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Madeline (Maddie) here.

I am an experienced actor living in Melbourne Australia, but willing to read with people internationally too!

I have been working professionally throughout Melbourne and the UK, am experienced in screen, stage, accent work and self tapes.

I have experience in LeCoq, Chekhov, Hagen, Strasberg (Method), Meisner, Stella Adler & Howard Fine. Recently I have been working with Joseph Pearlman and the Pearlman Acting Academy.

For my day job I work as a Producer & Casting Director, therefore I know what we look for in casting sessions, which is a really great insight to have for self tapes.

I have also trained and performed as an improviser as well.

I don't charge for rehearsal or self tapes etc, just in it for the good karma and paying it forward. Feel free to leave a tip if you so choose. Love a review though! :)

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Find me on Clubhouse and IG as well :)

Madeline Claire French here.

I am an experienced actor living in Melbourne Australia. I work as a Producer & Casting Director during the day as well as acting, and on set as a 1st AD & Acting coach. Because of this I have a lot of experience on both sides of the camera.

I have been working professionally throughout Melbourne and the UK, am experienced in screen, stage, accent work and self tapes.

I have also trained and performed as an improviser as well, and have extensive stage credits.


64 Reader Reviews

" Patient, kind, and comfortable with dramatic text!! it's always a pleasure working with someone who knows theater!! Thank you Madeline! "
" Fantastic! Present smart and ready to play. THANK YOU! "
" So kind and great reader! 10/10. "
" Great fun to play around with! "
" Very sweet and played all diff characters for me, thank you!! "
" Madeline what exactly what I needed today! So Great! Thank you again:) "
" Always a blast working with Madeline :) "
" Super nice person, but we did not have a good connection. My experience was fair, but only due to the technology, and not at all with my reader. Thank you, Madeline. "
" Awesome !! "
" Amazing reader, super patient "
" Awesome awesome! "
" Madeline was so fun to work with! She brought such amazing energy "
" Madeline is excellent! Great reader and helpful notes! A ray of sunshine :) "
" Fantastic working with Madeline. Highly Recommended. "
" Madeline is awesome! "
" Madeline was awesome! Really great notes that helped elavate the scene and super friendly. BOOK her! "
" Madeline was such a pleasure to work with! Made me feel really comfortable and gave great notes as well!! Would definitely recommend! "
" Wonderful reader! Very helpful with insight and feedback! Will definitely be back "
" Amazing! "
" Great Reader! very patient and helpful "
" Super amazing reader!! awesome accent and is very helpful with scene work! highly recommend also gives super good tips and advice !! "
" Truly the best reader. Such incredible and helpful feedback. Can't wait to tape again with her! "
" Madeline is wonderful. She's so easy going and went right into the scene. Thanks again! "
" Such a great reader & so patient. Thanks Madeline! "
" Once again Madeline for the WIN!!! Thank you so much! A true GEM!! "
" Madeline is AMAZING! She totally got into character and played with me. Just what I needed. Such a gift. Thank you. "
" Just what I needed! A chill attitude and an excellent cold reader. Will definitely book again! "
" Amazing reader!! "
" Madeline is a great reader! Experienced, well-versed, and ready. "
" Great cold reader! I'm not experienced with sitcoms and she helped me out! "
" SOOOO GOOD! Open and helpful, took the time to dig into the script and ask questions for a better read. Thank you! "
" SO AMAZING!! I loved Madeline's energy, great reader!! "
" Madeline is great!!!! "
" Maddyyyy is super fun and knowledgeable helpful and patient. She gave awesome feedback and help me make my performance amazing. 100% highly recommend not to mention the best energy in the world "
" AMAZING! She asked amazing questions to help me bring more to the performance. "
" She made it SO easy to have things to naturally react to. THIS is acting. "
" Such a great reader! I got great notes and I'm so happy that i got to work with her! Thank you! "
" Very present and friendly still getting good at being a reader. "
" Great! "
" Fantastic! Madeline gave me such great ideas/notes to really elevate my scenes. Also! Super kind and generous! Thank you soo much!! "
" Madeline is great! No stress, very supportive and patient. Thanks Madeline! "
" Really great on the consistencies of take to take - Thank you, Madeline! "
" Awesome! Cold read into perfection - Thank you! "
" Madeline was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! She really helped me break down the scene and understand the character on a deeper, psychological level. She is a true collaborator and extremely professional. 10/10 for sure!! !Thank you Madeline! "
" Madeline is wonderful! Looking forward to working with her again soon "
" Easy breezy experience with Madeline! Asked to just run some lines and she totally helped me do just that and more! Pleasant to work with! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Great reader, great session. Highly recommended. Thanks Madeline : ) "
" She is great. Very friendly and helpful. Thank you so much "
" Madeline is an absolute delight! Besides laughing my a$$ off chatting with her we took two scenes I was working on and got them to "mike drop" level :) Highly recommend working with her! "
" Madeline is most excellent! A very supportive, fun presence, down to play around with the work. Thank you Madeline! "
" Really helpful and great US accent! "
" Great ,as always "
" I'll run out of thumbs if you want to know the truth. Amazing "
" Ok ok seriously .....the bomb "
" Great "
" So good "
" One of the best readers and insightful people i have ever worked with "
" Madeline is super patient and a great reader!! very sweet and friendly. Thank you!! "
" Great reader, gave me some awesome tips and notes! "
" Excellent! Madeline gave incisive and immediately playable notes! "
" Jumped right into a commercial audition (no explanations needed) just go it quickly which was very helpful, working with a kid on my lap "
" Some Annie Hall, Lawrence of Arabia and Midsummer Night's Dream "

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