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Hello, my name is Majo Pereira, I'm an actress and singer based in Costa Rica.

I am fluent in English and Spanish. You can book me for readings in either language. My time zone is CST and I have very flexible hours, don't mind helping with a reading early in the morning or late at night or during the weekends. Any tip is greatly appreciated!

You can reach me through instagram (majopereira27) or if you need a specific time.

I studied Acting for Film in New York Film Academy. I have done theater, shortfilms, movies, commercials, musical theatre.
I currently study English Literature in University of Costa Rica.

My username in all social media (twitter, instagram and facebook) is majopereira27.

Paypal: @majopereira

Hello, my name is Majo Pereira, I'm a costarican actress currently living in Costa Rica.

I am fluent in English and Spanish. You can book me for readings in either language.

I studied Acting for Film in New York Film Academy.

I currently study English Literature in University of Costa Rica.

I have done theater, shortfilms, movies, commercials, voiceover acting, musical theatre. My most recent role was Rizzo on a local production of Grease.

My username in all social media (twitter, instagram and facebook) is majopereira27.


251 Reader Reviews

" INCREDIBLE! If you need a spanish speaker and a great actor, she's the one! "
" Awesome to work with! "
" Majo is so great! "
" Incredible reader! Great energy and wonderful tips. "
" Super sweet! "
" Great! "
" Gives great feedback! "
" She was amazing! "
" Beautiful! so great with the scene, she had lovely thoughts. thanks Majo! "
" Awesome "
" Wonderful! Gave me great variations and was fun to do. "
" Majo is great! "
" Awesome reader! Super patient with me - did as many takes as I needed to get my self-tape exactly right and brought real energy to the scene so that I in turn brought real energy! "
" Majo is great I recommend her to anyone that needs a reader! "
" Was a wonderful scene partner gave me strong choices I could play off of! Was definitely a joy working with her :) "
" Great read!!! "
" Majo is fabulous! (As always!) Great reader, super flexible, and awesome feedback! Book her right now! :) "
" Great! "
" Super sweet and confidence boosting! "
" Awesome! patient kind, let me run the show! will book again :) "
" Majo was awesome! I had some technical difficulties and she was so patient with me while I sorted them out. Also, was great with some direction. Will be back! "
" Majo was patient and amazing! "
" . "
" Love love love! Always so helpful! "
" Enthusiastic and helpful as always! "
" She was super friendly! "
" 5 stars! "
" Awesome!!!! Would love to work with her again "
" So amazing and helpful. 🤩 "
" Majo is a great reader! She is very fun to talk to and jumps into the scene like a pro. "
" GOATED!!!!! "
" Majo is absolutely amazing! "
" Yes! Yes! Yes! Always love working with Majo! "
" Great reader "
" She did an amazing job. She really helped bring something to the scene. "
" Loved reading with Majo she was very patient and fun to read with will definitely be reading with her again. Thank you so much Majo "
" Always choose her when i see she's on! "
" Amazing, shared great feedback during the session that improved the take, thank you! "
" Great commitment easy to work with "
" Majo was such a fantastic scene parter. It was my first time using this platform and her energy was so warm and supportive. She also brought some great ideas and options to the scene and I am so happy with how the tape turned out. "
" Amazing is an understatement! Majority, was perfect for my read, gave excellent suggestion and provided the first part of my script in Spanish. Book her NOW! "
" So helpful "
" Great reader! "
" Majo is sweet, patient, and a good reader! I can't recommend her enough. "
" Great! "
" Amazing, clear Spanish and English! "
" Amazing as always! "
" She was great energy! "
" Friendly and a great reader! "
" She did an excellent job! "
" Native Spanish speaker saved me when I needed a fluent reader for a monolingual Spanish theatre piece. WONDERFUL reader and great energy! Def a favorite! "
" An angel. Found the missing key to my scene and made all the difference! "
" Super great! gave me just what I needed! "
" Awesome! "
" She was so easy going and jumped right in. Super efficient! A GREAT person to read off of. She gives you somehting to actually respond to. "
" Awsome! "
" Another great session with Majo! What a light - and a wonderful actor! "
" Majo was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
" Fabulous reader!! "
" Majo is an amazing reading partner and helped me very much in my bilingual audition!!! "
" She was incredible!!!! "
" Really good advice! "
" Great reader! "
" Majo is super talented, kind, and was present for the duration of a long session, bringing A-game acting to the table every time. Will be back! "
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" Adore Majo!!!! "
" Lovely. Lovely. Lovely. "
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" Such a good reader! Helpful and patient. "
" She is a gem. She speaks perfect Spanish and was super helpful running lines! "
" Awesome as always! Patient and professional! "
" You are so nice and thank you for a great advice! "
" Great! Thank you for your time! "
" Super helpful "
" Majo's enthusiasm is contagious! She is so smart with the choices she offers and is a shining star! LOVE working with her! "
" Always a joy. Such great energy. "
" Great personality, picks up on tone and character really well. "
" Great reader and gives great adjustments! "
" Great to work with "
" Always a JOY to work with you MAJO!!:) Thank You!!!:) "
" Wonderful working with Majo! "
" Majo is great! Such a lovely person, a fantastic reader, and super patient. Book her now! :) "
" Majo helped me get a quick audition done. she was great, professional and paid attention to the action of the script. "
" Love working with Majo! "
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" Patient, professional, and accurate reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Amazing as always! Gives so much to play off of! "
" EXCELLENT READER and GREAT WITH IMPROV! Super helpful in commercial auditions!! Will definitely use again! "
" Majo is great! I recommend her to anyone who needs a reader! "
" So sweet! Really helped me figure out the tech :) "
" Majo is amazing! So warm and supportive & easy to work with! Thank you so much!! "
" So kind and easygoing and encouraging!! majo saved my LIFE and also made my tape a much more relaxed and flexible experience than it would have been otherwise. super reassuring and she read for me perfectly. thank you so much again! "
" Awesome reader!!! "
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" Awsome reader, picked up on the vibe of the scene lighting fast. Would book again! "
" Super helpful by taking a very dense scene. Thanks!!! "
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" Majo is such a great reader, very patient! "
" Shes great! energetic fun patient and great suggestions!! "
" Majo is super patient and a great reader! She also handled having to be multiple people in the scene expertly. 10/10 recommend! :) "
" Such a fantastic reader!! Brings so much energy to play with throughout! "
" Always lovely "
" Such a great reader! "
" Fun! "
" Majo is great I recommend her to anyone that needs a reader! "
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" Majo was very nice and helpful! "
" Excellent reader. Very Professional!!! "
" Mil gracias Majo! <3 "
" I love her!!!! Very friendly and I get comfortable "
" Very kind and helpful! she is a perfect reader and she also helped me with my Spanish which was needed in the script. REHIRE and highly suggested! "
" Amazing! Jumped right in and was so helpful. "
" Majo is the absolute best!!! Such an incredible reader and gives top-notch feedback that really adds to the story. Couldn't recommend enough! "
" Such a treat to work with. Majo jumped right in! Thank you! "
" Love working with Majo. She has such great energy and she's a great scene partner. "
" Always a lovely experience reading with Majo! "
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" Majo is a delight and great reader, thank you, Majo!!! "
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" SUCH GREAT ENERGY! Loved reading with her! "
" She just jumped into it and was such a sport with what the script was asking for! "
" Easy to work with, efficient, and on point. I had a quick turn around and we got it done fast thanks to Majo. She's great. "
" Amazing and great with Spanish. Gave me some good ideas for the scene direction too. :) "
" Lovely warm energy. Great reader. "
" Great reader, will def use again! "
" Super warm and supportive reader (who was very helpful with the Spanish as well). Thank you, Majo! "
" Majo was such a kind reader thank you again for your time! "
" Great reader! "
" Majo is an excellent reader! "
" Love love LOVE reading with Majo! So supportive, has such great ideas, and is a great scene partner and reader! Highly recommend - thank you, Majo!! "
" Enjoyed their energy. Really chill and go with the flow but they are willing to step up and coach if necessary. Thanks again Majo! "
" Excellent Reader! "
" Great reader "
" Omgosh live saver! THANK YOU!!! So friendly patient and great tips! "
" Always so nice and helps me a lot "
" Shes great!! patient and fun and good w improv "
" Always so nice and helpful!! <3 "
" Stellar. I am a reg. "
" So excellent and full of spunk. "
" Majo was a wonderful reader! "
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" So damn helpful and colloborative! "
" Great reader. Awesome person! "
" Majo was really helpful in running Spanish lines with me ! "
" Excellent reader, great feedback. "
" The best! When I have more time to audition, I'll look forward to working with Majo more. Her spanish really came in handy!! So grateful for her. "
" Majo is awesome, such a great reader with amazing notes, helped me improve my scenes so much!! Thank youuu, I recommend to everyone!!! "
" Love working with Majo. There is no one like her!! 🤩 "
" Really great help and super nice! "
" Majo is WONDERFUL! Such a great actress, great scene partner, jumps right into the scene with you and is ready to PLAY! I'm so grateful for her talent, energy and encouragement in doing my scene - I'm grateful for your kind words :) Definitely recommend reading with Majo! "
" Majo was great! so friendly!! Thank you! "
" Majo was wonderful! I needed a spanish speaker for my reader and she was wonderful. Gave really helpful notes as well. "
" Really great energy! "
" Majo is awesome!! She gave me so much to play with as a reader and gave me some great feedback that really helped me see the scene from a different perspective. Book her! "
" Amazingly talented! Thank you "
" She’s so great. Went to her twice in one day!! "
" The best! "
" Excellent help! "
" Amazing I loved working with her "
" Super sweeett and understanding, awesome experience!!!!! Lovely energy as well :) "
" Such a fun, warm, radiant energy from Majo. A real pleasure to work with. "
" Consistently excellent! Always a joy to read with. "
" Majo is awesome, so friendly and great instincts! "
" Thank you so much for helping me rehearse and record my self-tape, in both English and Spanish! "
" Shes great "
" Majo is great! And fun to read with! "
" Came back for more! She's lovely. 10/10 "
" Generous actor who's energy is comfortable and chill. Will be working with Majo on many more auditions! "
" Majo was great! Thank you!! "
" Didn’t connect "
" Great!! "
" You get the best when you get Majo. She's really good at matching your energy and giving you something to play with. A true joy to work with. "
" A true professional! Each time I read with Majo, she brings her A-game. "
" Exact energy I needed! "
" Super reader, and so helpful on the Spanish front! "
" Great job "
" :) "
" Majo was a great, but there was a delay in audio. "
" Majo was awesome and super patient with me as I like to do probably way too many takes for short lines. Great feedback as well. Looking forward to working with her again! "
" Wow! So impressed. She’s great, give Majo a click. "
" Great energy and very natural and so sweet and supportive and kind "
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" Always so patient with my crazy :) "
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" She is amazing. "
" Super sweet and helpful! "
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" Love working with her on spanish materials "
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" Just needed a quick variation of my take and she just brought the EXACT energy i needed! 10/10 "
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" Majo was awesome and so sweet! graciasssss "
" Amazing energy. Jumped right in - thank you Majo! "
" AMAZING!!! AGAIN!!! Muchisimas gracias Majo "
" Amazing!!! Gave me exactly what I needed "
" Its multiple times a week at this point lol "
" AWESOME improv! Thank you. "
" Such a fantastic raw talent. Her American and Spanish accents are excellent! Thank you "
" I booked something off of my last tape with her! "
" Gret, fast, easy! "
" Majo was amazing! Pura Vida! thank you "
" Thank you!!! "
" Majo was amazing! "
" Great reader especially helpful with Spanish translation "
" Greattt!!! "
" She was a great reader, gave and received notes well, and kept giving me gems throughout the scene. you are working with an actor with Majo. "
" Majo is fabulous! Such a great energy and enthusiasm and she's a wonderful reader and actress. "
" Ms. MAJO is Patient, Kind, Energetic, Calm and Engaging!!:) She is a WONDERFUL READER!!:) Best to You Ms. MAJO!!:) Sincerely, E. "
" So sweet, great energy and a wonderful reader "
" Majo is an excellent reader! Super present and understood the scene immediately! "
" Majo was so lovely and patient! She has a calming and cheerful presence and I would book her as my reader again! Thank you :) 🙏 "
" Majo was so kind and generous, gave a perfect read, thank you so much!!! "
" Amazing reader. very sweet. personable "
" Very patient and encouraging. "
" Fun and professional "
" Friendly and wonderful reader!! "
" So sweet, encouraging, and talented, 5 stars!! "
" Very helpful and sweet. Willing to go at whatever pace you need to work at! Thank you Majo! "

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