Maria Carrion

Reads for free & accepts tips

Hey! I'm here to listen and aide when you have that last minute submission due in the next 24 hours (or hopefully more). I can give opinions or keep them to myself, and I'm here to make sure you look good! Lemme know :)


I'm an actor just trying to find the right pathway to this career we're a part of. Making it up as I go, doing my best, and here to help anyone who just got an audition notification that needs to be submitted ASAP. When you have no one else to help read, I'm here to lend a voice.
I love floral teas, have a golden retriever, and am obsessed with mermaids (just not Ariel).
It's nice to meet you! :)

May the tides of goodness, wash away the sand castles of evil.

" Maria is amazing! Super patient and helpful:) "

Credits Include

2022 [added]
Film Lead
2022 [added]
Attack of the Rotting Corpses
Theatre Ensemble
2018 [added]
Murder We Wrote
Scripted Podcast Ensemble
2016 [added]
You Can Count on Me
Film Lead
2016 [added]
Dead Man's Cell Phone
Film Lead