Priscila Zortea

Hello Actors,

I'm here to help you out with all those auditions that you don't want to bother your room mates with! Or if you just want to practice your skills with another actor, here for that too!

I was born in Brazil, I have a bit of a foreign accent that you can't quite place where it comes from. I've been in the US for 12 years, mostly pursuing acting in NYC and LA.

I'm looking forward to work and make some art with you!

Hello everybody,

Hope you're feeling so thankful for being here following your show business dreams!
I know I am :)

I'm a Brazilian actress and dancer. I'm currently living in Los Angeles, after some amazing years in NYC. I'm really passionate about everything I do. I'm authentic and honest. I had to take a break from acting during the pandemic, but I'm so happy to be back for my second act (definitely the stronger one, that brings us to that hopeful moment after the dark night of the soul!).

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