Nieve Butterworth

Hi! I'm a novice actress from Northern Manchester in the UK. I'm looking for some experience and am eager to help in any way you need.

Genuinely would love to be a part of your journey and help you succeed.

No set fee due to my lack of experience but any tips are always welcome :)


I'm a 20 year old actor located in Greater Manchester, UK but can travel and commute.
The majority of my experience is with monologues, dramatics, and improv.

I was accepted into and attended an Acting (BA with honors) graduate course at Falmouth University but chose to drop out in the first year due to personal reasons. Though during my time there I still achieved high grades in the modules I was able to complete, such as two 2:1s and a 1st on a group piece devised over multiple weeks.

" Nieve is super sweet and friendly! reads super well, thanks so much! "
" Nieve was really friendly and a great reader, thanks Nieve! "
" Lovely reader. Thanks Nieve! "