Natasha Campbell

A hard working English actress suited to both comedy and drama; quirky and unusual characteristics, able to do upper and working class. Excellent sight reader - responsive to other actors, playful and fun.
Uk accents: London, RP, Scottish, Yorkshire. Also general American and Spanish. Email me on or whatsapp me on 07793054443


Experienced in film and theatre. Mid-thirties mum, strong and direct with underlying vulnerability. Eccentric characters, mentally unstable or edgy, tough, mean right down to psychopathic..


" Helpful, easy to work with, and adaptable. Would definitely work with her again. "
" A wonderful reader and Natasha gave so much great advice and ideas for how to say the lines. My tape will have improved tenfold after having rehearsed with her no doubt. Thank you Natasha! "
" Natasha was so delightful and positive and helpful. Was such a pleasure working with her! "

Credits Include

2019 [added]
Race and Resilience by Skill Boosters
Corporate Spanish office worker
2019 [added]
Lucy the Cat
Student final Rom-Com lead
2018 [added]
Images of Absence, Gunel Gadirova
MA Final Londo Greiving daughter and voyeur of the homeless
2012 [added]
Jack the Ripper's London
Immersive Thea East End Bar-maid
2012 [added]
Secret Cinema's Prometheus
Immersive Thea Security Officer
2011 [added]
Bender, Old Red Lion and Waterloo East
Without A Padd Lizzie - recovering addict falls off the wagon
2010 [added]
Marianne, Wimbledon Studio
Without A Padd Ally, grieving teenager