Mallorie Clark

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Hey Visionary! Let's show them who you are and what you can do! I would love to be your reader and we can read for as long as you need to! I'm here to help and keep you encouraged.

Auditioning for a musical? I can sing along with you as needed. It would be an honor.

If I'm not online, feel free to DM me on Instagram : @OfficialMallorieClark

*** Please refrain from sending scripts with profanity for the reader, strong sexual content or spells/witchcraft. Thank you!

Mallorie Clark began acting at the age of five in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio. She is a classically trained actor who has performed in 6 theatrical productions, 2 under the direction of Glory Van Scott, and 2 short films.

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" An ace! Thank you! See you next time Mallorie! "
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" Mallorie was amazing. She just had a very calming spirit about her. She really helped create an environment where I felt comfortable and safe to ask for what I needed. She was also very generous with her time. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a thoughtful and attentive reader! "
" Wonderful reader! Highly recommended! "
" Great audition. Such an insightful reader. Thank you Mallorie. "
" Yes! Very patient! Very easy and fun to read with. Really gave life to the character. Thank you, Mallorie! "
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