Lynn Goh

Hi! I'm Lynn :)

I've been performing in musicals and plays since I was 16. I also have a background in dance and am a singer-songwriter. I've read for a variety of actors and I also do Zoom script readings with an independent theatre company on a regular basis.

I studied Drama and Movement Therapy at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (London, UK). By day, I teach English and Drama but I hope to transition into coaching and directing one day!

I enjoy being a reader because:
1) I LOVE acting!
2) It brings me a lot of joy to hold space for my fellow actors. I want to see you succeed.

I'm here to encourage and support you but you can also count on me to be honest.

Do leave a review if you enjoyed working with me! Tips also much appreciated 😊🙏


Hi, I'm Lynn :) I've performed in musical theatre and theatre since I was 16. I also have a background in dance and am a singer-songwriter. I've read for a variety of actors and I've also recorded Zoom script readings with an independent theatre company. I also recently did my first short film in May 2022!

I have a Bachelor of Psychology and studied Drama and Movement Therapy at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (London, UK).


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" Couldn't be lovelier. excellent scene partner. so kind and so much fun! "
" Thanks again! "
" Great reader! Thank you so much! "
" Great Reader ! Wonderful energy ! Always a pleasure :) "
" Great reader! "
" Wonderful reader!! "
" Lynn is an excellent reader! She delivered lines with believability and helped me to stay in the moment. "
" Very Helpful! "
" Great! "
" Great! "
" Friendly and patient polite and helpful "
" Soo good, she brought something out of me with my lines. "
" 👍 "
" Fun reader "
" Amazing reader she's got incredible comedic timing!!! "
" One of the best supportive, patient and always great reader "
" Really super reader, that really got into the audition and helped me greatly play off someone "
" Boss mode. "
" Great "
" Awesome reader, great energy! "
" Amazing! "
" Lovely to read with Lynn! "
" Lynn was such a great reader and super helpful!! Highly recommend! "
" Thank you so much Lynn! you were so helpful :) "
" Such a great reader, was a lot of pages to get through and she read them so eloquently after one read through! Great neutral accent for british and american auditions. Also very patient and kind :) Thank you Lynn! "
" The best! "
" Very patient and understands the scene! "
" Lynn is an ALL STAR reader!! "
" Lovely reader "
" Lynn is friendly and fun to work with! "
" Lynn was amazing! BOOK HER! "
" So nice!! Great reader had such a good time! "
" Thank you so much Lynn! Wonderful and helpful reader! "
" Lynn is such an amazing reader, very accommodating, with great energy.. she definitely helped bring my audition to life!!! "
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" The best reader ive worked with so far! Very patient and kind book Lynn asap! "
" Such a sweetheart. Just who I needed for the audition at hand. Thanks Lynn. "
" Wonderful to work with! "
" Super sweet and great reader! "
" Awesome reader - super flexible and fun! "
" Really helpful and patient, thank you! "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader ! Great energy, very enthusiastic ! "
" Super nice and so helpful! Thank you! "
" Very nice and a great reader! "
" PERFECT!!! She picked up the script didn't need another take. "
" So sweet and patient, lovely energy! Thank you for your help!! "
" So lovely and helpful!!! Thankyou!!!! "
" Great warm and friendly "
" Lynn was very accommodating and easy to work with. I was very happy with the self tape that resulted. "
" Great reader! Glad I found her. "
" Lynn is amazing! She nailed the part she was reading for and made me feel really alive in the scene. "
" Lynn is a great reader. Very cheerful and pleasant to work with. "
" Very sweet and friendly! "
" She's a great reader "
" She's here to help you and great to work with! "
" Fun "
" Lynn was great! Exactly what I needed! Super friendly and was able to adjust to what I needed in a snap. Thanks!! Until next time :) "
" Excellent! "
" Excellent!! "
" Lynn's a great reader! She helped me learn lines for a scene I'm working on "
" She's amazingly present and generous ⭐️ "
" Lynn is amazing! She is so engaged as a reader and makes the process seamless and easy. She is so supportive and lovely, truly grateful for her help as a reader :) "
" Lynn was wonderful. Patient with my multiple takes. Offered great advice on framing. "
" Lynn was very sweet! A pleasure to work with! "
" Lynn is awesome :) "
" Very nice reader! Thanks Lynn "
" She is excellent! She really listens, is supportive, and patient! "
" Lynn was great! Easy to work with and a great reader! "
" Great "
" Lynn was amazing. Very helpful! "
" So friendly! she was very helpful on my first experience, have many great tips. She was very calm and collected and had patience while running lines over and over. Would recommend to anyone!! "
" Lynn was extremely professional and really brought the characters I was trying to bring to life! Thank you Lynn! "
" So fun to work with! Gave great tips and was a very responsive reader :) "
" Lynn is a great reader. She provides good,honest feedback. "
" Awesome reader! "
" Lynn was so wonderful! Such a gifted, giving reader and also super friendly. Can't wait to read with her again! "
" Lovely to work with "
" So kind, generous, and present! Lynn helped me nail a quick one-liner audition! "
" Great work with. Book her. "
" So helpful to run lines with her and breakdown the scene! Thanks lynn! "
" Lynn is a fantastic reader! Super easy going and sweet. Thanks Lynn! "
" So fun. Really dives into comedy. "
" Sweet reader! "
" She is a great partner. Very friendly "
" Amazing!! "
" Amazing!!! "
" So wonderful and patient and kind!! Highly recommend! "
" Very sweet and nice reader "
" Excellent reader. Very natural and funny! "
" Very sweet, patient and kind! "
" It was a pleasure working with Lynn! Great reader! "
" Lynn's energy was wonderful! Very good reader. Picked up on the vibe of the other characters immediately. "
" Lynn is such a sweetie! She picked up the lines so fast & was fully of positive energy during our reading. I loved rehearsing with her & will totally book her again. Thx Lynn <3 "
" Thank you so much!!!! "
" Lynn was great! Needed help with a short scene "
" Amazing reader! Very patient and excellent to work with! "
" Wonderful to work with Lynn again! She's so patient and talented to read with! "
" Lynn was really upbeat, positive, and fun to work with :) great reader "
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" Super helpful! "
" Lynn was so sweet and super patient with me! Thank you!!! "
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" Absolutely fantastic! Great reader, very patient. Definitely recommend! "
" Lovely! Super helpful! "
" Great "
" She is a great reader and gave me many takes to work with. Thank you!!!!!! "
" Lovely,friendly and handled reading multiple characters with ease! Thanks so much "
" Very patient and kind. Ready to work! I'd definitely use Lynn as a reader again. Thanks! "
" Really good! "
" Very thankful for this reader. "
" Great reader with great energy. Instincts flowed naturally which made the scene even more fun. "
" Amazing reader from Malaysia. "
" Very helpful and patient reader. Thank you, Lynn! "
" Thank you Lynn! She is so patient and generous and takes such great direction. I was so pleased to find the perfect reader this morning in Lynn. I recommend her highly. And she is so kind with her time! "
" Lynn was amazing. Jumped into the scene without hesitation and did a great job! Thank you!! "
" Thank you Lynn! "
" Great! "
" So sweet and and listens very well "
" Awesome! "
" Lynn is a great reader and puts effort into helping with self tapes "
" Lynn was great to work with. She's a great reader and very in tune with the scripts "
" Fantastic! Will be using again! "
" Very cool human! "
" Lynn was very helpful. "
" Lynn was great! amzing reader with good comedic timing! "
" Absolutely lovely reader - full of energy and expression, super supportive and kind! "
" Lovely person and great to read with! Thank you!!! "
" Lynn was fun to work with she really helped bring my scene to life with the different characters "
" Lynn is excellent. She's friendly, kind, outgoing, and willing to help you with whatever you need. I was feeling pretty anxious about a reading and just having Lynn read multiple times with me put me at ease. I'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read with her. She is truly excellent. "
" Fantastic experience, Lynn is a great reader, a great actor & a total pleasure to work with. "
" She is so kind and patient "
" Awesome reader and a great energy! "
" She is great. Very patient and friendly. Thank you so much "
" Thank You very much. "
" Lynn is so WONDERFUL! Highly recommend! "
" Lynn saved me today! "
" Lynn was a huge help! "
" Lynn was extremely professional! "
" Great help again! Thank you Lynn! "
" Thank you Lynn! Great help! "
" Amazing! Thank you very much! "
" Lynn is a bright light and a calming presence. "
" Lynn was a great reader. She was kind, and brought a fun energy with her as my reader. "
" Great to read with 😁 "
" Super easy to work with and really put me at ease for the self-tape. Thanks again! "
" LYNN IS AMAZING! She is not only a very kind, patient and supportive actress, she helped me with direction when I asked her for it. Thank you ! "
" Lynn is a wonderful reader - So helpful and gives great expression! I hope to read with her again! "
" So nice to work with! Amazingly helpful! "
" Lovely, patient reader. Dealt with my poor internet connection brilliantly. Thank you. "
" Very lovely and great reader "
" Lynn is so lovely. Professional, interesting and kind. I needed a last minute reader and she was perfect. "
" Great energy, and fun! "
" Great feedback ! "
" Lynn is soo lovely to run lines with!! "
" Lynn was a great reader and offered feedback that was totally on point! Highly recommend and would work with again any time! "
" Lynn is very professional and had great directing suggestions, adding many layers to the scenes we rehearsed together. Great to work with! Highly recommend "
" I had so much fun working with Lynn. She's awesome to play with. And she had great insight on how to add new energy to the scene. Thank you Lynn. "

Credits Include

2020 [added]
Milk commercial
Commercial Extra
2020 [added]
Short+Sweet Comedy/Song Malaysia
2018 [added]
Short+Sweet Comedy/Song Malaysia
2018 [added]
Drama teacher
Education Drama teacher
2014-2015 [added]
The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre
Assistant stage manager
2013 [added]
Broken Bridges
Musical theatr Ensemble
2013 [added]
Short+Sweet Musical Malaysia
Musical theatr Lead
2012 [added]
Short+Sweet Musical Malaysia
Musical theatr Main (Best Supporting Actress)
2009 [added]
Kaki Blue
Musical theatr Ensemble
2006 [added]
Malaysian play Lead (Best Performer)