Michelle Bayly

Michelle is an actor working in television, film, theatre, voice over and performance capture. She is also a film/theatre maker.

​She has trained with The Mocap Vaults, PCAUK and Shapes in Motion (in creature/ape movement) for performance capture.

​She has worked across the UK with a base in London and Newcastle as well as internationally as an actress in Hanoi, Vietnam, working as a voice over and

appearing in German television series "Ein Sommer in Vietnam" dir. Sophie Allet-Coche.

Her recent credits include 'Catherine Eddowes' in Time Works Theatre's production of "The Unfortunates", as a lead puppeteer in Life and Limbs "Dragon", as Celia in Shakespeare Speakeasy's "As you like it" and with Dimension Studios as a motion capture actor on Ridley Scot Associates 'Viking' project.

I can voice a range of characters, accents and ages.
Screen wise I can play a range of characters and usually cast as quirky, stern, strong characters.
I have basic screen combat training and love roles which involve strong female characters. I'm a big fan of games and fantasy and love to work in motion capture because of this.

My favourite role to play would be any sword/gun wielding woman- a calamity Jane or Xena.


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