Manny Cartier

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Hello There! I have worked at one of the top Self Taping Studios in Los Angeles for years, reading, editing, and coaching all levels of Actors to make sure they not only book the job but also book the room. I’m prior military (Marine), and I have my film degree; so I bring the right amount of efficiency alongside the craft to the table. I’m from the East coast, so I’m chill and easy to vibe with (other’s words not mine 🙃) Let us work together and get you BOOKED!
Oh yeah, I've been in some shows and films; so I guess that’s something 😉
Email me if you would like to set up a session

Fancy meeting you here! 😅 I’m a Los Angeles Based Veteran (Marine) Actor that’s most recently been in “Bliss” (Starring Owen Wilson/ Salma Hayek), CBS’s “NCIS”, and just aired Apple TV’s “For All Mankind”. I’m the Multi-Ethnic Leading Man, Goofy Veteran with a Darkside. But like I’m Fun 🤗

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" Manny was such a great reader ! Wonderful personality and vibes! "
" Thank you!! So helpful "
" The best! "
" Awesome "
" Great sense of humor and super down to play. Thanks man! "
" Awesome reader. "
" Manny is such a great reading partner! "
" Thanks!! "
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" Great Reader "
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" Incredible to work with!!!!!!! "
" So sweet, great reader, and came up with a fantastic suggestion for one of my takes that I wouldn't have thought of myself! Will definitely be booking again! "
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" So helpful; was awesome jumping into my lengthy script! "
" We had some tech difficulties but Manny was very accommodating! "
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" Great energy, a fun reader! "
" Great reader! Timely and efficient with supportive energy. "
" Manny is AMAZING!! I can tell he really understands the process of getting prepared. He was exactly what I needed. Thank you for your patience, understanding and for sharing your gift with me. "
" Manny is a great reader!! He was a delight to work with! WeAudition had audio/glitch issues and he was nice enough to call on FaceTime and rock it out in continuance. He was very patient with me and made my Co-Star audition a breeze!! "
" Great reader "
" Amazing! Manny gave excellent advice, was laid back and played the other part perfectly. Highly Recommend! "
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" Super friendly and really works to make a good tape "
" Super friendly and committed reader! "

Credits Include

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For All Mankind
TV Series
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Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem
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Liza on Demand
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The Run
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Hack My Life
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The Fix
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My Crazy Ex
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Chocolate City: Vegas