Mariana Barbera

Hi. I'm an actress and writer from Mexico, now living in the UK. I have worked primarily on the stage, but also have some experience working on set for the screen. My screen work includes the feature film Under the Weather (2019) and an Episode of Circle North's latest series (currently in production) 2023. Please check my bio for more detailed info. Thank you!

Hi, I'm originally from Mexico City but I now live in the UK. I love the idea of rehearsing lines and recording self tapes with other actors.

I'm also keen to help other actors rehearse their lines and record their self tapes. I love the opportunity to play with a text and with different characters.

I'm a professional actor (trained in Mexico City at Centro Universitario de Teatro, UNAM - the Mexican National University's Centre for Theatre). I have worked professionally in several stage plays both in Mexico and the UK; I have performed in several shorts and a feature film released in 2019.

I speak Spanish and English (the latter with a soft Mexican/Spanish/Latin-American accent).

My credits include:

Elena, in the feature film Under The Weather (dir Mal Williamson 2019).
Rose, in Pilot Episode of Circle North new series (2023, currently in production).
Sherlock Holmes, in The Hound of the Baskervilles (dir. Marieke Audsle, 2022)
Lupe Lu, in The Twilight Radio Show (Shift Key Theatre 2019, 2018)
Mariana, in MissCast (She Productions 2019)
Madam Soto in Is There Anybody There? (Other Lives Production, 2018)
One of 6 Dinner Guests, in Sparrow (dir. Mike Friend, 2017)
She, in Leaving, Life and Love (dir. Richard Avery, 2017)
Shakespeare’s lover, in the satire I Am Will (dir. Richard Avery, 2016)
Mrs. Bedwin, in Oliver Twist (dir. Mike Friend, 2016)
The Bride in Bertolt Brecht's A Respectable Wedding (dir. Raul Zermeno)
Itai in Death Raft (dir. Boris Schoemann)
Rosa in A Superficial Journey (dir. Raul Zermeno)
Elba in Epifania (dir. Ana Francis More)
Ilse in the satirical play Flans (dir. Tito Vasconcelos)
Several characters in the political satire Cabaret-A-Trois
Several characters in the political satire The Migration Christmas Story (Las Reinas Chulas)

I also have experience working on radio and I'm starting in the world of VoiceOver acting. I'm also a writer and sometimes write my own material for stage with Shift Key Theatre, She Productions, Cabaret-A-Trois and other ventures, as well as screenplays.

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Credits Include

2019 [IMDB]
Under the Weather
2019 [IMDB]
Under the Weather
2019 [IMDB]
B Negative
directors assistant