Martin Dorsey

Hey Everyone!
I've been an actor based in New York for a couple years now and have been looking for ways to connect with other people in the acting community and figured WeAudition was the perfect fit. I very much understand the stress and frustration that can come when trying to send self tapes in, and I hope to bring a positive and calming energy to every session that we have. My goals are simple, to get you a self tape that you are not only happy with but had fun making as well. So let's get to work!

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I began acting during my time as a student athlete playing football at the College of the Holy Cross. In my college years, I was able to receive extensive training through the school's theatre department. With the help of this training, I’ve earned numerous roles in film, TV, and commercial projects all over NYC. I also recently signed with Bonafide and Emerging Artists for my representation both theatrically and commercially. While not acting, I teach part time at a preschool in the city.

IMDB Bio: Martin Dorsey is known for Homework (2021), No Joke (2021) and It Was Written.

Bonafide & Emerging Artists/Traci Lynn Luthy/

Credits Include

2022 [IMDB]
No Joke
TV Series
2021 [IMDB]
TV Series
It Was Written