arc of the scene. "
" Very smart and helpful Actor! I loved it "
" Thank you sir for all the tips you gave me! "
" Again, Neil was great. He helped to re-record a piece that I needed for rehersal. "
" Neil is a generous reader. I appreciated having his voice in my head and on tape to use in my rehearsal process. Mahalo!! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Loved Neil.. wonderful reader .. has great input .. can tell he has a lot of experience as an actor and reader. I felt very comfortable too and supported. "
" Amazing reader "
" Super helpful and patient. So appreciated the help! "
" Neil is awesome! I encourage any and everyone to read w/ him! "
" Great reader! "
" Very helpful with details and professional! "
" Smart. Articulate. Giving. Talented reader. Neil's a keeper! "
" Great advice! Awesome read! Does a lovely British accent ;) "
" Neil's a great reader and really fun to work with!! "
" Totally amazing, thanks Neil! Brilliant and accurate feedback, so I'm really happy with the options I have to submit. "
" Highly, highly recommend. "
" Excellent reader!! "
" Awesome! Thank you! "
" Neil is terrific. Would use him again in a heartbeat! "
" He's so great and generous! "
" Very patient! "
" Neil was killer, so patient and kind. Very appreciative "
" Amazing reader, thank you so much Neil! "
" Such a treat! Neil was great and all smiles, I would so use him again! "
" So patient and positive! "
" Dip was an awesome reader and super fun to work with! "
" Neil was great! Awesome reader "
" He was great! "
" Neil was super to work with! Put me at ease and was very encouraging. Thanks Neil! "
" Great reader and nice guy!! Thank you :) "
" Very patient. "
" Excellent reader! "
" Thank you my friend! "
" Neil is incredible. Talented, humble, and an actor who just loves what he does. I look forward to reading with him in the future. Thanks Neil! "
" AMAZING!!! Was a pleasure to work with and would be thrilled to do so again! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Wonderful reader and an actor! Thank you. "
" The best.... as always! "
" Awesome Reader and Great Guy ! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always so comfortable with Neil, he helps me with exactly what I need. "
" Great way to start my experience using We Audition - generous with his time and ideas! "
" Awesome! "
" Another great read! "
" Great reader. Super professional! "
" Thank you my friend! Always Great! "
" Great reader!Excellent "
" Neil is so awesome! we had fun with my self tape :) "
" Great great "
" Best "
" Really helpful notes and observations, and good to work with! "
" Love running lines with Neal "
" Great guy! a really good reader gave me what I needed. "
" AMAZING as always! So generous with recommendations and tips to help me play my character better. Thanks again Neil! "
" Always a pleasure to work with Neil!! "
" Best "
" Always an amazing reader , very generous with his time "
" So great "
" Awesome as always. Love working with Neil. "
" Wonderful rehearsal partner and awesome notes! Thank you Neil! "
" Always amazing!!! "
" Great reader! Super chill and great at jumping in. Thanks! "
" Neil is terrific! He has a lot of energy and gives you his best read each time! thank you! "
" Neil is a legend. He's patient and down to run lines to oblivion. "
" Very generous reader. Worked with me until I felt good with the take. Thank you Neil! "
" Thank you so much, Neil! You're such an amazing reader!! "
" Great guy! Great reader! Enjoyed working with him a lot! "
" Amazing guy! Great Actor!! "
" Fantastic reader, easy going and easy to read with. "
" Love his love of the craft and great personality! "
" Fantastic. Great reader. Would love to work with again. "
" Always a great reader! "
" Great reader. Super great understanding of story and was so helpful. Thanks so much!!! "
" Great reader, wonderful first experience rehearsing on We Audition! "
" Great reader! "
" Excellent; common sense; wisdom; positivity "
" Fun and excellent reader! Great notes and ideas too. "
" This guy is great! So easy to work with, and gives purposeful feedback. "
" Awesome as always! "
" Fabulous reader. Very helpful. Terrific actor. "
" Great rehearsal! Loved his ideas. Will definitely work with Neil again! "
" Always great to read with Neil :) "
" Always great to read with:) "
" Neil is so great and generous with his time! "
" Always great to read with Neil! Thank you sir:) "
" Always a great scene partner "
" Neil was AMAZING to work with for my self-tape! Really helpful with lots of great insight and feedback including a key adjustment for me at the end of the scene. Made the whole process so easy and enjoyable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! "
" Always a pleasure working with Neil! "
" Neil is very cool and very helpful. "
" Wonderful reader and great human. So lucky when he is here! "
" Neil was awesome! "
" Awesome reader! Offers great notes. "
" Neil was really helpful and gave me great suggestions! "
" Great fun to read Neil. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Super Nice and helpfull! "
" So fantastic! Great vibe, super professional and focused, friendly, and talented. It was wonderful to have his feedback and alternative viewpoints, and he didn't go overboard and lead me to start doubting myself. Would love to work with him again - HIGHLY recommend :) "
" Nice to rehearse with a local actor! Very professional! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Great "
" Great reader!!! "
" Incredibly nice, helpful, and with some super suggestions form the mini scene we worked on. "
" Friendly, helpful, and a great sense of humor: thanks, you! "
" Great reader. Easy-going with good notes and ideas. "
" Absolute pro. Terrific reader. Neil has to be your number one choice. "
" Lovely reader! thank you! "

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