Luca Kocsmarszky


I’m here to practice, practice and practice more by helping out.

I am a native Hungarian and happy to help with Easter European accents.

I’m also a classically trained musician and happy to help in this area too.

Hi, I’m a Hungarian born London based actress, classically trained singer, violinist and composer.

I have trained with IDSA, have improv and Shakespeare experience with Shake-Scene Shakespeare, a cue-script company.

I have currently no agent, please contact directly at

Credits Include

2017 [added]
Merchant of Venice
Theatre Stephano/Tuball
2015 [added]
Love and Information by Caryl Churchill
Stage Marianne
2010 [added]
Fitting Room by Susan Cinoman
Theatre Tia
2010 [added]
Much Ado About Nothing
Site Specific Balthasar/composer of original music