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Hi I’m Masi (ma-see) and I would love to help you with your upcoming Audition.

Currently in between Film and TV roles. I’ve recently worked with director Victoria Razevksa Hill in the Hollywood film AN ALIEN PROPOSAL. I have also appeared in TV shows for streaming services like Disney+ and HBO Max.

I’ve attended the PASA Performing Arts program in Texas. Most recently I’ve trained with Berg Studios Acting School's Cornell Womack and Grok Acting Studio's Sean Rose.

It would be my pleasure to help you run lines for class, auditions, or a self-tape. We can work together virtually and I can provide you with solid feedback, if you’d like.

Based in Los Angeles

Let's keep our session civil. Please do not send me scripts containing threatening, sexually explicit, or hateful lines. Hateful includes derogatory statements targeting individuals or specific groups; these may be based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation or expression, age, and mental or physical ability. With regards to profanity, I can tolerate hearing curse words but, please do not expect me to say offensive language. Instead, I'll pick and choose words that may hold the same meaning.

Masi Hasher is an American actor born in Queens, New York. He started his career as an actor in San Antonio, Texas. Although he has appeared as a supporting actor in previous work, his time on screen has caught the attention of many viewers. His charm along with charisma is admirable. Occasionally Masi Hasher will perform in plays. The stage is where he started his career as an actor. He is very proud of his work on stage.

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" Masi is my go-to reader! "
" Masi is so heartfelt and tuned-in. This is my second time working with him and it's always easy and fun. "
" He was amazing "
" Masi is such a kind reader and person and I sincerely appreciated his patience and ideas. The positive energy helped me focus in my scene and I really enjoyed taping with him! "
" He's so kind and sweet! Thank you Masi! "
" Thank you!! So fun! "
" Great read, was super patient, and gave great feedback! "
" Really great reader who helped me to feel comfortable and confident in my audition! "
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" Great! "
" Kind and wonderful reader =) "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Masi was so great! He even read 3 characters in a southern accent without a hitch ! 5 stars! "
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" Lovely reader, professional, fun. "
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" Great to read with again! Calm demeanor & patience! Always a pleasure. "
" OMG!!! What a great way to spend my Halloween. I had a 3 scene audition that I really loved and wanted to knock out it in a really connected way. You know one of those pieces you get where you feel like the writing is just perfect for you? Masi was really the perfect reader for me tonight. His demeanor helped me feel so calm. He was super supportive and gave notes only when he felt they were necessary - which I truly appreciated. I can often get in my head so it is nice to have another actor/reader that trusts me to make strong choices for myself. I can't say enough great things about Masi- sometimes it is just who the person is. It just works. Will definitely be requesting him again. I could not recommend more. We spent an hour together. He was very attentive, generous, and patient. Book him!!! "
" Masi is a rockstar!! Incredibly knowledgeable, full of great advice and a wonderful reader! Thanks!! "
" Always a good read with Masi! "
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" Masi was so incredible to work with! Such a great reader and gave great advice. Will definitely be working with him again "
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" Super friendly! Thanks! "
" Excellent, fun, easeful, encouraging, picks up cues, timing, great listening. Thank you so much Masi!! "
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" Great reader "
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" Great reader and takes direction well for changing the scene up a bit. :) "
" Excellent thoughtful reader! Masi gave me some incredible notes for my self tape and stuck with me to the end through all 10 takes. Can 10/10 reccomend. "
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" Absolutely amazing with the direction given and the patience with working the scene. Thank you so much! "
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" Fantastic "
" Super fun and patient to work with. Had ample ideas on the scene that we worked on. mucho gracias! "
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" Thank you for handling my "rush job" with ease and relaxation! "
" Great! "
" Very kind, patient, and collaborative! Highly recommend! "
" Patient. Gave a lot. Would work with him again. "
" Great job! "

Credits Include

2018 [added]
Ahamed's Ramadan Diary
TV Series
2017 [IMDB]
The Secret
2017 [IMDB]
40 Seconds
2016 [IMDB]
Phone Eyes
2016 [IMDB]
The Way Down
2015 [IMDB]
Beyond the Red City
TV Series