Matthew Acho

Reads for free & accepts tips

Hey! Im Matthew. I’ve been an actor for 9 years now. I’m great with breaking down scripts and peeling back the layers of both comedic and dramatic text.

My specialty is knowing how to break down a story to allow for truthful storytelling as opposed to making bold choices just to stand out. I get consistent auditions, callbacks, avail checks and pins. I’ve definitely learned how to “book the room” which is our ultimate goal as actors.

Here are things I can help you with:
-Reader for a self tape
-Running lines/rehearsal
-Feedback/coaching (only if you ask!)
-Line memorization
-Script Analysis
-Self tape set up
-How to make your self tapes more interesting

Im also a headshot photographer that specializes in branding as well. So if you need help with figuring out your casting, lets chat!

Venmo- @matthewkacho

My name is Matthew! I’m originally from Detroit but based in LA. My essence can be described as energetic/bubbly, quirky/awkward and caring/compassionate.

I’m a trained actor with 9 years of experience. I’m well versed in all genres but my strength is in comedy. I’m also apart of an improv troupe as well.

The Marlene Agency (Theatrical and Commercial) Marlene Hartje 310-266-4133
" Very helpful and kind. Thanks Matthew! "
" Excellent notes and super easy to work with! "
" Great - really took my scene to the next level. "

Credits Include

Adventures of Speed Dating (Amazon Prime)
Large Co-Star
Wronged (Lionsgate)
All Rise (Own Network)
Living Nightmare: The Mayan Stone (My TV 20)
Redemption (Spec Pilot)
Series Regular