Mae Torres

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Hey, I'm Mae.

I'm a trained actor with four years of experience with voiceover, commercials, and short films. Currently, I work with a private coach, participate in self-tape Wednesdays with a group of friends, and attending as many workshops as humanly possible!

My goal on We Audition is to be a reliable addition to the acting community and help you tell a darn good story!

Let's read!


Private Coaching LaTonia Phipps Zoom
Ongoing Intermediate Course Cody Dorkin Studio 24
TV/Film Course Cody Dorkin Studio 24
Improv Workshop Mary McCusker Studio 24
Intro to Acting Debra Hammond College

Special Skills
Running/jogging, yoga, softball, basketball, hiking, kayaking, soccer, basketball, skateboarding, driving (manual), meditation, dancing, line dancing, aerobics, jump rope, ice skate, boxing, swimming, being awkward

Manifesting representation!
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