Mariana Castro

upto 15 mins : $ 5.95
upto 30 mins : $ 11.39
upto 60 mins : $ 22.27

***Sometimes the website won't ring even though I am on. Don't hesitate to request me twice!***

I am a trilingual (Español -native-, English, Français) actor, photographer, and filmmaker from Colombia who loves reading for other people and contributing to their work!

What I can do for you:
- rehearse and tape your audition
- give you feedback
- explore your scene or monologue with you
- read (EN, ES, FR)
- help with pronunciation
- Meisner repetition

...and ultimately, give you all my energy and undivided attention so you can do your best work.

Venmo: @Mariana-Castro
For bookings ahead of time: or IG @marianacastro___ (e-mail preferred)

BFA in Acting from DePaul University '18

Mariana Castro is a SAG-AFTRA Eligible actor, photographer, and filmmaker from Bogotá, Colombia.

Some of her film and theatre credits include Enfermeras (RCN Televisión S.A.), An Alternative Method (dir. Hannah Schierbeek), The Stranger and The Shadow (dir. Claire Saxe), Tenant (dir. Alexander Popov), and LaLaLa Strada (dir. Jeff Mills). She resides in Bogotá and is currently on pre-production for her music video directorial debut, as well as rehearsing a new LGTBQ+ deviced play that will premiere in July of 2022.

She is passionate about traveling and speaks English, Spanish, and French fluently.

Mariana holds a BFA in Acting from DePaul University.

162 Reader Reviews

" Love working with Mariana. She's fantastic reader and provides insightful feedback. "
" Fantastic reader, as always. "
" Excellent! Alot of fun! "
" Amazing reader! Super patient and her Spanish was impeccable. "
" Mariana is great and very helpful! "
" Excellent! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Great reader and presence "
" Such a great reader and awesome with playing in story. Highly recommend and will use again 100% "
" Great reader Merci Mariana "
" Very Cool. Did a commercial in both English and French. Went off without a hitch. Recommended. "
" BOOK HER!! "
" Mariana is wonderful and I cannot recommend her enough. Excelent reader! "
" HAD SO MUCH FUN !!! Really great energy and super supportive. Great reader and collaborator as well. Thanks !! "
" Mariana is great. Recommend. "
" Loved reading with mariana "
" Mariana is excellent. Gives a great variety to work with. Totally cool and fun "
" Mariana was incredibly professional and so helpful! Thank you! "
" Wonderful ease and exceptional at jumping right in; kind and intuitive scene partner "
" Good suggestions! "
" Mariana is great! "
" Absolutely amazing reader "
" Awesome as always. can't wait to work with Mariana again! "
" Excellent! "
" Mariana!!! Thank you for helping me get comfortable with the material! You were AWESOME! "
" Mariana has such a nice and sweet energy! Dropped right into the intimacy of the scene with me and made it a smooth process. Definitely will work with them again! GRACIAS, MARIANA! P.S. I love that painting that your mom made! =) "
" Great actor! Present, sharp, fun to work off of. "
" She's the best! "
" Great support and excellent reader... thank you! :) "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Such a fantastic reader with wonderful instincts and suggestins. "
" A great and patient scene partner. "
" Great working with Mariana "
" A+ - Thank you!! "
" Mariana is so amazing to work with. She brings great energy and always has great input to the scene. "
" Effortless to work and play with. It was fun to run lines and explore. Thank you Mariana for offering a collaborative space to workout the scenes. Looking forward to working together again. Awesome! "
" Great to work with, was monotonous stuff and Mariana was very patient. Highly recommend. "
" Fantastic! I asked Mariana to help me warm up and give notes before my call back, she had great suggestions! "
" Yeah, so Mariana is fantastic. Work with her. "
" Very helpful and had great tips! "
" Fantastic reader and gave great notes "
" Thank you Mariana! I was in a pinch and she was a Great reader!!! "
" Mariana is awesome. I always use her when I need to work fast. She gets the scene super quickly and sticks to business. Highly recommend. "
" Mariana was sooo great. Really good reader. Felt like we were just doing the scene, really takes away the audition pressure. "
" She was absolutely amazing! Had a Spanish audition and she gave great notes and feedback. "
" Great reader as always! "
" Wonderful, creative feedback without being overbearing and great reader! Had so much fun! "
" Thank You "
" She was so helpful and gave great notes! "
" Super helpful. good notes! "
" Worked great with me on my project for school :) "
" Accommodating, efficient, and kind "
" Accommodating and efficient and kind "
" Great working with Mariana! She has a great demeanor and gives quality redirects! "
" Super great! love reading with her! "
" Loved reading with her! thank you! "
" Great again!! "
" Great reader! we did a quick self tape and she helped me work it out "
" Mariana was awesome! Helped me run lines. Super quick to understand the scene and just a great actor! "
" Great reader and really cool to work with. Thanks so much Mariana! "
" Great reader "
" Soooooo great "
" Mariana gave me incredible direction! Helped my scene tremendously! A true artist here. "
" Lot of fun to work with! "
" Thank you!! "
" Wonderful reader with terrific instinct. Flexible and professional--total recommend : ) "
" Timely, great advice. Thanks Mariana! "
" Amazing reader! Helped me take the scene to another level and explore the character. Really brings a lot to work off of. Thank you Mariana! "
" Mariana was amazing! So glad I got to work with her "
" Great reader, very helpful feedback! "
" Such an amazing reader! She gives great notes and is super friendly and patient! I definitely be reading with her again. "
" ALWAYS such a great reader with great ideas to play around with. I'll read with her again and again and again "
" Marian is great and very patient! lovely to meet you:) "
" A real pro. I love reading with Mariana, she is an amazing actress w/ great ideas to play around with. "
" Fantastic, patient reader for a long self tape session! Highly recommend. "
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" Amazing! So lovely and patient and friendly! "
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" Mariana saved the day!! She speaks perfect French and she matched my energy perfectly! Thank you so much, you're the bomb! "
" Great reader "
" Mariana as a fellow artist and generous reader created such a peaceful environment. Thank you greatly!!!!!!!!! "
" Super nice & humbly helpful. All the things. "
" Mariana was such a help to my self-tape! I asked her for any feedback, and she gave constructive pointers! Thank you!!! "
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" Great! "
" Very friendly and helpful! 10/10 would recommend. "
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" Dives right in. Great cold reader. "
" Very present and in the moment. Really wonderful to work with. Mariana really cares about what she does and I'd work with her any time. "
" Excellent reader! "
" Awesome and kind as always! Gracias, Mariana! "
" Thank you for your help! "
" Great working with you! "
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" Mariana was incredibly helpful. "
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" Loved working with Mariana! "
" Mariana was such a great reader and helping me work through the scene! "
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" Great reader! "
" A Godsent. "
" Another great experience with Mariana! "
" Mariana was awesome! Great actor/Reader "
" GREat Reader Great energy and very passionate about the craft! "
" Wonderful reader! Had great advice on finding a change in emotion in my scene. Appreciate her so much! "
" Mariana was very helpful in finding things that would make my scene "extra" good. Things I missed. "
" Mariana is awesome! What an amazing actress:) "
" Great great reader! Mariana was very patient. Thanks so much! "
" She was so great and lovely! "
" Mariana is the best! We had so much fun working on my scene and she helped me find some great moments within it. I look forward to working with her again. "
" Mariana was awesome!!! such a great and patient reader!!! "
" Great reader! "
" MARIANA ROCKS!!! Thank youuuu for getting into the scene with me! It helps so so much for me to live in it! Especially because it was a singing one - she got her hairbrush and sang right into it and it makes a difference for the audition! "
" Mariana was a true godsent on a difficult assignement. Her ease into the process helped me relaxe and do my work. Thank you Mariana! "
" Always great ! great reader! great feedback "
" Mariana was so great and had such helpful notes! Thank you! "
" Ya was lovely to run lines with! "
" Such a great and patient reader "
" Great as always ! "
" Great to read withMariama! Very good notes and lovely energy. "
" Great reader "
" Mariana is literally my go-to person whenever I have a new scene & want a creative, smart, intuitive buddy to start to explore it with!! Thank you Mariana! "
" So helpful! "
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" Mariana was great! Kind and a pro! "
" Excellent! great reader and offered great notes and feedback. really easy to work with "
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" Mariana was amazing! "
" Great wisdom "
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" Great reader!!! "
" STELLAR! Really enjoyed meeting/reading w/ Mariana. Solid reader and gave great adjustments for me. "
" Mariana was so warm, friendly, and comforting to work with. She put me at ease and got the job done. "
" Mariana is the best! She's a pro at helping unlock a scene. We ran lines til I had them down! Super insightful & patient. "
" Mariana was a wonderful Reader! Fun to work with! "
" Thank you for the help Mariana! "
" So sweet and so fun! "
" She is so lovely and patient! Thanks mariana! "
" Mariana is an amazing reader. "
" Mariana was great and had a calm, relaxing energy. "
" Friendly and a great actor to read against! "
" Super duper great and helped me with an audition that requires spanish, flawlessly! thanks Mariana! "
" Mariana was great and adaptable! "
" She was so helpful for me to shape the scene. Thank you so much! "
" Mariana is lovely, patient with contructive feedback! "
" Awesome! Really understood the scene, so easy to work with! Great energy. "
" Amazing Reader !! Great session 10/10 reccomend "
" Great off the cuff. Great insights for business. "
" She was great at helping me find physicality and behavior to make even a small co-star audition pop! "
" Amazing reader! I will be back to work with you! "
" Awesome! Was very patient as I nailed down the pacing and lines...gave me great notes and felt like she was as invested in the work as I was...will definitely use Mariana again! "
" So fun to perform with! Amazing scene partner! "

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