Michael Mars Jr

I have been working in film and television as an actor for the many years. There is nothing I love more than working with other actors to experience and uncover the beauty of human relationships.
I was trained & mastered the art of being able to read and help others get the most out of their self tape or monologue performances.
My aim is to help you find the heart within a character's description and dialogue so that you can bring them to life with an essence only you contain- that's the magic!

Please reach out if you need to schedule a session ahead of time or don't see me logged in to WeAudition on Instagram @michaelmarsjr
Look forward to helping you out ~

Headshot by Ian Michael

I’ve been acting for many years and don’t plan on stopping. My most recent work included being in the farmers market scene as a feature on the movie titled “Cooking Up Christmas” which was aired on OwnTV. I am here to obtain speaking acting roles along with network within the industry I love and am always thankful to be part in. If you feel you would like to hire me or speak to me concerning a role on your film or within your agency don’t hesitate to call email me at mmarsjr@gmail.com


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