Nomi Bailey

Hiya! I'm a London based actor and I'm here to help you! :)

**First 15 min is PWYC (pay what you can)**

I trained at Met Film School and Young Actors Theatre. I have experience within theatre and film as well as voice work.

I have an RP/ British accent and am happy to read for you! I am flexible and open to notes so you can have the best audition you can possibly have. I'd love to help you rehearse, memorise lines, or do some acting exercises! Happy to offer suggestions and input when desired. Let's have some fun and ace that audition! :)

London based actor. Nomi Bailey is currently appearing as Linda in 'Her Hem' at the Etcetera Theatre.


Credits Include

2022 [added]
2022 [added]
Working Blue
2022 [added]
2021 [added]
Perfect Timing
2020 [added]
House of Commons
Theatre Peta
2020 [added]
The Documentary
Documentary Participent
2020 [added]
Julius Caesar
Online Theatre Brutus
2019 [added]
Right To Remain Silent
Theatre Annie
2019 [added]
Cut Frame: A Beginner's Guide to Acting Applicatio
Commercial Thoughtful Applicant / Selfie Taker
2019 [added]
The Regina Monologues
Theatre Anne Boleyn
2018 [added]
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Theatre Fairy
2015 [IMDB]
Trip to Kosovo
2015 [added]
Crossing the Abyss
Short Nomi