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Hi! I'm Madeline (She/Her). I'm a SAG-AFTRA Eligible actor based in Los Angeles. I've been acting for over 12+ years. As a working actor I understand the stress of finding a reader who understands the job, so I'm here to help! I am well versed in cold reads and ready to jump right into running lines/scene work with you. When you have me as a reader don't worry about the time, I want to make sure to get you the best take we can. So feel free to let me know what you need with rehearsals, self-tapes, auditions, and/or coaching. Communication is important.

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In 2020-2021 I have booked both co-star and principal roles on NCIS: New Orleans, an untitled show to be released on Appletv, and worked as the lead in an independent feature film that has had small theatrical showings in Louisiana. In 2021 I also became SAG-Eligible. I am currently taking classes at BGB Studios.

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" Very good reader! "
" Wonderfully professional. "
" Madeline was patient, and helped me when I couldn't figure out how to upload my script from my phone. Nice reader. "
" Patient, supportive, great reader "
" Great reader, and really listened to what I needed! "
" Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant!! Im so impressed and such great natural talent as well as excellent notes! "
" Super helpful! Great reader! Will definitely use again🙏🏾 "
" Lovely to work with her!!!!! "
" Absolutely Winderful. "
" Medeline was lovely, attentive and supportive. And a good reader! "
" Wonderful reader, great feedback! "
" Awesome and soooo patient "
" Thank you for creating with me! Great reader - Took directions well! "
" Great Reader. Thank you "
" Great Reader will definitely book again "
" Madeline is a great reader, picked up the material fast and we had a good connection.Thank you!:) "
" Great reader! "
" Very professional and easy to work with, very helpful experience:) "
" She was fantastic! "
" Nice read. Clear concise, what I needed. Thank you Madeline "
" Very thorough reader! "
" Fun! Great suggestions! "
" Great patient reader! "
" A pleasure working with Madeline! She's an excellent reader and easy to collaborate with "
" Great reader! Super easy to work with! "
" Madeline nailed the read on the first try, I was amazed! "
" Great reader!! "
" Great reader! Patient and supportive! "
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" Fantastic! Very helpful and a great reader! "
" Great reader! Super helpful "
" So friendly and awesome! "
" Great energy and pacing. Super helpful. "
" Amazing! So sweet and kind. "
" Intuitive reader. Makes it feel real. "
" Awesome reader!! Thanks! "
" Maddy is so patient and she's a great actress! Highly recommend her :) "
" Great reader, the connection froze but I was able to get solid on my lines with her help before that. Thanks Madeline! "
" Super Sweet! "
" Encouraging! "
" It's always wonderful working with Madeline! "
" Great reader! "
" Madeline is a real pleasure to work with! Very professional and fun! "
" Madeline was so great with helping me read and set the scene...Amazing Reader!! "
" Super nice and down to help out!! Thanks Madeline! "
" Excellent reader! I had to submit a self-tape audition ASAP for a musical this afternoon. I was lucky to have found Madeline when I did. "
" Great ideas and super positive energy. Big fan! "

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2021 [IMDB]
NCIS: New Orleans
TV Series
2021 [added]
In with the Devil
2020 [IMDB]
Trigger Girl
2020 [IMDB]
The Funny Thing About Life
2020 [IMDB]
All the Smoke