Paolo Roca Rey

Hi everyone,

I'm Paolo Roca Rey, I'm an actor born and raised in Rome, I studied mainly for theatre, but I've been sometimes working also for television. I've always studied english and I spent a year in London in my early 20's, hence I am fluent in the language. I'm a good actor, give me a chance and I'm sure you'll agree. Here's my CV if you want to check it out. Thanks!

– Findomestic Commercial (2019) - J. Reardon;
– “Killing Eve” (S1E1) [P. Waller-Bridge] - H. Bradbeer (2017);


– “Confidenze Pericolose” [D. Morelli] - D. Ruiz (2019)
– “Zozòs” [G. Manfridi] - C. Boccaccini (2018/2019);
– “Come se foste a casa vostra” [L. Ferrini] - M. Cosentini (2018/2019);
– “Un'ora di tranquillità” [F. Zeller] - M. Ghini (2017/18);
– “Medea” [L.A. Seneca] - W. Pagliaro (2017);
– “Le Belle Notti” [G. Clementi] - C. Boccaccini (2016/17);
– “L'Ultimo Volo” [G. Clementi] -C. Boccaccini (2015);
– “Tre Sorelle” [A. Cechov] - P. Rossi Gastaldi (2014);
– “Diversamente giovani” [L. Manzi, M. Andreozzzi] - L. Manzi, M. Vado (2014);
– “Il Ventaglio” [C. Goldoni] - P. Rossi Gastaldi (2013);

– “Super Italian Family” [G. Galli, D. Esposito] - G. Galli, D. Esposito;
– “Mommascolti” [L. Manzi] - L.Manzi;

Paolo Roca Rey is an actor, known for Killing Eve (2018).


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2018 [IMDB]
Killing Eve
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