Ozen Fidan

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Hey, my name is Ozen and

I studied On-Camera Acting for 2 years. During that time, I got the opportunity to do a Film Acting workshop with Vincent D'Onofrio and Thomas Sullivan (The Green Book).

Besides my native General American accent, I also speak German.

Over lockdown, I have been reading for my friends and people remotely. I would love to help reading, helping/ directing if asked to do so.

Let's do this and get you a great tape!

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Hey, my name is Ozen and

I studied On-Camera Acting for 2 years. During that time, I got the opportunity to do a Film Acting workshop with Vincent D'Onofrio and Thomas Sullivan (The Green Book).

Besides my native General American accent, I also speak German and Turkish natively.

DryBlue Agency - Thomas Sullivan (dba@dbagency.co.uk)

128 Reader Reviews

" Super fun and efficient! Thank you so much! "
" Great great guy love working with him "
" Amazing!!!! "
" Always THE BEST!!!! "
" Thank you! "
" Always amazing! "
" Really great guy, and a great reader! "
" He's the best!!!!!! "
" Great reader! "
" Awesome reader! Had a lot of fun "
" So great! Helped me work out so many different options I didn't see on my own. Thank you! "
" Fantastic! "
" Super great with giving you more to process than you did originally coming in. Awesome session! "
" My favorite reader!!!! "
" Super great reader and listener! Great notes and take on the scene as well. Thank you! "
" Great session! "
" Great guy :) "
" So patient, helpful and kind with the BEST tips and interpretations. "
" Awesome Reader! Super helpful and attentive to detail. "
" Ozen has wonderful energy!! Great read. "
" Great "
" Excellent reader "
" Wonderful reader. "
" Ozen was so great! He had lovely suggestions. Would book again! "
" Love Ozen. Great at script breakdown. Really helpful, great feedback. Great at finding moments / working with text, circumstances. Recommend! "
" One of the best breaker downers of scenes "
" Ozen was great! Made adjustments when I needed him too, and was super supportive as a reader. Would definitely recommend him. "
" Ozen is fantastic. "
" Ozen is one of my go-to readers! "
" One of the best. Love his reading! "
" Really wonderful actor and human being. Extremely happy with self-tape and the feedback given for different takes! Will certainly turn to Ozen again for another tape! "
" Ozen is great! Very friendly and invested in the scene. Gave me very helpful feedback. Felt very comfortable working with him :) "
" Wow. Just Wow. He's a must use for reader and creative collaborator ! "
" Always a Huge help for my tapes! Super chill dude! Recommend him for sure! "
" Ozen is a joy to work with. He encourages, gives great suggestions and is absolutely respectful to the craft. Thank you Ozen. "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Thank you "
" Awesome reader and really great scene partner! Highly Recommend! "
" Super easy to read with. Patient and offered helpful tips that reshaped how I thought about the scene. "
" Ozen's awesome! Great reader! "
" Another lifesaver with the german accent! Thank you for your thorough work and great notes! "
" SO helpful with great notes! "
" Go to man "
" I love Ozen "
" The best "
" Such a great partner! "
" Great reader. Creative. "
" Always amazing. Always. "
" Simply THE BEST :)! Always a pleasure "
" Great actable notes! Great scene analysis skills! "
" Highly Recommend! "
" Super friendly and fun reader! Gave me great notes as well. :) "
" Great guy! you can tell he loves acting and wants to get into the story "
" So truly helpful! One of the best! "
" Fantastic! "
" Really great ! "
" Super helpful, full of ideas, great! "
" Great again and most excellent tips and advice!!!! "
" Great feedback, super generous with his time and a great reader! Thank you! "
" Great reader, great actor! "
" Thanks so much Ozen for your patience and being a supportive reader in these scenes! "
" The crème de la crème of actors out there. "
" So great at understanding the beats of the scene and all his input is valued! "
" Wonderful at breaking down moments in the scene for your best take! "
" Really great at working the scene with you! "
" Really good reader, quick-study. And very useful feedback and suggestions. Totally recommend! "
" So fun! Ozen offers great energy and insights to deepen the character and explore more layers. Will definitely book again! "
" Great experience "
" Ozen is such a great reader with such an amazing Joie de Vivre. Really helped me today! Thank you again! "
" Ozen is an awesome reader. Gives great notes. Really helped me get this character off the ground today! "
" So fun! "
" Ozen is the best reader there is! "
" Great reader! Friendly and reliable! "
" Wonderful reader!! He gave me so much. So fun to play and explore with! Made me feel comfortable and open in the scene. Thank you, Ozen! "
" Very friendly! "
" Ozen is a GEM! He really knows how to help break down a scene and find nuances that help bring the scene to life! So GRATEFUL for this session with him. Can't wait to work with him again! :) "
" Thank you so much Ozen!! :) "
" Great reader! Very helpful with feedback and helped get the job done in a time crunch. Highly recommend! "
" Ozen is an incredible reader! I will absolutely work with him again. His script analysis skills are incredibly, he's playful and willing to take as many takes as needed to get the one! Really fun, talented, and interested guy. I would highly recommend him to everyone. "
" Ozen is incredible! Such a kind, flexible, playful and really intelligent reader. Has great script analysis skill - generous and kind. Will absolutely work with him again. "
" Nothing but praise for Ozen! Such an awesome reader, Great suggestions and a big help for my german scene! Thank you Thank you Thank you! "
" Excellent! Had a blast working the scenes. Please book him. "
" Absolutely amazing! Helped me really perfect my german pronunciation! Awesome dude, awesome reader! THANK YOU "
" Ozen is awesome! So fun and so fun to work with. Tons of great ideas and lots of care/thought. All asked for. Thank you! "
" Ozen was truly lovely to work with! He jumped into to working on the exercise I had to tape for a class and offered some great tools for finding a greater sense of place. He has a wonderful calm energy as well. I really enjoyed working with him. "
" SO AWESOME. Really helpful with filling in the gaps in the story. We made everything specific and fun! If you're ready to do the work and feel confident...this is your guy! "
" Ozen is so so so so kind and generous – as a performer and as a person. Was suffering from a bad case of addle-brain at the start of our session, but he helped make me feel so comfortable as I worked to get back on track. Thanks, good sir! See you again! "
" Thank you. Always a pleasure! "
" Brilliant as always! "
" Ozen was great! Took so much time to work through the scripts with me and make sure my takes were great. Definitely recommend. "
" Awesome and friendly reader. Will definitely use again! "
" Great reader and a pleasure to work with. Picked up the scene right away. Thanks! "
" He was great!! Super helpful "
" Ozen is awesome! Had such a fun time and he is a great reader with good suggestions! Will definitely request him again! "
" Ozen was so patient and helpful. He gave awesome notes that truly elevated my audition. Highly recommend! "
" Great to read with, worked through the scene and added some layers - fun/friendly! "
" Great to work with! Helped me get through the lines and made strong choices. "
" Great actor with wonderful energy! "
" Great reader! "
" SO helpful and kind!! "
" Ozen was AMAZING! I had a commercial audition that required me to do a take in English and German (which I don't speak!) and he was the perfect fit! He made sure that I felt comfortable and confident delivering the German lines and gave some great feedback along the way! I highly recommend him for your next audition! "
" Amazing reader!!! "
" Ozen was greatgreat direction and advice. "
" Awesome! Thanks so much! "
" Great reader! Very thorough and articulate. "
" Great!! just what you need for a reader to audition with!!! "
" Ozen is amazing!!! Super helpful, great suggestions, positive energy! Thank you so much!!! "
" Great reader, patient and a lot of fun to work with. "
" So patient. Really helpful. "
" Great guy, really supportive and flexible "
" Amazing per usual "
" Great reader! "
" Thank you, very helpful with "
" Excellent help! "
" The best! "
" Great cold reader and fun scene partner! Thank you!! "
" Reader great! "
" He is awesome. It was great working with him. Great partner "
" Ozen was so great! Wonderful reader, and great comedic timing. Thanks! "
" Great working with Ozen! "
" Ozen is so wonderful! A generous reader and acting partner. I loved working with him! "
" Ozen is amazing!! Great reader, calm energy, super on point! Thank you so much! "
" I had a turnaround of only a few hours and needed a reader quick! Ozen responded to my reader request within 3 minutes and was very professional. He got into character right away and asked me how else we should approach the scene -- we needed only a couple of takes and I was on my way to submit my audition. Thank you! "

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